Here’s What it Boils Down To…

Yesterday I posted a Right Scoop link that was uncharacteristic of me. I didn’t editorialize the post, simply titling it NO COMMENT. There are anti-Trump sites that I refuse to “call-out” simply because I like and admire them. Moonbattery comes to mind. I continue to link and support them even if our current state of mind is not in sync, confident that it will be once again, so there is no rush to irreconcilable animosity on my part.

But there was a tone in SooperMexican’s Right Scoop post that needed to be addressed. Jan Brewer was being attacked because during a debate she reminded a panel of pundits what the issue of this presidential election is largely about – Globalism versus Nationalism- by interjecting, “America. America.”

Brewer supports Trump, therefore Brewer must be destroyed, even if it means employing the same sort of sneering and eye-rolling the left does when the right expresses the simple short message- America. Suddenly, the message of putting America and Americans first is mockworthy:

Ken Cuccinnelli, who is awesome, give(s) a look of bewildered amusement while Brewer yells and screeches incoherently. It’s like she’s writing all-caps tweets in order to win an argument. This is a central feature in Trump University grad student logic – if you can’t win an argument because reason isn’t on your side, decrease the length of your sentences and increase the volume of your yelling, and every yahoo in the audience will applaud loudly.

Right before Brewer says (not screeches) “America, America,” she says, “we better start supporting the constitution, the rule of law and the Bill of Rights.”

The reason for attacking Brewer is obvious, she supports Trump. In a strained effort to find something, anything, to hammer her with, Sooper made a poor choice, using Brewer’s nationalistic pride and unabashed jingoism. When he characterized it as something that would appeal to yahoos I was shocked.

The capper was when Sooper wrote, [She] “then took a shot at Hillary as they closed out the show,” as if taking a shot at Hillary is a bad thing.

It pained me to make that post, but I just feel that Sooper is getting a bit sloppy and not thinking some of these bash posts through. And, as I’ve said all along, there is no need to go to war with sites I admire because I have full confidence that when the reality of a Hillary presidency starts to sink in Trump will be recognized as the reasonable and viable alternative that he is.

Today, Scoop wrote this:

The Right Scoop – 

I know a lot of you hate Trump and I’m no fan either. He ran a despicable primary with terrible lies about his opponents and he says a lot of really stupid stuff. Between his constant dribble about being the smartest and winning, despite him knowing little about conservative issues while claiming to be a conservative, he just sounds like a buffoon most of the time.

But after watching Hillary celebrate the abortion decision as a ‘right’ and seeing her and Socialist Elizabeth Warren on stage together (as a potential VP choice no doubt), I think I might be just willing to take my chances on the lesser of two evils, considering that seeing Hillary and Warren as potential President and Vice President just hurts my soul:

For many this slight concession won’t be “good enough.” You’d be wrong. This is plenty good enough for me.

If the battle cry changes from #NeverTrump to #WhatTheHellAreWeThinkingNotVotingForTrumpIfItMeansAHillaryPresidency?, I’m pleased, particularly after the sweaty Erick Erickson wrote just last night, To Stop Hillary We Must Stop Trump.

That’s what it boils down to…




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  1. As these two harpies campaign, it will always be implied that you must vote for them because they are the two vaginas.

    I have no issue with a decent conservative woman as president. I just adored Margaret Thatcher. In contrast, these two hideous beasts merely possess vaginas. They are not respectable women and don’t you dare use the word “ladies” for them.

    That being said, Trump is not my ideal candidate, but he is light years ahead of them in terms of patriotism and quasi conservative views. There really is no comparison. Choose between a rich braggart or the hell-spawn of Satan.

  2. Is there another Right Scoop website that I missed? RS has been rabid anti-Trump from the beginning; I don’t think they’ve been sloppy at all — it is their intention to Trump Trash and everything associated with Trump. Always has been. If I had to name five blogs that are #NT, RS would be right up there.

    Even the quotes, above, include falsehoods or at least don’t cop to the dirty deeds of the other candidates against Trump, like Cruz and Kasich saying that Trump was responsible for the violence at his Chicago rally.

