Here’s a List of All the Stuff ‘Nanny’ Bloomberg Has Tried to Ban

PJM: It’s been such a lovely vacation, lo these last three-plus years, from having anyone hector us about eating or growing kale. Or commandeering the Agriculture Department to get rid of soda and freedom fries from your child’s school cafeteria.

Hearing the words “food desert” now sounds odd.  A clunk to the ear.

The List

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  1. And since mini Mike thinks most Americans are in the unwashed masses without gray matter category is it any wonder these restrictions disproportionately hit working class people. The plumber, electrician, framer etc that needs to drive a truck with supplies, buys a big gulp, may eat fast food or smoke or go hunting on the weekends. He hates most people and thinks they can’t and shouldn’t make their own choices. Meanwhile he dumps salt on his food publicly. Can’t see this winning middle America.

  2. It’s never a good idea to surrender all of your personal decisions and responsibilities to the whims of a midget.

  3. Anonymous
    “ Can’t see this winning middle America.”

    Never underestimate the stupidity of people who hate President Trump!

  4. While I was watching the Dem debate (yes), it occurred to me that Bloomberg looks and sounds like a shorter, less attractive and mean version of Pee Wee Herman. (Any chance they’re related?)

  5. “Will no one rid us of this turbulent pest?”

    (I’m not Henry II and that isn’t really a quote)

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. One of the principal differences between a statist, or authoritarian, system and a system designed around Liberty is that under statism: everything is forbidden except what is specifically allowed by the ruling class. Whereupon in a system designed around Liberty, everything is allowed that is not specifically forbidden.
    And in the second sense, “allowed” is more akin to “ignored” rather than “allowed” by the ruling class (of which there shouldn’t be one).

    Even as Mayor, did New York’s citizens crown him with the authority to “ban” anything? What business is salt or soda of the government of New York City? Were there no negroes to stop and throw up against the wall? Were there no sellers of “onesie” cigarettes to choke to death? Were there no Teachers Union members to shield from prosecution for child rape? ALL crime and littering had stopped? ALL corruption had disappeared from City Hall?

    Bloomberg’s a fuckin gump – not as big a fuckin gump as the gumps who elected him – but a gump nonetheless.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. The squeaking little rodent thinks that because he struck fortune in business it automatically means that he’s intellectually superior and can direct the decisions of others as he sees for “Their own good”
    FU douchebag, you’re not wanted or needed as the election will demonstrate.

  8. Bloomberg is the epitome of a fascist. He has openly made the (paraphrased) the same contention made by Obama during his 2014 address to the Bilderbergers in Belgium.
    “Ordinary men & women are too small minded to govern their own affairs, therefore individuals must surrender their rights to an all powerful soverignty.” He was referring to the One Global Government movement that Trump has all but derailed.


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