Here’s Proof Democrats Are No Longer Allowed to Lose Anywhere, at Any Time

Controversial issue in Washington State is the latest example of what’s going on today.

LifeZette: For many years — a couple of decades, actually — the people of Washington State have been trying to achieve reasonable car tab fees (taxes).

Stay with me here.

And each time the voters have tried, the leftists in the state have “judiciaried” the heck out of their votes (yes, this situation deserves a new verb). 

After trying since 1999, the people still don’t have the reasonably priced car tabs they’ve voted for repeatedly.

And now, with the help of a liberal judge (not hard to find in the state of Washington), the sore-loser Left may once again thwart the voters.

The original aim of citizen initiatives was to establish $30 car tabs. Not only has the state’s leftist power structure used the courts to keep $30 car tabs at bay, it’s increased the annual taxes to well beyond $30 — to amounts that are demonstrably unreasonable and unfair. 

Rather than the state’s basing a car’s annual tax assessment on its Kelley Blue Book value, the state starts its math with the vehicle’s MSRP (manufacturer suggested retail price). This is objectively outrageous.

KING 5 News spoke with a driver about his new tax bill back in 2016.

“I think this is why people are so confused,” driver Michael Martinez, who lives in Mukilteo and voted in favor of ST3 — Sound Transit 3 — told the news station. “It’s really kind of sad. It felt, at least from my perspective, that we were duped.”
By the Democrats? Say it ain’t so. 

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  1. As a California resident I say, welcome to the party. Review what California did last election with vote harvesting. It worked out so well it will be nation wide in 2020. We’re screwed unless voter ID is passed.

  2. Well, Washington, you did give up your constitutional rights. You thought you could vote for socialists and still have freedom and control over the state government? So keep voting for autocrats. Dim wits.

  3. Progs love paying high taxes, it checks off all the boxes and demonstrates what good people they are; More money for schools (the kids are our future), more money to save the environment (do it for the planet) and more money for welfare funneled to illegals ( unfortunate refugees who deserve a better life).

    Social justice ain’t cheap. And as far as voting them out, forget it, they control the process, so voter ID is out and giving illegals voting rights is necessary.

  4. What is a car tab?

    Yearly vehicle registration renewal fee. You usually get a sticker/tab to affix to your license plate showing the month/year your registration expires.

  5. Sound Transit brought this on and they are responsible for local jurisdictions losing their Transportation Benefit District revenues and lots of other losses of tax revenues. I say: Since they pulled this crap again, bring it back in six months, put it on the ballot again and make it $15 car tabs next time.

  6. “Only the Supreme Court can stop this.”

    Ha ha ha ha!

    Totalitarians only give credence to the Courts when it suits their purposes.
    And besides, the Court is infested with anti-Constitutional maggots – who openly proclaim “precedence” in Sharia and European Union (NOT English Common Law) dictatorials.
    Roberts found a “tax” in a 1200 page document that didn’t have the word in it!
    Legalistic contortions take place every single day.
    We suffer abuse every single day that Klowns who despise the Constitution sit on ANY Federal bench.

    FISA “judge” is still out there guzzling Sterno, isn’t he?
    FBI can still get away with shooting a guy in his bathtub, can’t they?
    CIA and NSA can still get away with Treason, can’t they?

    Don’t believe in the Supremes – they’re as corrupt as the rest – after all, they were appointed and approved by the rest – Kagan, Sotomayor, Ginsberg, Kennedy, Breyer, Roberts – all rotten and for sale (or ideologically anti-American – it’s hard to tell).
    Plant corn – get corn.
    Plant wheat – get wheat.
    Corruption begets corruption – it cannot be otherwise.
    A fresh apple may rot; a rotten apple never turns fresh.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. A man named Tim Eyeman got an initiative on the ballot back in the 90’s to lower some taxes. It passed. The legislature passed new taxes to cover the ones that were cut, effectively erasing the initiative.

