Here’s Why The New Polls Showing Donald Trump Trailing Hillary Are Flawed

Hannity: A new Reuters poll has many Republicans worried about the outcome of the 2016 presidential race–and many on the Democratic side ready to pop the champaign corks.

The poll shows presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton leading by a shocking 14 percent over her Republican rival Donald Trump: 47 percent to 33 percent.

Unfortunately there’s one problem with the poll. It is heavily skewed.  more


The Bottom Line

20 Comments on Here’s Why The New Polls Showing Donald Trump Trailing Hillary Are Flawed

  1. Yeah, when the pollsters call during the day, Democrats are more likely to be home, since work is an awful 4-letter word in DNC-Speak.

  2. Anything they can do to discourage our side-in this case it might encourage the least enthused REgressives not to bother.

    All you have to remember, no matter what the story is about, the left dominated media is all in for Hillary. If there is any way to obfuscate the truth by omitting something or even flat out lying, they will do it.

    Watching the alphabets for news is the mark of a maroon.

  3. Little Georgie Stepedinapplesause was filling in on ABC last night and couldn’t contain his excitement over poll with double digit lead for his gal.
    OAN news had a breakout of the WP poll and their apparent attempted revenge against Trump for pulling their press passes.

  4. I think it’s best to just ignore everything on TV and radio for the next few months. With this election and the UK/EU crap it’s just getting ridiculous.

    You can really tell who’s part of the globalist establishment and who’s not, the establishment is absolutely freaking out about Trump and the UK.

    The good thing is many people just aren’t buying it at all any more.

  5. Any poll by the Wash Post can be determined as skewed against Trump…he put them on ice a few weeks ago

  6. Polls are designed to drive opinions, not measure them.
    When the final poll is taken in November, the media will be shocked. Just like the Brexit polls.

  7. 33 percent of Democrats like Trump? Hillary must be worried. That was a poll of that called only DNC members, right?

  8. Tail wagging the dog
    The Media will spin a direct lightning strike on Hilary into an anointment from God and as a sign of approval of her policies

  9. Whistling past the graveyard is not going to improve things.
    Trump needs to get back to the things that got him to this point rather than continue to abandon them.
    Running to the left right before the election didn’t work for Romney or McCain, and it is not working for Trump.

  10. Seeing the Bint scampering for cover when the kitchen lights go on is entertaining to say the least. Watching Shrillary twisting in the wind, even better, as her lies and obfuscations continue to be revealed. Main stream media will implode when she goes down for the fall, and Steppy will be wailing at the Wall. The voters are onto her, and her bag of crimes…Teaming up with Fauxcohantess guarantees it.

  11. JohnS, how many times does Trump have to prove he is much much smarter than you? He won, is winning and most likely will win in Nov. As much as the Hillary team thanks you for your efforts why not at least take you schtick somewhere where other neocons can give you the group hug you so desperately seek?

  12. I know how distressing it is to you snowflakes to have your safe space invaded by people intruding reality into it, that is why my posts get shouted down and turned to gibberish.
    I remember how it used to be that this happened because I was saying that Trump would head left at the first opportunity. Aggie and others beat me up over it regularly. I was correct then, I am correct now. Take the blinders off people.

  13. JohnSh!tForBrains, showing his ability to pee in the pool, while thinking he’s *such* a smart little chap.


    Yeah, yeah…you just want to “push Trump to the Right”…uh huh.
    Did I mention, FUCK OFF, TROLL?

  14. Thank you Czar for your eloquent defense of Trump’s leftward course.
    You would fit right in at the drum circle.

  15. You know, JohnSh!tForBrains,
    it’s not really all that shocking
    how brazenly you abuse Fur’s
    NON-enforcement of his threat
    to ban anti-Trump troll posters

  16. JohnS , you claim I beat you up and I’m the snowflake? Silly boy

    In May Trump already let the air out of your ego on the issue, this is recycled drama. The left, neocons and #’s are the only ones stressing over his doing exactly what they wanted him to do in the first place. He has an election to wn and has made it clear he isn’t all that interested in catering to the self absorbed types who want more of the same.

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