He’s Going The Distance

“He was standing on a corner in flannel pajamas with his shirt open and touching himself. Then he just dropped his pants.”


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  1. BFH, your site is infected with phishing malware. It keeps redirecting me to a pop-up that says my phone is infected with multiple viruses from adult sites. Not that I don’t go to multiple adult websites, but your site is the only side that redirects me to this pop up. This is been going on for quite a while.

    On another note, is anyone else watching American horror story? This shot is comedy gold. Leftist neurosis at its finest. Irrational fears of clowns and trump all melted into one Homo-erotic fantasy slasher flick.

    The main character a married lesbian just said. “Because Barack was elected, it was like the universe righted itself.”

    OMG, this show is all about leftist irrational fear of Trump. Wrapped up into a slasher clown, butt sex, lefty fantasy. I guarantee you before this season is over there will be Beastiality blamed on Trump.

  2. Immediately after the commercial break the main character claims that she was “targeted” “Chased through the store with a knife.” “i’m not making it up!”

    The male lesbian just asked the female lesbian “when was the last time you came?”

    I guarantee you she’s going to fuck a clown before the series is over.

  3. OK, I’m only watching TV this late because I’m working an overnight shift for the client. But I may have to Watch this season of American horror story just to see Hollywood put a video description to “TURD.”

    Trump Unacceptance and Resistance Disorder

  4. So, there’s a mass murdering clown in the bedroom with the two lesbians. They run down to the kitchen and grab a knife. Wouldn’t it have just been easier to go to the closet and grab a shotgun and waste his lipstick wearing ass?

    The clowns, not the lesbians.

  5. This show has everything. Married lesbians, a married couple man and woman who are not sexual because he’s gay and she straight but they’re bestie’s from way back who have made a pact to get married if nobody wanted their crazy asses.

  6. That behavior is everyday fare in liberal controlled cities. Degenerates need to freely “express” themselves too.

    Parents have an monumental task shielding children from the ugly world of today. And the beat goes on.

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