#HerToo???? Uhhhhhh Where? Dem Senator Claims Sexual Harassment

Take a look at this video and tell me when you’ve spotted the inappropriate sexual touching.

It’s at the beginning and it’s on the right side. And it’s the old senator lady, Cheryl Kagan,  who thinks she’s the object of  the man’s desire.

The Dem senator says this lobbyist guy “picked the wrong woman” to sexually harass.


31 Comments on #HerToo???? Uhhhhhh Where? Dem Senator Claims Sexual Harassment

  1. And when he pulls.his hand away she throws her head up in laughter and continues to converse with him and even introduces him to gentleman on left. Yeah right!

  2. He foolishly abandoned the Mormon Hoverhand maneuver and actually touched her back when he tried to be heard over the bar noise.
    First he must lose his career.
    Next, He must be ruined, his money and house and savings are belong to us!
    You simply cannot touch a woman below the Granny Panty Waistband (which can start at the armpits on Liberals) without a pre-signed consent form.

  3. Hand on her back to lean in and tell her something. The place was probably noisy and she probably said, “Huh?” because she didn’t hear him.

    She was the instigator if there was anything at all.

  4. Looks like a bar fly to me.
    Lets all go to a bar and get drunk and see what happens.

    Mike Pence is a fool according to this twit.

  5. A superwoke hyperfeminist might look at that video and conclude the guy put his hand on her butt and stuck his tongue in her ear. I’m not a superwoke hyperfeminist so that looks like normal, i.e. non-harrassing, cocktail party stuff.

  6. Watch the other people at the gathering. Lots of touching – it’s apparently a noisy bar and virtually everyone is leaning in to speak to other people. I even noticed, gasp!, a couple of hugs and women grabbing mens’ arms.

    We definitely need legislation, but not as Kagan envisions. People like Kagan should be required to wear conspicuous name tags clearly identifying them as #metoo supporters and have a warning label that any touching could, and likely will lead to serious legal consequences. Maybe they could also be legally required to wear full body neon-colored bubble suits and prohibited from standing anywhere near a crowd of people.

  7. Oh…he was all over me. I barely got away. Then I went home to journal about it, and – oh yes – let the world know of my encounter with forbidden love. Oh that my heart can stand the memory of this moment …

  8. Brushed her tush huh?
    Sweetie, your saggy, bony tush hasn’t been elevated to that portion of your back since birth.

  9. This old lady needs to stay way back in her closet where she’ll be safe from her perspective on sexual attacks male, female or other. I suggest she not go out in public areas at anytime so she doesn’t start to fantasize an assault.

  10. crazy-ass demtard from crazy-ass Montgomery County, Merryland … libtard heaven

    yeah, she’s probably Native American too

  11. She’s a liar and should be punished. No sane person would
    call that groping.
    She’s married to a Spitzer. I wonder if she has in laws in New York?

  12. This #metoo crap will backfire on women/wymen. No man will want to meet with them, not for any reason, not in public, and ESPECIALLY not in private. Unless there’s a cameraman with full video and audio. Great for transparency, but ruins the mood for the meeting.


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