Here’s Obama’s Legacy

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  1. Ain’t it the truth……

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  2. I’ve been reading reports that suggest Obama was trying to contact Lil Rocket Man all last week. I hope that can be verified. It sure as hell wouldn’t surprise me.

  3. The Foot Tapper in Chief reminiscing about how he smelled after being with Uncle Frank, how he tried to unsuccessfully kill Larry Sinclair, his Bath house buddies from church, Rahm, and who can forget The Moose. He wasn’t going to be happy as President until the whole Country embraced “his values” because he said, “anything else was sin”.

  4. Was there anything more on the story of that black woman in Chicago who said 0bama had her son killed because they were in a relationship and he didn’t want her son giving details about them?
    It supposedly happened before he ran for congress or president. Don’t remember which.

  5. F4UCorsair

    I personally think Obama is juuuuust smart enough to realize what a dead loser he his. Witnessed by that time he tried to take credit for the Trump economy. Remember when he uttered “Thanks Obama”. The look on his face told the story. He didn’t believe it either.

  6. Was at a McDonald’s in North Carolina over the weekend — older people were standing outside the bathroom not knowing which one to use because both had the half his/ half her symbols on them. I just went in and locked the door and took care of bidness. Moroons living the Obammer legacy.

  7. @ Hans – with all due respect…don’t blame OLD people for asshat politicians and their minority lobbyists and social engineers.

    THE OLD people waitin’ on that rest room only know what they know…not this newly invented tripe.

    And guess what, THEY GOTTA TO TOO!

    BTW, how old is too old to be waiting? OR be confused…while waitin’?


  8. Pictures mean different things to people.
    Me? I see a piece of shit in the bathroom.
    Others will to when they see what a real President is capable of!
    The stark contrast sez it all!

    By comparison, had Hillary won the dung pile would have simply gotten bigger and the Media would have gladly told everyone to breath deeply and smell the “roses”!

  9. Obola – some sort of mass hysteria – no other explanation.

    I pulled the lever for mccain over him – fuckin McCain! – can you believe it?
    A moslem faggot bag-man for the Jarretts of Chicago.

    Don’t understand the schtick – never did – his “melodious” orations grated on my nerves as bad as Sid Vicious Christmas Musak.

    Oh, well, there’s much I don’t understand and one more won’t kill me – though it may kill the country – the nihilists aren’t over it, yet.

    izlamo delenda est …


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