He’s Still Available, NFL

I have another piece on American Thinker. This one addresses the currently unemployed Colin Kaepernick and the team I think would be perfect for him.


Update: They are saying that Kaepernick was paid only a measly $39.4 million of his seven year $125 million contract with San Francisco before leaving for greener pastures.  Here

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  1. How many people have to hurt by this piece of shit before sanity comes back? Fans are going to boycott again this year because of he and his sycophants. The the dumbest of the dumbest blacks are screaming racism. After the NFL has been fighting hard to hire talented blacks and paying them millions. Yep. Sure sounds like slavery to me. Go ahead and strike dumb ass blacks. It’s your money, your jobs, your security. And you want to give some of that up for what?

  2. He’s had so tough, on paid $39 million. She most likely flushed that in the off season. If I never hear anything else about Pooperdeck it will be too soon.

  3. Take this bit of advice from BFH, Dr. Tar.
    You cannot do a snarky article that is filled with delicious irony unless you are fully aware that SOME PEOPLE ARE FUCKING STUPID.

    Some of the commenters at American Thinker are embarrassingly dumb, saying Tar’s “idea” is a slap in the face, and he’s a SJW himself, yada yada yada,
    not at all getting the point of the article- that it would be a existential dilemma for SJWs if Kaepernick actual wore a jersey that said “Redskins.”

    It’s actually soul sapping for me to see this level of stupidity because I like satire and irony and it’s depressing to have to explain yourself when you create a scathing piece.

  4. From Fur: “…it would be a existential dilemma for SJWs…”

    Dude, they wouldn’t recognize one of those if it punched ’em right in the snot locker. These folks are shallow. They need their direction and cause de jure handed to them in small, easily chanted phrases.

  5. I found the same thing troubling BFH and I can’t seem to get in to their comments to answer back.

    Sad, I thought the crowd over there was at least as bright as those here. I was wrong, the readers here are the best.

  6. Los Vegas Raiders coach JACK DEL RIO sorta kinda talked tough on his player Marshawn Lynch not standing for the national anthem, but then backed down like a little bitch and let the insubordination continue.

    “TEAM ACTIVITIES” includes standing with your team. (ya bunch of dummies)

  7. If some of the NFL players want not to stand during the national anthymn then let them. Only they wouldn’t be allowed onto the field until the anthymn was finished then they would be allowed to run/slink onto the field. Hell, the league could create a code of conduct for all teams (I suspect they may already have one) that binds a player, coach and any on field staff to standing when the anthymn is played. Anyone not standing would be subject to a huge fine or immediate and unpaid suspension.

    On another note, I read the story at the link to Kaepernick’s contract and I bet the infamous kneeling incident and subsequent statements about cops and racism were just a contract tactic knowing he was going to be cut.

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