Here We Go- Black Hockey Player Puts Fist in Air During National Anthem


Fans disgusted with the descent of the National Football League into the morass of left-wing, racial grievance politics were grateful that the puck finally dropped on the 2017 professional hockey season this week.

The National Hockey League is the least popular of America’s big four sports but it is far and away the most entertaining with skill, speed, scoring and most of all – a lack of the politics that have poisoned the NFL.

But as with everything, there are always a few troublemakers who are intent on letting their own bigotry and self-importance take priority over their responsibilities to the team and respect to the fans and the flag.

One of them would be Tampa Lightning forward and all-around assclown J.T. Brown who on Saturday, became the first NHL player to protest the national anthem by thrusting a black power fist – a symbol of violent defiance – into the air during Saturday’s game against the Florida Panthers.

Moron showing everyone the size of his brain.

What is it that he wants to be done?

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  1. We’ve had some problems up here in the CFL with Black American players bringing the same bullshit up into the Canadian game. So far our league hasn’t done dick about it which will only serve to encourage the BS. The upside is that the CFL mandates that a team can only have a maximum of 70% US players so the bad apples could be replaced if the owners have any balls.
    As far as Hockey goes, the Lightening should bench this asshole immediately so as to stop the spread. Hockey isn’t as popular as the other sports and can’t afford a football like decrease in either attendance or viewing and the owners know this.

  2. J.T. has been “scratched” from the last 2 games so far..( Not Good Enough ) Personally, I’d like to see him FIRED!! I was recently banned from facebook for posting a reply about starting a “go fund me” page to place a bounty on JT’s head. I think it’s a great idea to pay another hockey player ( think large Canadian) to body check J.T. into the boards really hard just to knock some sense into that asshole. Instead I got 30 day suspension for that bullshit. Honestly, I wish I had been at the game.. I have the perfect come back for that black panther fist gesture, you hold up your “black power” fist like he did, then with the other hand grab the wrist and say “White Man In Control”.. It’s amazing how pissed off they becomes after that.

  3. Trade this douche to the Panthers, then they can be the Black Panthers.

    Seriously though, smack this shit down, hard, and NOW, before the other players think they can get away with it without repercussions. If KaperDick had been sidelined and heavily fined, with prejudice, after his first “knee”, the NFL wouldn’t be going through the download spiral it is now.
    Godell, you’re a spineless Libtard dick. Going after the Pats for Deflate Gate, a genuine nothing burger, and then NOT going after KaperDick…..not a good business model for success. You forget who is your base, and who pays your bills.

  4. If you bring up statistics when asking why they’re protesting they dance around the facts. It, and they are jokes that are really getting tiresome.

  5. So glad I have no interest in spectator sports. Y’all know what is going to happen, don’t you? The National Anthem is going to be discontinued at pro games, and the black bed-shitters will move on to some fresh jackassery, driving most of the remaining white audience away. We’ll end up with a Federal Athletics Agency and heavily regulated, subsidized, minority set-aside team ownership and police precincts inside stadiums. It’s P Diddy’s dream.

  6. No play. No pay. And if you don’t like it, then quit.

    Some other team will pick them up and consolidate all of the grievancemongers for everyone to hate on.

  7. well Mr. brown, how is that display of defiance working out for you so far. let’s see, scratched for the last two games and more than likely you will be traded as soon as your GM can find a team stupid enough to trade you to. Meanwhile I have a suggestion as to where you can put that fist.

  8. Being that the NHL is run mostly by a bunch of Canadian liberals, this nonsensical anti-Americanism may be encouraged.

    But unlike the NFL, I will still watch the NHL… for now… as long as this shit doesn’t get out of control. Go Bruins.

  9. This certainly is not a sports thing but a black thing. It is only going to get more pervasive at other venues. Stopping it in sports will become like playing “Whack-a-Mole”, only in this case it will be “Whack-a-Black”.

    Watch for the entertainment media to take this up, playing the National Anthem at a concert only so they can take a knee and do other goofy crap.

  10. NHL employs lots of Fins, Swedes, RUSSIANS OMG! Russians, and talent from other countries. These foreigners know they’re lucky and talented and welcome here and they are probably as disgusted about the black power salute as we are.

    I can’t find a direct number for the Tampa Bay Lightening. Anybody? Help!

  11. To channel Slim Pickens in Blazing Saddles…A black hockey player, if that don’t beat all!

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up getting a little Locker Room Education.

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