Here’s the 2016 ticket


Idea by/ Sally Forth

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  1. It’s Hallowe’en and I’m maximally ghoulish tonight.

    Build TWO walls 100′ apart, then use the enclosed strip as a hazmat and radwaste dump. Two problems, one solution!

  2. thank you for spreading the “idea”! after 2014 i made the decision to trust no politico or their handlers PERIOD this cycle is ours to take or ours to hand over to the machine. we need to think outside the party box & get square behind Trump or face the consequences which imo will be another party pick. i will not hold my nose for any candidate that failed to hold their hand up against the “loyalty pledge”. I could go on & on about the out right deception of the party to the base but I know your readers are sharp & it is “trick or treat” with the doorbell to commence ringing any time now. some people at BB have asked me who is Wall? Wall is one of the strongest planks in Mr. Trumps’ platform & I believe due to his brilliant handling of the machine he & he alone deserves to pick his running mate. I will support his choice, believe it will be an outsider & YUGE!
    TRUMP/WALL 2016

  3. As with most problems…the solution is very simple, however not always moral, palatable, or legal.

    If I was ’emperor’ and my country was dying and my countrymen were suffering….iI’d put a bounty on criminal illegal invaders. It worked wonders with coyotes in my area.

    It would spur the economy, give the unemployed a real chance to make money, and clean out the rat infested cesspools of humanity.

    if you got a gang tattoo…bang , you’re dead. Crossing the border illegally….bang, you’re dead. Dealing drugs….bang, you’re dead. A rapist….bang you’re dead.

    a career politician….you got to the end of your term….and then you leave….or bang, you’re dead.

    the list goes on….but you get my drift. We are no longer a stable society….it needs an enema.

  4. I do not know Sally.
    I saw her (?) idea in the comments at Breitbart.

    For the record, here’s what I do.
    If I see something really clever in comments, I Bing/Google it to see if it’s an existing idea.
    If not, I do it and credit the person.
    The reason I don’t put the name right on the art is because I don’t know them. For all I know they hate iOTWreport, or me, or whatever. I can’t assume they want to be associated with us. (In Sally’s case, they have commented here for some time now. But I still can’t assume.)

    BUT, if they do, I will gladly tag the art with their name and reupload.

    Thank you Sally Forth.

  5. you are most welcome & you can steal the idea if you’d like! i do not have the skills you do, I can manage to do email, know the difference between personal & CLASSIFIED, & blog, as in post comments ONLY. i am quite honored you thought it was clever & gave it a FORUM! my sincere thanks to you!
    TRUMP/WALL 2016

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