    So Eyeman did it again. Same story.

    So he did it again. Now the leftists claimed that Eyeman was doing this to gain political power. Never mind that you would have hardly heard from him again had the legislature left things alone. In other words, if you fight back against the government, you are doing it only because you want power.

    In the Washington election this month there was a ballot measure about affirmative action. The measure said that it would enforce affirmative action, but that it would not use quotas or preferential treatment. How the measure was to achieve affirmative action without quotas or preferential treatment is not stated. My guess is that once it passed, the state would have found it needed to use quotas or preferential treatment to accomplish what the measure set out to do. I believe it was rejected, but only three counties out of 39 voted for it — King County (Seattle) being one of them. It was very close. The usual suspects were in favour of it, several Asian groups opposed.

    Dow Constantine, the King County Executive, is a typical Leftist politician. He ran for the county council when he got out of school. After a few years later he ran for Executive and has been in that position ever since. As I recall, he did not even move out of his Parents house until he was on the country council. That is the kind of real-world experience that runs King County.

  8. Oh, back in the ‘90’s King Country passed a measure to have a higher car tab rate to pay for a new (expanded) monorail system. It was to cost so much and it would have had two lines. It later came out that it would have cost twice as much as originally projected, and that was after canceling one of the lines.

    As people were getting ready to fight that boondoggle, the monorail board paid a retainer to every law firm in the state so none would be available to work for the people fighting that mess. That is how they use tax payer money.

  9. This dem behavior has also completely ruined CO. When the voters don’t pass their anti fracking bills their response is to pass a worse bill in Congress right after the election. Now that voters shot down losing stare refunds the response is to promise to destroy TABOR and find a way to raise taxes. They already just say fee to get around having to get voters to approve, They don’t care what voters want and if they don’t get it they just go back and figure out a new plan. Two states with huge marijuana industries and they still never have enough.

  10. Public transportation is the leftist wet dream, and while the average American can drive his or her own vehicle, this dream will never get its happy ending. They would love to sign legislation banning cars outright, but they know the streets would ignite in riots before the signature dried. So they do the next best thing: tax and regulate everything associated with automobiles, with intention to “nudge” people into public transportation.

    It’s behavior modification through taxation, and it’s downright evil.

  11. Seems like WA state has found the road to Cuban transportation system. Just keep those old pre-1970s inflation vehicles on the road to avoid high registration and high insurance premiums.

    Bet that’s great for the environment.

  12. The shitty thing is…there’s only 3 or 4 counties that are blue (urban areas on the western side). The rest of the state is red, loggers, farmers, ranchers, etc. These counties rule the rest with an iron fist.

  13. If I found myself trapped in a room with a liberal dirtbag and an islamic terrorist…and I only had one round left in my 1911, one of those assholes is gonna get shot and the other beat to death with it!

  14. My $30 annual car tabs cost me about $85-$90 a yr. for a 1990 Honda Civic AWD station wagon because of the added excise taxes for state and local govt. funding of non essential govt. programs. At least I don’t have pay the $5 fee for state parks, I can opt out of that and I always do.

  15. Justin Case NOVEMBER 18, 2019 AT 4:37 PM

    Depending on the round you could have one of them stand directly in front and touching the other. With proper penetration you could have the sought after “one round two kills.”

  16. The smart people of Seattle re-elected their fringe Left progressive socialists again. They had a chance to kick them out. It looked like Kshama Savant that screaming head tax harpy was going to lose but amazingly at the 11 hour, days after Election Day Tuesday-she won. The whole city council just as Left as it was. Ballots must have been found in back closets and car trunks.

  17. They don’t need to find ballots when they are the ones doing the counting. Libtards have invaded state and local election commissions. Look what happened in Florida last time around.

  18. This is proof – once again – about the ‘Soviet State of Washington,’ where the courts, legislature and even the governor and the county councils never hesitate to ignore the will of the voters.

    I rest my case. The only problem is, WHY am I still here?


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