Hey de Blasio, stop f—king with the truth!


An early TV game show, “Truth or Consequences,” aimed to spoof contestants with zany stunts and surprises. It was all good fun, and even the losers came out winners.

deblasio 2

Something similar is happening in New York, minus the fun. Truth is trashed everywhere, but there are no consequences — for now.

Not long ago, the report in Sunday’s Post that top educrats often changed Regents test scores so failing students could pass would have sparked outrage and calls for an investigation. This time, Mayor de Blasio treated it as business as usual.

“This is a process that is done from time to time. It is not an unusual process,” he said.

It’s certainly not unusual in his administration, which is zealously erasing inconvenient facts wherever they are found and substituting a pretend reality. Take the legislation de Blasio signed the other day that forbids employers from asking about a job seeker’s criminal history before making a conditional offer.


4 Comments on Hey de Blasio, stop f—king with the truth!

  1. When was de Blasio EVER accused of “telling the truth?”

    Or even “speaking facts,” for that matter?

  2. He’s actually proud of ruling over a sea of illiterate dumbasses!

    Dictators are like this. They don’t care how stupid, sick, broke, criminal the people they rule are, so long as they’re ruling those people. Deblasio is mentally defective. Criminal.

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