Hey, Germany! Help a sister out.

Worthy rant by fed up German woman.

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Original video here

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  1. This lady is of the German stock that I admire.
    She will not be silenced by merkel’s unrestrained islamic invasion and the failed government that allows it.

    I pray for those in Germany who speak the truth.

  2. I made it to about three minutes. Does she ever call the problem by name. Maybe she should start there. And the men should be out buying baseball bats.

  3. “[W]e now have the opportunity to be loud. Not violent, I refuse that. But we do have a voice.”

    Well… some gods’ speed with that.

  4. NO, B_B, she didn’t because (maybe you don’t know) Germany does not have Freedom of Speech as we do and, in fact to the contrary, have recently enacted laws punishing those who speak too “freely” against muzzies. So NO, she didn’t, but now you know “why.”

  5. Czar

    I do know. But if the get organized in mass, they suddenly have freedom of speech. The baseball bats will be mandatory. But this womans so passive obviously she’s no quite there yet. Maybe after shes raped.

  6. First–“I can’t do anything”. You just did, you spoke up.

    But then– “We must respond. But not violent. I don’t want violence”. Go sit in the corner and await your turn honey. YOU’RE DONE.

    SO SAD.

  7. I also sense the woman’s nervousness, timidness, B_B.
    But no weapons are allowed at such organized events.

    Yes, it’s disturbing to me her vid is more a cry of weakness and desperation; she has Mutti Merkel to thank for that…as well as the stupid voters that *still* voted for pro-invasion Parties (READ: all except AfD).

  8. TO JB B
    You’re applying American standards to Germany…wrong.
    For better or worse (mostly worse) they depend on the State (whether Federal, State or local) for protection.
    Used to work very well for decades.
    Now, the police look the other way or claim ignorance (as she accurately states in the vid).
    Yes, we would handle it differently.

  9. @JB Books January 30, 2018 at 8:09 pm

    > Go sit in the corner and await your turn honey.
    A reasonable plan.

    > YOU’RE DONE.
    Probably. But not assured.

    The aphorism about the difference between a moderate Muslim and a radical Islamist does not deny it’s widom to the kafir.

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