  3. St. Ronger To Get Her? The devil can have her TODAY!

    People have to be incredibly stupid to try to take votes away from Trump, as he is our only hope of avoiding a Clinton socialist dictatorship.

  4. Well I wont hold my breath waiting for some to come out of their Trump Derangement Syndrome.Like dough boy Ericson thank goodness I was never a fan of his. Moon-battery however I wish he would get over it.Sadly I have my doubts …. 🙁

  5. The founding fathers were almost all rich. Though not all were braggarts. I prefer the rich man coming forward to do his duty and serve his country to the professional Politician/Lawyer taking the position…and serving themselves!

  6. You are much kinder and more patient than I, Big Fur. My tendency at this point in the game is to just write off all of the anti-Trumpers. Hopefully your way will win the jackasses over.

  7. Puh-leeze., guess what, we already knew her stance on abortion. So did he, this is just more face saving from a dishonest fool who can’t believe his pick lost in the primaries to a bunch of idiot vulgarians.

  8. This is up now on Drudge. If those bloggers like what’s happening in Europe and want this type of dictatorship to be entrenched here, more than it alread is, then continue your Trump bashing and we will know for sure what you are. Otherwise, get on the Trump Train.

    “European SUPERSTATE to be unveiled: EU nations ‘to be morphed into one’ post-Brexit
    EUROPEAN political chiefs are to take advantage of Brexit by unveiling their long-held plan to morph the continent’s countries into one GIANT SUPERSTATE, it has emerged today. “

  9. “But after watching Hillary celebrate the abortion decision as a ‘right’ and seeing her and Socialist Elizabeth Warren on stage together (as a potential VP choice no doubt), I think I might be just willing to take my chances on the lesser of two evils, ”

    No shit! This guys sharp as a marble. They had a story on the Skin Head rally at the California Capital on the Poop yesterday. Guess who they blamed for the riot? Donald Trump. I shit you not. The Scoops done a great job of steering and weeding an audience to achieve exactly what they were after. If we lose this election I hope they take a hard look in the mirror.

  10. To stop the cabal of corruption and destruction Trump is the only answer.

    A few of those who supported Trump during the primary were particularly vicious and dishonest. Going so far as to personally attack those who chose to vote for another GOP candidate.

    This short-sighted, errant strategy needlessly alienated many who would have easily supported Trump after the primary. Winning the initial, take no prisoners, battle at the expense of an all out war for the Nation was not the way to build a coalition.

    I too hope the “nevertrumpers” put aside the reprehensible actions of the few trump zealots and come around, our Nation depends upon it.

  11. @PJ “With the TDs, it looks like the pro-Hills are back.”

    Yeah, and have you noticed they seem to always come in pairs.

  12. AA-

    Sooper is not The Right Scoop. He’s a contributor.
    The Right Scoop is an actual person, and I’ve always found his posts to be much more reasonable in tone than Sooper’s.
    It would be tough for Sooper to announce he’s going to vote for Trump without looking insane given what he’s written. He’s to anti-Trump in the same rabid way a person shaves the name of their favorite team into their back hair.
    But he’s always largely confined his frivolous acrimony to Trump.
    Where he’s getting sloppy, as I termed it, is that he’s overreached in his zeal and is now attacking supporters of Trump for saying things conservatives would normally have no problem with. That’s troubling.

    Scoop is not a fanatic in that way, and I recognized that.

    Given his post today I’d say my instincts were right, and I’m happy to see such a large and influential site make such an incremental step towards reason.

    I can appreciate that you probably would have handled things differently, not wrongly or rightly, but differently, than me.
    I’d appreciate it if you didn’t imply that I’ve been handling things wrongly.
    Let’s just say I’m doing it differently.

  13. All along I’ve had a clock that’s been counting down. I’ve said as much in many comments.
    I’m not writing off anyone until after the convention and the first Trump/Clinton debate.

