Here’s Why Tucker Carlson Just Called For 9 GOP Senators To Lose Their Next Primary Race

Daily Caller: Fox News host Tucker Carlson called for nine Republican senators to lose their next primary races for writing a letter to President Donald Trump demanding that he continue allowing “foreigners to take American jobs.”

The nine senators –

Lindsey Graham of South Carolina,

John Cornyn of Texas,

Mike Crapo and James Risch of Idaho,

Michael Rounds of South Dakota,

Todd Young of Indiana,

Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan of Alaska,

and James Lankford of Oklahoma – 

all signed a letter to the president asking him to protect seasonal guest worker visa programs. WATCH

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  1. Actually, it’s completely legal for foreigners who come here legally to take jobs.

    But shutting down the economy with bogus models, letting a russian hoax investigation go on for years even though they knew it was bogus from closed door testimony, allowing democrats who commit crimes to skate while swat teams are sent to trump people’s houses… those are not just offenses, they are the kind of things that cause revolutions.

  2. So foreigners come here to take jobs, while Americans collect welfare or unemployment paid for by other American workers who have no say in the matter. That has a funny odor to it when you get close to it.

  3. Wealthy farmers want foreign labor brought in to work because they’ll work for very little and they and their families are subsidized by our ridiculously generous welfare programs that the taxpayer funds.

  4. Like thirdtwin, i’m wondering why my senator – Pierre Delecto – wasn’t in on this?!? He must have been on some cable show bashing the president!

  5. First man picked is “Trey wannabe”. Will do a bogus investigation of ROD! How many “low information” Republicans will he fool?!@?#

    These folk are the reason I am conservative, not Republican!
    As are most folk nearby. There is little dif between the “leaders” of the 2 big parties. Here is more proof of why conservatives have said since Ronny 31 years ago – UNIPARTY!

  6. PS

    Over 60 years ago – I and 17 cousins did, “work Americans won’t do
    ” – that is a direct, verbatim quote from America’s first Muslim President, to earn money for college. Every one of us had at least one degree (many are gone).

    THANK GOD FOR IKE! I wear my hours in detention back then as a badge of honor! OPERATION WETBACK was very good for those at whom GWB looks down his nose!

    Americans will work! Give us a chance you liberal lefties!

  7. Susan Collins from Maine should be on this list, but she tends to be more democrat than GOP, so, I understand the confusion.

  8. Texas Primary is over. Cornyn won. I will hold my nose and vote for him because I have never voted for a democrat and I never will.

  9. I fucking hate Cornyn. I expect no less from the douche. I guess my new place(AR) has one fantastic senator-Tom Cotton-and 1 shitbag-Sullivan. Hutchinson as gov is pretty good too.

  10. FYI Pierre Delecto voted by proxy to allow Sen Ron Johnson to subpoena Blue Star Strategies re Burisma.

    He’s still smarting from the cold shoulder he received from Flake, Corker, Frum, Kristol et al for that vote, and storing up ammo for a bigger shot at Trump, when it really counts.

  11. The local Mormon church owns several pear orchards near here. Several times a year the church members work in the orchard, including at picking time. (They are all white, and probably citizens.)

  12. I will hold my nose and vote for him…

    And THIS is why they laugh at us every time we demand term limits. Because they know that no matter what they do, you WILL vote the party line.

  13. TN Tuxedo
    I’m tired of holding my nose, here in Arizona we have to do this every election cycle. I hope Daniel McCarthy wins the primary against McPhony, she is a never Trumper, and runs like she’s scared of her own shadow.

  14. The GOP is the real problem: that rat-infested swamp group of scumbags is the reason the left has succeeded so greatly in destroying our society.

    Starve the GOP: only donate to a Trump-backed PAC.

  15. Too many people say, “I sure hate (insert useless RINO’s name here), but we can’t have a Democrat win”. My question is, would there really be any difference? Could it really be any worse than having the Senate controlled by the likes of McConnell, Graham, and Cornyn? Sorry, I don’t really care who the race goes to. I may have to write in a name, but John Cornyn will definitely not get my vote. It’s got to start somewhere. Sometimes you have to tear it down to rebuild.

  16. Sorry Irate but you are dead wrong. A dem controlled Senate might swayed enough Romney/Cornyn types to have convicted President Trump.

    Further McConnell might be a sleeper ChiCom but he sure as hell is cramming conservatives into the courts.

  17. Many are suggesting we are limited to two options:

    #1 — Vote for the scum RINO because we can’t let the Dems win control of the House or Senate

    #2 — Don’t vote for the scum RINO in order to teach him a lesson even though it might give the Dems a chamber.

    With #1, there’s fuck-all hope that the situation will improve. We’ll be stuck with scum RINOs for as long as we live.

    With #2, there’s fuck-all hope that the situation won’t get worse. We’ll be stuck with ever more strident and ferocious leftists sticking it to us good and hard indefinitely.

    This situation demands thinking, as they say, outside the box, unless the box contains ammunition (I jest. For now.)

    Proponents of both #1 and #2 make valid points, but taking either path leads to zero turnaround on our Road to Serfdom.

    There’s your little ray of sunshine for the day.

  18. I understand the sentiment of many here, but Uncle Al has hit upon it.
    do you really want to hand over the Senate to the d’rats w/ Trump as president?

    …. how much more do you want to throw at PDT?

    he only has a slim chance … we don’t need to make it any worse, for him or us


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