Hey, Haven’t Seen You In A While. How’s It Going?


Grool, please check in.
He said:

“Hello. I had a heart calcium scan done in early July.
It came back 0% (keto diet for the win). However, a spot was found in each lung. Probably nothing, never smoked. But I’ll have a CAT scan done in December to see if there’s any growth. If not, fine. If yes, I go home to be with the Lord soon, which is far better. Either way, I’m just doing a bit of re-prioritizing. Thank you for asking.”

How are the rest of you doin’?

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  1. Had an unexpected heart attack I apparently was lucky to survive and a stent installed. Feeling almost normal for first time is several months.

    Texted my daughter from ICU about my heart…not. one. word. Shes graduated with a useless degree and has now become an antifa-addled know-it-all, far too enlightened to deign communicate with her dad.

  2. Oh, I should have mentioned that Grool’s comment was on the BluesJunky thread last week or so, and it was stuck in the stupid comment filter last week. So he may not know that it posted.
    Anyway, just wanted to get an update on the sitchashen. 🙂

  3. MJA, thank you for asking. Doing mostly okay, back is a bit sore, and glad I haven’t had to run over any peaceful protesters yet.

  4. Oh hey, did you hear AMC theaters is going to sell 15 cent movie tickets for one day? I think on their anniversary- Aug 15th.
    I would imagine popcorn would be $10 a bucket and drinks are $7. lol.

  5. If Bad_Brads comments show up then there ain’t a comment filter…..It’s a joke….just funnin’, no worries meant….just good hearted attempt at humor…..I apologize on the souls of my relations yet to be born….NO, really I’m sorry….forget I posted this….

    Edit: Not really. I might have been joking….

  6. …grool was really Bible centered and was a great voice for the Lord here, and I do miss the wisdom. Benito the Bombed Beaner is missed as well, could always count on him for humor, wisdom, and prayer on request every time. The Good General hasn’t been around, and I don’t remeber seeing 99th Squad Leader lately…

  7. Grool, also had a calcium scan that came back at a value of 600, but my doc & cardiologist said it means nothing as the scan doesn’t tell your where the deposits are located. That scan, however, did also show a spot on my lung. Went to a lung guy. He ordered a more detailed scan to determine actual size for ongoing growth comparison. Also stated I needed either a nuclear PET scan or a needle biopsy to determine malignant or not. I opted for needle biopsy. Well, had the biopsy, which was guided by a scan of some sort. I then waited for the result, My long guy told me the doc doing the biop “missed” the mark, so either another biopsy or nuclear PET scan. I went PET this time. Supposedly the scan will color code a malignancy. I probably glowed in the dark while waiting for the results. Results came back negative. Lung doc had me do a CT scan every 6 months for two years to check growth rate. I had no growth. Doc declared it as an inconsequential lesion. I asked if all those CTs plus PET would increase my cancer risk, he said yeah, but probably not for 20 years, which means it doesn’t matter at my age. Oh, I forgot to mention, that was five years ago. Good luck to you.

  8. I’m doing as well as can be expected, living in a state with a governor who’s “a white Obama in a fat suit”. Loved that!

  9. While not as serious, I asked my barber if I needed a haircut… The test results are pending

  10. I’m glad to report that there’s at least one part of me that’s working perfectly! My left knee is rock solid, pain free, and has full range of motion. It’s made of titanium. LOL

    Of an OFWG, I’m doing well. In fact, Tuesday is Florida Primary election day, and I get to play Deputy at a nearby precinct polling location. When I signed up, I thought that Deputy was just an otherwise meaningless bureaucratic title. NOPE! For that day only, and for purposes of state election law only, I’ll be an actual deputy sheriff.


    I have absolutely no intention of acting in any ways other than the ways I usually do, but I will be in charge of keeping things orderly. I don’t expect that to be a challenge in an area filled with people mostly older than my own 71 years.

  11. I’ve muddling through a 2 week patch of insomnia. Can’t seem to sleep without resorting to Benadryl. Not sure why, deadlines, new meds or the state of the country. If I think BFH might be awake then I know I’m up way too late.

  12. Well, we got back from a great road trip and met some great iOTWers saw some AMAZING American landscapes.

    Now, I am in quarantine jail for one more week, before a full return back to work.

    And when we got home, the stove, fridge and upstairs t-stat all went fully sour!

    We have our health and great trip memories, so we’re solid.

    Best to Grool and any others feeling…sore. Physically OR mentally!

  13. Great news, I got a release from my Dr. to go back to work and took it into work this morning. It looks like I’ll be back delivering flowers on the 24th, local Spokane area and Coeur ‘d Alene, Id. only and no more long trips to Montana. Wish me luck, it’s been nearly 4 months since I last worked. The company is doing very well even with the wu flu pandemic which is good for them as well as for our customers and myself as well.

