Here’s an irony for you: Tobacco may save the world

AMERICAN THINKER: One fascinating thing about COVID-19 is how it’s turned every leftist theory and belief system upside-down.  All the things leftists have advocated have only made us more vulnerable to epidemic disease.  Now, in a supreme irony, there’s a possibility that one of the things they most hate — tobacco — will ride to the rescue.

COVID-19, in many ways, may prove to be the undoing of leftism.  Here’s a short list of all the leftist ideas that are taking a beating thanks to the pandemic:

Globalism: It turns out that interconnectedness is dangerous and that international organizations, such as the WHO, are intellectually corrupt and in thrall to totalitarian governments.

Open Borders: Countries around the world, including those within the European Schengen zone, are slamming their borders shut.  Even Mexico again wants a working border with the United States.

Global Warming: The virus seems vulnerable to warmer, wetter climates, which is what we’d have more of if global warming were actually a thing.

Urbanization: Contrary to the leftist desire to pack people into cities (ostensibly to beat climate change but, in fact, to increase population control), dense urban areas are Petri dishes for COVID-19.

Public Transportation: For decades, the left has waged war against the comfort and convenience of cars because cars are not green.  Cars may not be green, but they are clean, unlike public transportation, AKA a Petri dish on wheels. KEEP READING

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  1. @Jethro – It will be advertised as “The Full Coverage Blend – You’ll only ever need a single leaf.”

  2. CBS is showing fabricated hospital bullshit purporting to show overflowing chaos and death, all while the USS Comfort sits at dock and only has 3 patients.

    It never ends with these people. Never.

  3. Tobacco was the end all be all savior for the Ebola outbreak in 14. Whatever came of that? And the same plant in KY is making the claim today. Wonder drug or BS?

  4. The tobacco angle is actually a small part of the article.
    The majority of the article is documenting how Trump and conservatives have been right all along concerning borders, planned government controlled housing, etc.

  5. My favorites:

    Big government is the answer!
    (after the virus hits)
    Why can’t big government solve all our problems quickly?

    Alex Jones and those crazy “preppers” know nothing!
    (after the virus hits)
    OMG, I gotta go rip everything off the store shelves!\

    We need to share resources, help our brother out
    (after the virus hits)
    I’m going to punch this old lady for 700 rolls of toilet paper!

    Obama taxed medical devices, fixed all our problems!
    (after the virus hits)
    Holy shit! Why were we so unprepared?

  6. Tobacco firms can’t make deals with governments because of WHO rules? F’em! if they find something that works use it. Leave the WHO!! Who is going to notice OR care (other than the globalists who need our money!!)

  7. Smoke, smoke, smoke that cigarette with either the original version with Tex Williams from the late 40’s singing it or Commander Cody’s version of it needs to be played. They’re both great.

  8. “I see every website has fallen for the Covid-19 title instead of the Chinese virus or Wuhan flu.”

    Gutlessness and monkey-see; monkey-do-ism.
    Same reason morons will use “their” instead of “its” and disingenuously call it the “singular their.”
    Same reason the Lemmings will write “black” and “african-american” instead of “negro.”

    What euphemism should we use for Spanish Flu? Swine flu’s racist against pigs. Avian flu’s racist against birds. Ebola’s racist against africans.

    Let’s just reduce all communications to “yeah,” “OK,” and “Uh-huh” with some head-bobbing and hand-jigs so nobody’ll be offended.

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. @Tim
    “Let’s just reduce all communications to “yeah,” “OK,” and “Uh-huh” with some head-bobbing and hand-jigs so nobody’ll be offended.”

  10. The main take away is that smoking can save your life.

    :checks portfolio:

    Also,it cures baldness.


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