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‘He’s Got to Leave’

Report — FBI Agents Have ‘Lost Confidence’ in Director Wray.


A number of FBI agents say they have “lost confidence” in Director Christopher Wray and are now calling for his resignation, according to a report.

Former FBI agent Kurt Siuzdak, an attorney who represents whistleblowers, said agents have told him they “feel like the director has lost control of the bureau,” the Washington Times reported.

“They’re saying, ‘How does this guy survive? He’s leaving. He’s got to leave,” Siuzdak added.

The report of Wray’s suffering reputation among rank-and-file agents comes just after senior FBI official Timothy Thibault left the bureau last week.

Thibault, who says he retired on his own accord, was facing numerous allegations, including from FBI whistleblowers, about displaying political bias on his social media, suppressing a line of investigation into Hunter Biden, inconsistently pursuing investigations, mishandling election-related matters, and inflating domestic violent extremism cases.

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), the lead Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, has fielded several FBI whistleblower allegations and was the first to shed light this year on some of those leveled against Thibault. MORE

12 Comments on ‘He’s Got to Leave’

  1. Easy solution. Turn in your gun and shield.

    If your boss is evil, incompetent, or both, and its no longer an honorable profession, why are you still there?

  2. Why, because he wasn’t able to keep all the crimes that FBI agents have committed hidden from public view?

  3. Fuck the FBI and all their ‘agents’ too. Buy guarding those pensions with their lives while America went down the tubes. Too little to late ‘whistleblowers’. Oh FCW and FJB too.

  4. Well, who wouldn’t sacrifice his country for a few dollars?

  5. Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t?

    With the current regime, we might get worse.

    I’m not lobbying for Wray, just sayin’.

  6. “A number…” yeah what exactly is that number? I saw 20!!! have been turned up by Captain Obvious(J Jordan) out of how many? Hannity says 99%+ are good guys so if those 20 are the 99% that means there are a total of 25 agents…hmmm doesn’t seem quite right.

    Actually there are about 35,000 agents in the FBI doing various things. So that 20 guys represents .06% of those agents.

    Yeah it’s a pretty staggering number all right but not for a good reason.

  7. Won’t be leaving anytime soon. Fitting that his appointee led the raid. Another box of Depends for Big Mac boy for he’s shittin himself real good.

  8. Finally lost confidence? They must be the dumbest humans on the planet! Anyone with an IQ above room temp lost confidence years ago.
    I haven’t seen any pictures- do they resemble Moe’s, Larry, & Curly?

  9. “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t?”

    I know that’s right. If you get rid of 92-5 Joe Isuzu, they’ll end up confirming some marxist Shrikathong Jammadugu 99-1.

  10. Dabe, you should steer clear of “Depends” and “shittin himself real good” when you’re trying to troll for Biden. Just a thought.

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