Hey Conservatives- Wonder Why You’re Being Crapped On By Youtube?

Guess who YouTube uses to comb through content looking for stuff to demonetize and/or dump off the site?

No, not Snopes.




The Southern Poverty Law Center is assisting YouTube in policing content on their platform, The Daily Caller has learned.

The left-wing nonprofit — which has more recently come under fire for labeling legitimate conservative organizations as “hate groups” — is one of the more than 100 nongovernment organizations (NGOs) and government agencies in YouTube’s “Trusted Flaggers” program, a source with knowledge of the arrangement told TheDC.


As I always say, if we could magically create a new platform that could rival FB, Twitter, Google and Youtube, it would be completely apolitical, AS IT SHOULD BE.

I would not wield the ban hammer against the left, because that wouldn’t be in keeping with American values.

The left does not share AMERICAN values.

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  1. It’s stunning that Liberals lack the IQ to understand that they are being set up… set up as America’s Nazis !
    Sometimes when your deep int’o something, it’s hard understand what that something has become, until you step back and take a breath or two.

  2. Not posting any YouTube links here anymore, until YouTube gets out from under SPLC. I guess the SPLC threatened to list YouTube as a hate group if it kept posting stuff SPLC didn’t like. And then SPLC generously volunteered its censor services so YouTube would always be on the right side of SPLC history.

    BTW, if anybody uses Lyft…

    “Lyft is partnering with the Southern Poverty Law Center to protect drivers from white supremacists.”


  3. Thirdtwin
    “Not posting any YouTube links here anymore”

    But you’ll post a Google link (google owns youtube) that is a redirect to another site, giving google a link and traffic, when you could have just linked thehill.com directly.

  4. It would be great if there were a viable alternative to YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Right now, any product that exists to replace them does not have the popularity to reach our intended viewers. If we just want to “preach to the choir”, then any ‘conservative’ platform is a valid option. But many conservatives want to reach more than our fellow brethren. We want to reach the fence sitters, the people who just may be convinced that we have a valid position.

    And the rabid left? We want them to suffer the stings of our superior wit and logic as they are ridiculed beyond endurance.

    We have to fight the left on their terms until they crawl away, bloodied and humiliated. If we win some, yea; but we have to not surrender. Moving to a platform that allows us our voice will not help us win.

    I see good in having both. We post the same message to both conservative and left dominated platforms. Conservatives receive encouragement and news that they wouldn’t get elsewhere and the left receives our wrath.

    Let’s not be French and wave the white flag. I don’t want to be a surrender monkey.

  5. As I always say, if we could magically create a new platform that could rival FB, Twitter, Google and Youtube, it would be completely apolitical, AS IT SHOULD BE.

    I would not wield the ban hammer against the left, because that wouldn’t be in keeping with American values.

    That is true. Bear in mind though, the maxim that any organization or entity not explicitly maintained as conservative will, over time, skew left. So let ’em in, but mock the ever-loving hell out of them. At the very least.

  6. Someone should create a billboard for republicans to basically write anything for other republicans.
    I’m an electrical engineer and we have a private web site to leave comments on for other EE.
    You can look up alphabetically,by email or subject matter
    Remember jornolist? Like that.

  7. apologies beforhand for somehow believing this thread might be a discussion, rather than a ‘quip post’. after a few libations I tend to go all philosophical.

    looking at the posts it seems to be divided into 2 camps: those that want to break away from the fascist censorship of ‘social media’ & find alternative & those that want to fight within the ‘system’ to change it. both arguments have their merits (if I close one eye & put my foot on the floor to keep the couch from spinning!)

    I confess, I do not Fakebook or Twitter (never have, & don’t intend to anytime soon). I no longer use Google as a search engine (not because it’s not a great search engine; it is … as long as you only want to search subject knowledge that they agree with …. & there’s that little nag about them collecting everything you post & selling your queries), there are sufficient alternatives that do not have the ‘need’ to sway you to their personal biases. I also confess that my nose is not firmly planted in my smartphone, as I rapidly thumb-away to people I really don’t want to communicate to by actually talking or meeting face-to-face. actually, I do not have a smartphone. I still use a flip-phone (commonly refered to as a Jack Bauer, or Burner phone) … my mom never calls … lol. I am also trying to go around Amazon (an admitted vice) & go directly to the companies that I want to deal with & cut out the middle-man.

    back to the subject. ‘fighting from the inside’ is the method of partisans & terrorists. this method works in the short run, but the powers-that-be decide the issue, by either supporting or suppressing the rebels; without support few rebels survive (reference US Civil War). Star Wars still isn’t resolved! 😉 . breaking away & using alternative methods seems more akin to what the rebels did to the greatest power on earth back in the late 1700’s. they didn’t use the King’s methods, they rebelled. they threw out the King’s Governers, they harassed his tax collectors, they dumped the tea in the harbor & said ‘phuck it; we’ll drink coffee!’

    I have read few books on strategy & tactics that espoused the tactic that we should fight the enemy on ‘their terms’. fighting them on their terms & continuing to give them $$$, (in the form of actual monetary transactions, advertisement linking, or click-bait) to me, is not a winning strategy. Most armies that fight the enemy’s fight lose.

    maybe I’m taking this to extremes, but today I see shit weasels like Dick’s (appropriate name, huh?) winning against the 2nd Amendment due to a tragedy that had nothing to do w/ the NRA. This is nothing more than an incrimental step into making the 2nd Amendment irrelevant. They are turning the purchase of guns into what abortions, porn, drugs were years ago; back-alley purchases that ‘decent society’ would have nothing to do with … only ‘trash’ would look for such a thing. (funny, those are legal & ok, by today’s standards & guns are bad). What does it matter if you have a right, given to you at birth, the ability to defend yourself from all enemies, foreign & domestic when you have been denied the ability to do so by the goverance of ‘democracy’?

    you want to fight ‘from within’? … go for it … myself, I’ll probably continue to fight from without … it’s not a big thing to not employ the stilted crap of what passes today as ‘social media’ (saves me a lot of $ too!) …… anyone that fights ‘the power’ is fighting the good fight.
    as in all counter-revolutions, it’s an uphill climb ….ya want to sell it to the millenials? … we are the counter-revolutionaries of this millenia … the few that actually think will get it

    as long as I have iOTW I consider myself well-adjusted … maybe just a bit better adjusted? not sure what that means for the rest of ya

  8. Welllll…

    I could get my 14 yr old to write an app for iotwr.
    All it would do is refresh the mobile page, say once every 5 hours, or more if you are on the move. Because when you are on the move, your geographical location changes that alters the ads displayed giving iotwr a more diverse set of ads to serve which means more money.
    Hey, it’s their system and we can play it too. BFH would make like 300 more dollars a year.

  9. Facebook too. Zuckerberg has decided to have his algorithms rewritten. So now you won’t see most of the posts from certain pages you’ve liked. Some are going out of business. Anything Trump is being suppressed. He is protecting the sensitive libs from the truth and views of conservative sites. It will be up to individuals to repost news from reliable sources and go around Zuckerberg’s attempts at censoring.

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