    If the stark contrast of Trump versus Clinton on stage, one of them to become the president, is not enough to get people on the right backing Trump, then…

  14. BFH — How did you get that I was implying that you weren’t handling things the right way?

    I’m on a different path than you and I think that has been fairly obvious for a long time. I’m with PJ — and I said as much the other day — that if one is still trashing Trump now, they are “with her.” And I still don’t get people (not you) saying things like he’s “quasi conservative” or “isn’t a real conservative.” I think we all know the term “conservative” has taken a pounding in this cycle. It would be great if in saying that about Trump, they would also say how it is that he doesn’t measure up. There are several possible ways to compare and contrast: One could compare his platform to so-called conservatives already holding or who have held office, or compare him to other so-called conservatives who ran for the presidency, etc. But compared to his platform, the other possibilities are he’s not an evangelical Christian and/or he’s not a “pure” idea(istic)conservative — which is a form of Utopianism, btw — or he is not a “party faithful” guy who was a Republican/Conservative, Inc. by birth. Maybe I’m missing something but methinks people are just saying he’s not conservative ‘enough’ because they just don’t like him and their real reason why wouldn’t hold up to scrutiny.

    The issues I value most are 1)Immigration/migration, 2) Economy/Trade/Jobs, 3) Law & Order enforcement at all levels.

  15. BFH, one debate is all it should take to finally convince the nevertrumpbots to see the error of their ways, if they hadnt by that time. To quote manafort “the last nail in the coffin was last week, now they realize they’re in it.”

    If rightscoop is not open for discussion like here at IOTW. If they had the gonads to welcome back all the people they’ve banned by announcing it at the top of their page, i would return. I bet they wouldnt.

  16. And BFH, As PJ said, above, you’ve got a lot more patience than I have with this stuff. And you’ve probably got a lot of friends in the blogosphere whose relationships you want to preserve. I don’t envy you that. But even I wasn’t willing (in the face of much contrary evidence) to write Bill Whittle off just yet. He’s a head scratcher, to be sure. I’m hoping some of those who were just, rightly, supporting their own candidate will sooner than later figure it all out and recognize what they are doing before they get so entrenched they have no way to back out of their prideful position.

    My clock is ticking a little faster than yours. 😉

  17. It’s time for people who want to own guns and have borders to put their big boy pants on. I would give my right arm for Ted Cruz to be the nominee but he’s not.

    As far as the campaign, Trump needs to start raising some cash and get on offense. No more off the cuff remarks and loose talk. Hammer home the message. Hillary is already running attack ads in my state. I can see right through them but Trump needs to answer.

  18. @Jon — Trump raised $11M with his first ever shout out for donations (this is in addition to any unsolicited funds raised) in 48 hours.

    His off the cuff remarks and loose talk, as you put it, are what got him the votes to win the nomination. He has transitioned nicely to the so-called ‘presidential’ style the old school is more comfortable with. See his “Stakes” speech from last Monday. In it are 51 points of comparison of his platform to Killery’s. He and his campaign reps have been on more tv/radio interviews and press conferences to ‘hammer home’ the message than Killery or Bernie have by miles. Trump is the hardest working Moe I’ve ever seen on a campaign trail.

  19. I hope the following makes sense but I’m honestly asking for insights here.

    Ever since Palin (like her or hate her) got shivved by the GOP, and since the current R’s in congress have repeatedly bent over for Aboma, I’ve been sympathetic to the Let It Burn crowd. But L.I.B., which predates Trump, meant not giving a crap anymore and starving the GOP of votes by simply staying home because the collapse is inevitable.

    It did NOT mean (that I ever saw) actively supporting wins by Leftists. And that’s why I’m baffled by all this.

    We’re now at the point where it’s either Trump or Clinton. Short of one of them croaking, that’s going to be the choice.

    If you want to let it burn, let it burn. Pull the plug. Stay home. Do nothing to help either side.

    If you don’t trust Trump and can’t in good conscience bring yourself to vote for him, stand on your integrity and don’t. Let those who can vote for him do so.

    But none of these never-Trumpers (as far as I’ve read) seem to acknowledge the certainty that BFH hammers daily: if he is not elected, Clinton will be.

