Hero Pit Bull Rescues Baby From Fire

Breitbart: A California mother is hailing her pit bull as a “hero” after the dog rescued the family from a fire that broke out at their home.

Nana Chaichanhda told KTXL in an interview published Sunday that the eight-month-old pit bull, Sasha, banged on the back door to alert the family to the flames engulfing a fourplex in Stockton.

“I open it, and she runs in and starts barking at me like crazy, and I was like, ‘OK, this is weird. This is not like her,’” Chaichanhda said.

While Chaichanhda discovered her neighbor’s building had been on fire, the dog bolted past her into a bedroom where her seven-month-old daughter, Masailah, lay on the bed.

By the time Chaichanhda noticed, Sasha had already sprung into action to save the infant.

“I ran into the room, and I see Sasha,” Chaichanhda told KCRA. “She has my baby by the diaper, just dragging her off the bed – trying to get her to safety.” more here

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  1. Finally a story about pit bulls that doesn’t have them shredding some helpless individual or other animal. The press habitually distorts and blows out of all proportion every report of this animals actions.
    Back many years ago they were referred to as the “nanny dog” because of their loyal and protective instincts toward children. Since then they have been unfairly smeared by idiots that know nothing about them.
    This story makes that point.
    Like any dog it depends on the kindness and good treatment of people to shape it into the good companion a person would want.
    Scumbags like Michael Vick are an example of why their reputation is harmed.

  2. Staffordshire Terriers are beautiful. faithful, protective dogs.
    Humans are the reasons they become dangerous.
    I would be more satisfied in life if every time a Staffordshire terrier was involved in something terrible, they euthanized the owner and sent the dog to a rehab shelter
    El-Poor-O Lazlo

  3. Dogs are pretty amazing. I recently caught my lab babysitting my dachshunds. The doxies love to follow their noses and since their small, they’re easy to lose sight of in my yard. I say where’s soandso, she runs around and where she stops is next to soandso! She even knows the difference between soandso1 and soandso2.

  4. @Lazlo
    That is the breed of dog I’m presently share a home with. She’s by my side as I type. She was a rescue, most people who get these dogs aren’t willing to commit the time these energetic dogs need and so give them up. Not me, she forces me to get off my ass and play with her when I don’t always feel like it. The fountain of youth on four legs! Haha

  5. This Pit Bull is smart enough to keep the Toddler alive for a later lunch. One anecdote in favor of a Pit Bull in 30 years. The mother could not have purchased umbrella insurance because statistics indicate that a loaded gun on the living room floor is a safer bet..

  6. Check your local pound and half of the abandoned dogs are at least half Pit Bull..do you wonder why? Will you say mean owners are at fault? What has happened to people these days who find out that Hillary is worth $2.7 billion and do not realize that she is a crook..do they not see evil in Islam, must they get a Pit Bull despite overwhelming evidence that a life is at stake ? I have two terrible experiences with Pit Bulls but when I wrote about it once my post was refused and at FB I was punished…Morons of the world are united in their choice of pet and Party affiliation…

  7. @Purvin
    Have you ever owned one? Or have you just listened to all the hype. Statistics are available and pitbulls aren’t even in the top five of biters. People get rid of them because they don’t want to devote the time these dogs need. They are high energy and need lots of playtime. There’s also alot of jerks out there that want a dog to intimidate people. They use dogs as a reflection of how bad they think they are.
    The pounds are full because of ill informed idiots that listen to hype and react accordingly. I could go on but its probably pointless.

  8. Organgrinder, how about bite fatalities? According to this group, 65% are pit bulls. Not vouching for their accuracy or agenda, but if anywhere near true, it looks like pitbullophobia has a rational basis.


    I apologize in advance if I am circulating Fake News and propaganda. Please feel free to set me straight. The big mauler/killers when I was a kid were Dobermans and German Shepherds. And the only dog anyone ever had to pull off of me was a Boxer.


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