Hero Squirrel!


Meridian man’s pet squirrel goes nuts on burglar

Adam Pearl walked into his Meridian home Tuesday and realized something didn’t seem right.
“I came in the front door and I saw snow prints out in the front driveway going to the back of the house, so I thought something was awry because no one usually goes through the yard,” said Pearl.
Pearl was immediately greeted by his pet squirrel Joey when he got home, but the he started noticing a few doors that would normally be closed were open.
After making his way to the back bedroom, his fear was confirmed once he stated looking at his gun safe.   MORE

5 Comments on Hero Squirrel!

  1. The cherry on the top of the sundae would be that the mutt had to get rabies injections–not because the squirrel is rabid, but hey, you gotta be careful with those animal bites (heh, heh!).

  2. Wow! Whycome I can’t get a squirrel like that?

    I’se be viPreznit an all kinda big hsit … but can’t get no squirrel!


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