    Tell me if I’ve missed someone like George Will or whomever acknowledging this simple fact because I’ve never seen it. And because I haven’t, the only reasonable explanation I can come up with is many of our presumed Constitutional republic-loving confederates are, and have been, stealth Leftists who are only now starting to edge their way out of the closet. It’s either that or they’ve somehow been thoroughly compromised. I honestly can’t come up with another explanation for it.

    But whatever it is, it’s something very different than simple stay-home, hands-off L.I.B. vibe. It’s a deliberate move to HAND IT ALL to Clinton.

    No matter how much you hate the R, who would even consider doing that but a Leftist?

    If I’m off on any of this, I’m open to correction.

  20. I would not bet a penny on Right Poop, Sooper or Dave@Moonbattery
    to have some sort of last minute conversion;
    they’re (for whatever reason) as up to their chins
    in their Trump venom as the bought-and-paid-for shills
    of the elite (whom we know won’t be changing).

    You wanna wait until after the first debate to call anyone out on the carpet? That’s your business. I don’t know what that buys you (other than what “good will” you imagine you have with these quisling sites and their bastard operators…but I suppose you know what value *their* “good will” towards YOU is…?).

  21. I always figured this election would morph into Gobalists vs Nationalists. I’ve mentioned the Nationalist angle many times. Now with the U.K. pulling out I’m certain of it. This election stands a good chance of destroying party lines. People that work with their hands are under pressure and they’ve had enough. If Trump can get his message to the Bernie folks we’re going to have a lot of strange alliances.

  22. To clarify something…

    But whatever it is, it’s something very different than simple stay-home, hands-off L.I.B. vibe **AND SUPPORT NO ONE AT ALL.** It’s a deliberate move to hand it all to Clinton **BY ACTIVELY OPPOSING TRUMP.**

  23. Jon, what makes you think Cruz could beat Hillary? I ask because t comes up all the time and this thread is more of the same. I started off supporting Cruz, too., and never did vote for Trump. But it became clear to me that only Trump has a chance to beat her. Which is more important – her actually losing or us with a “better” choice having lost? The entire debate makes zero sense to me now

  24. No, grool, you GET it.
    They WANT Hillary, and use whatever argumentation they have to appeal to all different kinds of people.

    For some, it’s the “vote your conscience” schtick.
    For some, it’s the “Trump is not conservative” schtick.
    For some, it’s the “don’t vote, it only encourages them” schtick.
    And so on and so forth.

    Whatever works to turn people off of Trump
    REFERENCE…SEE: JohnSh!tForBrains

  25. The nevertrump commenters over there are still waiting for some caped crusader candidate to come rescue them. Every candidate had flaws. Every last one. There was, isn’t, never will be a perfect candidate. We’re not getting to George Washington overnight, but we certainly can get to Marx with Hillary overnight. You think 0bama is a POS? Wait til you see Hillary extend her super powers.

    And for the love of everything crispy and crunchy. If I have to read another “Let Hillary win so America can SEE how bad it could be so they can come to OUR side” I will vomit. TWICE 0bama got elected, and the same assholes we were supposed to “Scare” with 0bama, want MORE of him with Hillary. That tactic does not work. I thought the informed public was smarter than that!

  26. Unfortunately, a lot of things were said in the heat of the primary season by both sides. Many of the Cruz supporters are more concerned with saving face than with saving the nation. Incredibly, there are still Cruz supporters who are hoping for a miracle at the convention. I pray that they wake up after that and vote correctly in November.

  27. TonyR: I wouldn’t say this is entirely Cruz supporters though.
    This is a smattering of Cruz, Rubio, Bush, Kasich and even some Libertarian supporters.
    But the bulk of nevertrump is the RINO establishment and the left trying to buddy up with their lessers to get their way. I mean, really… Since when was a RINO a friend of yours and mine? lol

  28. EXACTLY, MoeTom. Like Aggie said above,
    how is ANYONE sincerely
    “shocked! SHOCKED!”
    at Hillary’s abortion stance today?!?
    Cheap posing and posturing, at best.

