Here’s The Official Makeup Of Transgender Adults Living In California


California transgender adults are more likely to be white, suicidal, and have medical issues than individuals who identify with their biological gender, a new University of California, Los Angeles study shows.

An annual California Health Interview Survey released on Tuesday found that of roughly 92,000 transgender adults in California, 35 percent of the transgender respondents who have had multiple sex partners in the past years are HIV-positive and only two percent of “cisgender” adults were HIV-positive. Cisgender people identify with their gender assigned at birth.

Sixty-four percent of California transgender adults are white and 39 percent of cisgender Californians are white, according to the study.

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15 Comments on Here’s The Official Makeup Of Transgender Adults Living In California

  1. We need to put people back into mental institutions. The liberals shut them down.
    And now congress is full of nut jobs.

  2. Wait wait hold on. 92,000 trangenders in California, that’s .0002359% of our population. And how much money are we throwing at this group of mentally ill individuals? It be cheaper building a big nut house to store them in. They can co mingle a rub what ever body parts they desire raw.

  3. 92,000 trans in California? Holy crap! It unbelievable how so many people celebrate being nuts, or I mean losing their nuts.

  4. We need a trans-mission specialist
    Brad is correct it’s a very low percentage of the population but the media make it seem larger.
    Same with blacks and gays. They are all minority’s

  5. “California transgender adults are more likely to be…suicidal…”

    WELL…what’s STOPPING ya?!?

  6. I love throwing wrench into the leftists narrative.
    If the majoritiy of transgendered people are white then wouldn’t they technically from the left perspective be enhancing society?

    Check your transgendered privilege.

  7. But this liberal LBGT author then concludes we need to be more open, accepting and have more resources directed to these people. That isn’t a logical conclusion. They have mental problems and accepting their trans status isn’t going to get them functioning in society, cure their HIV or any of their issues.

  8. We have a family member who, very unfortunately, has schizophrenia. This person is more or less “normal” when they are on meds. When they aren’t? Good luck! The only people who feel good about allowing the mentally ill be “who they are” are people who don’t live with or love those whose lives are a depressing, freaking nightmare every, single, day. And you cannot get them help even if they are a danger to themselves.

    Progressives: Everyone is a pet to them.

  9. If it was a real woman it would know that skirt is hideous. Today calico is reserved for night gowns and pajamas.

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