Hey Ellen Degeneres – Why Aren’t You Interviewing These Two Heroes?

GRAPHIC VIDEO: Liquor store owner recounts robbery that led to shooting

Hey @EllenD_world (Ellen Degeneres)
Why don’t you have these TWO AMAZING BRAVE HEROES on your show?
Tina Ring and her daughter, Ashley Lee.
These two women fought off and shot an armed robber FOUR TIMES. The VIDEO is HARROWING but it will leave you cheering!
Where is the mainstream media showing this video of TWO TRUE HEROES?

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18 Comments on Hey Ellen Degeneres – Why Aren’t You Interviewing These Two Heroes?

  1. I was waiting for someone to post this. Worst gun handling I’ve EVAH seen. But, they ruled the day. They won. Give teachers guns. Students lives are not the only ones threatened.

  2. Harrowing is right! I don’t like watching stuff like this, but I did watch it. Despite the headline, I was sure the guy was going to kill both the women when he came back and they were behind the counter.

  3. Saw this earlier and truly enjoyed it. This must be what they mean by “mother/daughter” porn. Had to watch it several times for full satisfaction. Will have to introduce these girls to a real man-sized caliber tool, however!

    All kidding aside, Good Job ladies. Have you ever thought of becoming Broward County deputies?

  4. Good turn out in the end. When you make the decision to shoot, empty that sucker. That semi-auto the one gal had was way to heavy with ammo when this was over.

  5. I’ve been thinking about giving teachers guns.. do yo really want to arm the teachers that are teaching our kids the constitution is outdated, that you cant use the word man in mankind, capitalism sucks and Bernie Sanders is a real man?? Lets employee vets only!

  6. Tell you, what, Pink…that last round the younger female put in him put that boy in a HUGE hurt locker! Point blank in the kidney is always a heavy bleed out! No great loss though!
    AWESOME job, ladies!

  7. JTucker, do you really think that these types of teachers will want to carry? most of them are afraid to touch a firearm. Here in Arkansas, the legislature recently passed an enhanced conceal carry law, which allow us to carry on a college campus. The liberal instructors where I teach all have their pussies in a twist, especially the guys. One has threatened to leave the day that people begin to carry on campus. My response? Well, bye!

  8. Scumbagtube keeps pulling down the videos of that shooting. Scumbagtube and scumbaggoogle need to be sued and broken up in an antitrust lawsuit by scumbaglawyers.

  9. They got lucky with that one gun being unloaded. Black lives don’t matter, at least these two ladies took it seriously! Good on them.

  10. The video shows why you always unload on the perp. It is also a lesson in the worthlessness of small caliber pistols. 40 or 45 with hollow points would have been way more handy.

  11. They survived, but that could have gone the other way.
    I’d hate to get bonked in the head with my own handgun. Mere possession of a firearm is not enough to face an armed threat.

    Get some training, ladies.

  12. I know an ER physician in Miami who’s also a longtime civilian gun owner.
    His ER experiences over the years have convinced him that any caliber less than a .45 HP is not a stopper. He started out owning a .380 and upgraded to 9mm then to .40.
    Then a perp came into his ER with multiple .40 wounds, walking in under his own power.

    Good for these ladies. Every store owner should see this.

  13. Actually, even a .45 will not do the job if it’s just a full metal jacket non hollow point of just a wad cutter. Both will just go right through and not leave the impact of a high quality hollow point. The right ammo is crucial.


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