  29. Grool — There is one more possibility in addition to what CoD wrote: There is still a ‘committee’ of Republicans/Establishment who are working every last angle to get a rules change at the convention. The latest thing I read this weekend was a delegate out in Virginia (I believe he is also a state legislator there) who is suing to ‘unbind’ the delegates as a matter of ‘free speech.’ He and his atty are trying to push the suit through the courts in time for the convention. Other things that point to a convention upset are Paul Ryan and Ted Cruz giving tepid/nonexistent endorsements. Paul Ryan is the worst poker player on the planet! You only have to listen to his latest remarks about his Trump ‘endorsement’ to know what the rest of the crew are up to. Whenever he thinks they’re on to something, he steps up to a mic and tells everyone what to think. Is there any bigger ass?!

    Hey, it’s a free country, right? But I guarantee that if anyone even sounds for a nanosecond like they’re going to invoke some screwy rules changes or even coughs the wrong way, Cleveland will go up in smoke. There’s no way in hell a handful of Establishment cronies are going to usurp a lawful nominating election. And if they were the effing CONSERVATIVES they all accuse Trump of NOT BEING, they wouldn’t even attempt it.

  30. True, MJA.
    It’s the Cato, Reason, Federalist type sites as well
    hanging onto their anti-Trump frothing.

    by a Hillary Administration?!?
    Fuck ’em.

  31. Well, if you stay home to let it burn, Hillary’s (paid for) supporters won’t, and she’ll win. If you say Trump isn’t a conservative, I ask ‘Then who in the campaign is conservative?’. Funny I don’t remember any of this when McCain was the R candidate. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention.

  32. AA, I think the GOP elite know that, and that’s why (you forgot Mitch McConnell! 😮 ) I suspect they’ll let Trump get the nomination, only to put all their efforts into getting Hillary elected via “independent” people/sources trashing Trump (so they have plausible deniability).

  33. Nothing to correct, Grool.I agree.

    It’s math. 1 minus 1 leaves 1. Which 1 do you want?
    Saying, “NEITHER!,” is the answer of an 8 year-old.

    Saying that you’re not going to participate is specious. If you are of sound mind and body and are awake on election day and have access to a voting booth but choose not to go, YOU’VE PARTICIPATED IN THE ELECTION.
    When you’ve consciously chosen to simply “sit it out” your hands are not clean, my friend.
    Whatever happens on election day is the result of your action or conscious inaction.

    If you say, “I don’t care what the result is,” why are you on a political site making comments?

    One of the comments that I simply love is, “I cannot vote for Trump because MY PRINCIPLES are, oh, such precious cargo. I cannot ever gaze into the eyes of my children without the guilt and shame of having elected a BULLY, a BULLY I TELL YOU!! And a racist, and, and, did I say BULLY?”

    Which stellar principle of yours is the one that allowed Hillary FUCKING Clinton, a woman who lied to fallen soldier’s families about what the attack was that killed their sons in order to coverup her own failings, to become president?

    Which pristine principle was it that allowed a woman, a woman who has continuously lied under oath about compromising the safety of our nation, to become commander-in-chief.

    Which bedrock principle is it that allowed one of the most corrupt progressives ever to hold power rise to the most powerful position on earth?

    Tell us all about how Trump University, Megan Kelly’s menstruation, and Trump’s egregious and outrageous claim that a progressive activist pro-La Raza judge might be biased in a case he was a defendant in, rises to the level of Clinton abuse of power, lies, corruption and progressivism.
    Tell us all about how the “progressive” Trump sullies the GOP.
    Tell us all about how fucking happy you were with the way the GOP has governed for ya, so much so that you have to obsess about the “down ballot” that Trump is gonna ruin for ya.

    You want to burn down the evil Trump in order to preserve the body elect that necessitated a Trump in the first place.
    Forgive me when I say, I do not entertain the notions of a complete fucknard.
    You’re either for Hillary or you’re not.
    Trump is the blocking agent.
    Make the case that he is worse than Hillary.
    Don’t embarrass yourself by saying,
    “Trump said he was going to deport all the illegals, like I wanted. Now it’s a different plan other than mass deportation. Fuck that. Might as well have Hillary! Trump’s a racist.”

