Here’s Gloria Allred with another Moore ‘Victim’

A reader emailed me and said a very close friend of hers was molested as a child and said there would be no way on earth she would need to read from cards to recall and relay the events.

Food for thought – bfh.

Some advice to any other Moore ‘victims’ coming forward; Don’t hook up with Gloria Allred. She is the Al Sharpton of sexual harassment.

And, of course, this was BFH’s take at the time:

Gloria Allred Presser: Beverly Young Nelson Says Roy Moore Sexually Assaulted Her at Age 16.

And here is Moore denying it.

Moore on Beverly Young Nelson’s Story: ‘This Is Absolutely False — I Never Did What She Said I Did’.

Here is Lindsey Graham telling Moore to go away.

Graham to Moore: ‘Even If You Win You Lose,’ People Are ‘Calling for Your Expulsion’

Look who woke up! Low Energy JEB! He had something to say about Moore, too. Too bad he didn’t have anything to say about his daddy grabbing all those asses…

Jeb Bush: Roy Moore Should Step Aside, We Need To Stand For ‘Decency’

21 Comments on Here’s Gloria Allred with another Moore ‘Victim’

  1. I thought the Moore interview on Hannity was God-awful & didn’t persuade me that he was totally innocent …. buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut ….
    … now that GloryWhore All-Red & the GOPe are pig-piling on makes me want to support Moore

  2. Did he. Didn’t he. I don’t know. I don’t care. I can’t remember the details of what I did 38 years ago. Who knows what lies and embellishments are or are not mixed with what truths.

    What wasn’t important enough to talk about for four decades, certainly is not important enough now to suffer a Democrat in the Senate.

  3. I don’t think it will work with Alabama voters and believe Moore will win. However I do believe the GOP is as much behind this as democrats. They want to force him out of the race, so in the future all it will take to get rid of someone they don’t want is an accusation.

    If we deplorables were as slimy as them we’d start finding women who would start accusing all of them. Especially if all it takes is $1000.

  4. I remember the gathering vividly when Paul Ryan tried, but it was Joe Biden who grabbed my cock. Had he not done that we wouldn’t have had chicken with rice for dinner.

  5. The others over the age of consent tell stories of a gentleman. This one tells the story of a redneck.

    I remember an entire town telling stories of daycare workers holding Satanic services and sexually abusing their children. It never happened but many innocent lives were destroyed and I think one of the employees went to jail.

  6. Having a son who’s chances at a Navy career were ruined by a lying woman, I am naturally skeptical and need to see evidence. I also ask way more questions than I used to. I also get annoyed that the woman is automatically believed and all men are automatically guilty.
    Like, if this were so damn traumatizing, why did you not come forward years ago before Moore was being sworn in as a judge with power over people’s lives?
    Why did it take multiple visits to these women to get them to make these accusations? Money negotiations? Expulsion of their or some relative’s criminal records?
    And why go to a crook of a lawyer so far away?

  7. Go Moore. Hang in there, Senator. You’re almost there. Alabama and all America need you.

    Anyone the Uniparty Swamp is working so desperately to destroy is all the more important to support.

    One of the side effects of these parades of endless false accusations is that female accusations with no evidence and no witnesses will lose all their power.

  8. If Moore is the predator claimed, there would be recent victims of his predation. Predators continue their pattern.

    He may be eccentric and rough around the edges, but these claims are not believable, mainly because they are so old yet so detailed. This is a well-scripted and carefully constructed hit.

  9. Allred is extremely expensive. Who’s paying her enormous fees?
    Who paid to fly Accuser #5 out to California for Allred’s very expensive presser?
    Who’s paying the Accuser’s hotel, car service and other travel costs, plus her lost working salary while she plays her part and reads her lines?

    What governmental favors has the Accuser been promised? Tax problems, family members in trouble and needing a plea bargain/convictions expunged, a Disability claim approved, a court case being promised to get (or be allowed to keep) some gubbamint job?

    Inquiring minds. An impartial MSM Press would have once dug a little digging and made the connections.

  10. The worst thing about that video is that she was doing it in front of the two children who were supposedly so traumatized. This woman is a pig.

  11. msm is presenting a black and white image of the yearbook that doesn’t show the different colored inks, as originally shown on cnn’s Twitter account.
    There has been no proof, other than being in her possession, that the yearbook is indeed hers from 1977.
    She also said she voted for Trump. She didn’t vote in 2016; her voting status is ‘inactive’:

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