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#Heterosexual Pride Day Declared On Twitter

As we near the end of LGBT Pride month, some wag on Twitter thought it would be clever to declare yesterday #Heterosexual Pride Day.  The storm of virtue signals took over Twitter and became the top treading item of the day.

I don’t know which is more pathetic, the geniuses that thought this would be oh, so ironic or the idiots that were uncontrollably compelled to complain that “Everyday is Heterosexual Day.”

You know, perhaps the LGBT community would benefit on a day of self reflection.  They could contemplate why so many people utterly reject their perverted lifestyle or visualize what it would be like to live in a place where their deviance isn’t tolerated.  Perhaps they’d like to advocate against those who see fit to execute members of their community at every opportunity?

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11 Comments on #Heterosexual Pride Day Declared On Twitter

  1. It is never about equal treatment it is always about special (better) treatment.
    There is no struggle being gay anymore. There is no angst in coming out, it is celebrated and applauded. And they feel like their party month has been hijacked by corporations and outside interests. So kudos to the person that sent them over the edge with what was probably a sarcastic joke.

  2. I thought it was humorous, a push-back against the faggots et al who want to flaunt their pervy lifestyle in everyone else’s faces and demand special treatment and non-existent rights.

    Those who want to live their lifestyle quietly and politely, I have no problem. The rest, meh, not so much.

  3. Why do we only get one day?
    I propose we have heterosexual pride years.

  4. And they throw another hissy fit as they are interrupted in their social media makeover. Settle down gals, no one cares.

  5. “Gay Pride Parade”
    “Man, I’m proud of your ASS!”
    “I know you are.”

    Those people are SICK.

  6. They’re angry about heterosexual pride day? Be a big boy, and suck it up – oops!

  7. Sign/banner for Heterosexual Pride parade:

    FOR 40,000 YEARS


  9. 3.2.1…Someone’s going to be fired over this one. Just watch, it’s gonna happen.

  10. P^&&Y, its whats for dinner!
    The breakfast of Champions
    Just what the naughty doctor ordered
    The reason the ‘Others’ are all pissed is because they recognize their own biological inefficiency and long for the days when they too, were normal.

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