  34. OK my last comment on this-
    I would hope that the candidates I liked and I supported through the primaries (one of which was Trump, but I ended up voting Cruz) would not be so assholish as to think they could waltz in and do some underhanded shit to deny the citizens’ votes. If a Conservative candidate, as an example, tried that shit – I would spend my time making sure that he or she never got elected again and then I would bury their name.

    BTW, Mitt Romney needs to go find another hobby. If I wanted to vote for a rich bitch who gets bored easily, I’d have written in Paris Hilton.

  35. Sincere compliments to fellow IOTWr-ers who were extremely pro-Cruz and have become anti-Hillary, pro-Trumpers. It takes real guts to overcome strong feelings and put our country first after such a primary. Thank you all – you know who you are. We are quite an eclectic bunch of patriots. We would have made the founding fathers proud. 🙂

    GOLD STAR! – from the entire iOTWreport team

  36. Funny, I never got the feeling that Romney’s core bottom line was to put America first.
    I did get the feeling that he was in politics because he didn’t like fox hunting.

    I do get the feeling that Trump loves America and doesn’t like what’s become of it and wants to, nostalgically, make her great again.

    Is he completely groomed for the job? Perhaps not.
    But Hillary is completely groomed for the job of putting America into the globalist hopper and where it is spit out is of no importance.

  37. this election cycle was about trust. 17 republicans up there asking us to trust them, and trusTed was one of them. He didnt convince me that i could trust him. Trump did. And now who will you trust? Hillary? pht. Johnson? meh, who’s he?

    The decision is so simple, so obvious that its there in black and white. So these nevertrumpbots are just throwing their toys while hoping the convention becomes some type of warzone forcing cruz in.

  38. He said:
    How about Hillary steps aside and we elect HelenThomas

    Then she said:
    Helen Thomas? isn’t she a goner?

    And I say:

    Thank You Annie! Say it again please! That stinkin’ hag crossed my mind yesterday.

  39. @N.O. Brainer — ‘Zactly.

    Which is why I don’t give a zip as to why someone is #NT or still ‘confused’ about the two. If they fall into those two categories, they are “with her.” Period.

  40. Well at RS they are liking Hitlery I mean even talking about her VP pick.I just went there its heavy trump delusional syndrome ! If they can do that they are lost and were never really with us.They call us nuts I’m done with them.If Clinton wins its their fault and they are fine with that.They said so……. :0

  41. CoD — Maybe. But I don’t think the Establishment (either GOP or any other) is at all concerned with hiding their activities. It’s all there in the BREXIT vote to see. It’s bare-knuckled/brass-knuckled in England and the EU, now. And that’s how it’s been for some while here as well. Trump should kick Paul Ryan’s ass all the way back to Janesville, fire Romney from any committee at the convention and tell Priebus he and the RNC better start kicking in with the full-throated rah-rah’s and the do-ray-mi or he’s moving the RNC HQ to Trump Tower over the 4th holiday weekend.

  42. Was a great site with alot of great posts. I enjoyed TheRightScoop (the person) posts and didn’t want to leave but I just got so tired of all the associated bullshit whiner crap. True leftists in their hearts regardless of stated position. I don’t think they’ll figure it out. They feed on trump hate.

  43. You got THAT right, Abigail!

    To complement what Fur wrote above, it’s MUCH MORE than just 4 or 8 years of Hillary…rememeber all the Judges (not just Supreme Court but Federal Benches) she would select…influencing our “laws” FOR THE NEXT 25 YEARS.


    If THAT’S how you feel,
    all you’re doing is selling out America once and for all.

  44. I am not on topic here, but while I am thinking about it, Big Fur Hat — I MISS YOUR OLD AVATAR!!! I wish you would bring it back — that one is you!!! Love, Tuesday.

  45. BFH, you are firing into the bull’s eye of the target with your Nationalist -vs- Globalist feeling.

    The globalist’s dream of globalism becoming the new political class as a goal is what we must fight against. If Hillary wins we will witness a merger of crony-capitalism and communism not lead by a single technocratic ruler, but a vast body made up of elites. Trump, in my low level non-institutionalized educated opinion, is the only person that can stop it all from happening.

