He’s A Dancing Fool! (Emphasis on Fool)

While visiting Regina SK, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau stopped in at the Caribbean Pavilion of Mosaic, A Festival of Cultures.

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  1. Recycled NPC Media Headline….

    “Conservatives Pounce, But Attempt To Shame Attractive Young Leader’s Dance Video Backfires”

  2. JDHasty….That’s some fun stuff right there !!!

    The creepy pic of Her and naked Justin explains a lot.

  3. The problem that persists with this embisil, the same aflixion that affects Beat Off O’Raurk and Occasional what’s her ass, is that the left is all about cult of personality and compete to be the favored sycophant and each lefty follower wants to be first among the litany of fawning toadies and bootlickers.

    It’s an age old tale, The Emperor’s New Clothes was not the first time this dynamic has been addressed in literature.

  4. My husband is in Regina right now. They can’t stand Trudeau. They can’t wait for him to be gone. They hate the carbon tax. They say it’s killing them.
    But now the govt. is going to collect it from gas stations and power companies and people according to the size of their homes. If you have the public transportation available to you and you don’t use it you will be taxed.
    If you live in the rural areas you will get a rebate because public transportation isn’t available.
    None of the money goes to anything to do with climate or green energy. It’s just a money grab for the govt.

  5. I wonder how many Canadians have moved to the US or Australia out of shear embarrassment since Zoolander was elected?

  6. “Comments are disabled for this video.”

    Gee, I wonder why the comments were disabled? Maybe because he looks like a dancing monkey. Can anyone see our President acting like a fool like that? Nope, not Trump.

  7. I used to cringe whenever I saw stories like this but now I wish he’d do more of them and that they get more airplay. He has less then a year left in office before he and his party are destroyed at the polls. Then at long last he can disappear into the background and go back to his trustfund child existence.

  8. FCUK ..FCUK FCUK My whole family voted for this moron and they still look down their noses at me and call me an idiot. Ican only just stare. they look back and say well? Ispeak up ..cutlery hits the table hufffs puffs and i am alone with all the booze. then my nephew sneakks in and agrees with me. Drink up pal

  9. might just fly to mehico and walk right in!are you mexican? yea sure i am eh? sorry can i help sorry eh? yeah come on in. what is the temperature? 29 celcious.we got a canuk get here stat he has syrup!


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