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Hey Guys! What Game Are We Playing?

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  1. Saw that earlier…it was a good laugh!

  2. Looking for a ball and someone to play. I have a border collie, the only reason people come to our house is to throw the ball.

  3. An oldie, but a goodie…

    Clinton Doc; My gosh man! What happened to your johnson??

    Bill: Ah been sticking it in beans.

    Clintons Doc: What kind of beans?

    Bill: Hooman Beans!

  4. What would we do without happy dogs who just want to play? My blonde border collie Kirby is a 9-month-old dog dynamo. He has more energy than any dog that I have ever had and is extremely smart and herds his people and things and runs around with endless energy chasing after anything and everything that moves, including watching planes when they fly over my house. He’ll probably be my last dog, but I need him to keep me busy as well. And hallelujah Gonzaga University beat UCLA at the last second (again) 79-76 to advance to the elite 8 in NCAA men’s basketball. It looked very doubtful when I gave up during the 2nd half and went to bed early expecting them to lose and the cardiac kids pulled it out of their hat and won. Hot diggety dog!

  5. President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

    With a tail wagging like that, he’s telegraphing that he wants to play.
    Who’s a good dog?

  6. You’re right, I hate it when companies call their Staff “Team”

    If it was a team, there would be a whole bunch of Bunnies trying to sleep with the staff NOT Bang them with a gun.

    Reporters & Swag Too!

  7. Big dog wants to play with the cats (pussies).

  8. Ghost of Burner MARCH 24, 2023 AT 8:15 AM

    Thread Winner!

    Manly men who can’t read the dog’s physical demeanor.

  9. Metrosexuals.
    If any of them have a man card they need to turn it in right now.

  10. And I always thought that metrosexuals were guys and gals who had sex in the tiny back seat of an old Nash Metro or a Geo Metro.

  11. I don’t know if you guys know this, but pits will wag their tail the whole time they are mauling you. Those guys have obviously had real life experiences with pits.


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