    And thanks to the people of the UK we will soon see many parts of the globalist agenda flayed bare for review.

  46. Cato I’m not sure about, or Federalist. But isn’t Reason a libertarian(ish) outfit? If so, why would they of all people default for Clinton? Unless my old hunch is right — libertarians are just social liberals who want to keep more of their own money.

  47. “Well, if you stay home to let it burn, Hillary’s (paid for) supporters won’t, and she’ll win.”

    Fact. I’m ex-Cruz because I accept that fact 100%. Do I still trust Trump? No. But how well do I know any candidate who runs R?

    But I sure as heck DO know how utterly wicked Clinton is.

    It really is that simple. Someone postulate that to George Will and see what he says.

  48. AA

    I haven’t seen any Trump ads on TV and I live in a battleground state. As I said before, Hillary is already carpet bombing us with ads

  49. “And He blinded their eyes and hardened their hearts …”

    No one who considers himself an American, NO-FUCKING-ONE, could vote for HRC.
    And sitting home IS voting for HRC.
    Even those who refuse to choose, still have made a choice.
    (to paraphrase an annoying song)
    This is reality. This is not a show. Inaction is just as deadly as action.
    None of us can see the future – but – if the past is prologue – we can fairly assess the continuing damage done to this country, this civilization, under the elevation of a tried-and-true liar, thief, murderer, grifter, and corrupt-o-crat like Clinton. She has already sold us out to the Chinese, the Saudis, Iran, ISIS, the moslem brotherhood, and the Russians – and there is no doubt she will sell us out to the Globaloney Socialists in turn. Past performance is no guarantee of the future, but it’s a pretty damned good predictor. And the raillery against Mr. Trump is fevered nightmare imaginings with no basis in reality or past performance: Racism, bullyism, xenophobia – ALL BULLSHIT.
    Mrs. Clinton proudly proclaims herself a “Progressive” which is just another name for “Wilsonian Socialist.”

    We can accelerate the fall into the abyss with Mrs. Clinton or we can attempt to slow that fall with Mr. Trump – the choice is pretty clear – and unambiguous.

    izlamo delenda est …

  50. Here’s the deal-eo.
    Lazlo has a pal who is not voting because he doesn’t like Trump.
    He tries to draw me into political conversation, and meets frustration.
    He complains about my monosyllabic answers.
    My riposte:
    “If you ain’t helping to row this boat, your classification is now: Cargo. Cargo doesn’t get to opine about the trim of the sail.”

  51. @ The IOTWr team

    I have to beg pardon. I got so excited at getting a gold star :-), I hit a TU on my own post, but meaning the TU to you all as a TY.

  52. PJ – I would give you more gold stars if I could. That was an incredibly gracious post and it is much appreciated.

  53. @ riverlife_callie

    Thank you. I’ve been thinking about that for a long time, and finally had to post it. I’ve been on differing sides of issues more times than I care to remember, and it’s a tough struggle. I truly mean it when I call all those, who climbed aboard the Reality – The Trump Train – after having their heart and intellect wrapped around another candidate, True Patriots.

    God bless you and all who’ve come aboard. Let’s pray together that Mr. Trump will be able to re-set our country to it’s destined course of being a beacon to a tired world. With this we first pray for God’s blessings once again on our country.

    With this, I also apologize to anyone whose feelings I’ve hurt during the primary, in my zeal for Trump. I’d be perfect, but my humanness gets in the way. 🙂

  54. Back to simple…. …smile… I believe it was Abigail who mentioned the Churchill videos, The Gathering Storm and Into the Storm…?

    They are worth a watch. Like the late 1930’s, the world is changing — fast, perhaps too fast.

    Donald Trump, out of the slime of reality tv and greed real estate, is the American Churchill — for our time.

    No. We don’t need a Rubio or a Cruz or a Romney. We need a silly, over the top Trump.

    Probably, in the entire universe, now, he is the only person who can right the ship, fix thing.

    Watch the videos. …at the time, there was — really — no one except Churchill. Otherwise, Hitler would have won. …forget our intervention.
    ….Lady in Red

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