  14. Illustr8r — insomnia here, too. I fall asleep in about 5 minutes but wake up in an hour and that’s it. Toss and turn and think for the next 5-6 hours, then I fall asleep for a couple hours and run out of gas about 2:30 in the afternoon. This is for the birds. Hope your sleep troubles disappear soon.

    LOL! I’m now down to random YT videos in the early hours. Last night it was the History of Blues (music), and for whatever reason I’m obsessed with the history of Lynyrd Skynyrd and their music. Ask me anything! I’m most surprised at how articulate Van Zant was in an interview. And I do not understand how the resurrected LS band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Sure, there were some of the original band members, but I think they gave awards to the new people, too.

    Another topic I’ve explored thoroughly is the history of 19th C. women’s clothing construction. Fascinating; especially their undergarments. All that junk we’ve been told about corsets and squeezing women’s internal organs is a lot of bunk. Apparently they were quite comfortable. They were built to fit the woman’s actual size and accentuate (build out) the bust in order to give her that waspy silhouette, not pinch her waistline in. If anyone’s interested in watching a master dressmaker in action, check out Bernadette Banner on YT.

  15. Forgot to mention we made it to the Field of Dreams, movie fame and…….the Buddy Holly, Big Bopper and Richie Valenzuela airplane crash site. Gulp.

    The former was off the charts and the latter was NOT planned and very SURREAL experience in the middle of no where in a corn field, in Clear Lake, Iowa, a simple memorial for a young man that changed rock.

    Not Fade Away, Buddy Holly, 1957

    @MJA – well, YOU asked! :>)

  16. Finished 6 three day rounds of chemo then 10 hits totaling 3k Grays of radiation on my brain two weeks ago today. Lost 99% of my hair, but am now devastated that my ear pierce for earrings is closing up. Granny needs to wear earrings since she is bald.

    Not pushing up daisies yet, but hate watching myself decompose. Worse yet, compared to cancer is this wuFlu lockdown crap and the politics of the Marxists.


  17. MJA, thanks for asking. Great to be me. Good health, happily married for 40 years, and set to retire at the end of the year with a long list of wanna do’s. Knock wood. There’s stuff I could whinge about but I’d mostly be makin’ crap up. Counting my blessings every day

  18. Well since you asked: Two weeks ago I get a call from a PI, asking me if I was related to so-and-so. I told him yes, that’s my sister. He said that the ***** County was looking for a relative of the deceased who passed away in May. No one knew since she’s been estranged from the family for many years. Next day, I get a call from the morgue and the Deputy Dawg told me that I had to go claim her body and to bring $3,000 to cover the cost of the autopsy, and cremation. WHAT? I told them to get in touch with her older brother or her mother, she’s still living. I gave them their name and phone number, I wasn’t forking out $3,000 for anyone, relative or not. My brother got stuck with it. What’s karma, is he despised her. /end of rant

    Everyone wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die.

    On that note MJA, the keto diet is the best diet for losing weight and controlling blood sugar. Don’t worry about the spots on your lungs, you’ll be okay.

    P.S. In case you’re wondering how she died, she was a long time alcoholic and abused drugs.

  19. @Ghost is anyone writing up an iOTWr Meet and Greet Trip report to share? We’d love to hear about the who, what and when (with pixelated photos of course)!

  20. MJA, thank you. I now live solely to nullify my daughters’ vote at each election. Haven’t missed any election since 1980.

  21. To those suffering with insomnia, give a good form of magnesium a try(not oxide). Take some an hour or so before bedtime.

  22. Hmmm, for those who mentioned you had a CACS (coronary artery calcium scan) I think you were either reassured by a low score, or are doing what you can do to halt future increase, and thereby extend your life. I also think for a cardiologist to say the scan tells him nothing about where the calcium is – is bs. Find a new guy that knows what he’s doing.

    However, I have generally been opposed to those people who are encouraging people to go get a CACS just so they’ll know if they have calcium blockages.

    Long before I was born people figured out ionizing radiation is damaging to your cells, increased exposure increases your chances of getting cancer. But they also realized the use of radiation can also do a lot of good things for us. A way had to be found to allow us to benefit from its use while also minimizing risk to the population as a whole. Thus it was decided to create a system to keep the average exposure of the whole population low by allowing people who work around radiation to receive a little higher radiation dose, to be offset by keeping radiation dose to everyone else extra low. I was one of those radiation workers for 38 years. 4.5 years on nuclear power reactors in the USN and thirty-four years working on medical diagnostic x-ray machines, primarily cardio labs. But not CAT scanners.

    Getting a CACS done just to know if or how much calcium blockage you might have, without some previous test indicating you really need to know. Or the current practice of x-raying travelers in airports violates the system to keep average or mean effective dose to the whole population extra low. With higher average dose we are likely to see an increase in the average number of cancers.

    So yeah, getting a radiation dose for a CACS of up to about 5mSv (5 mRem) is fairly low, [I think, about the equivalent to 10 chest x-ray exams] is less risky than having your chest cut open or having a heart attack. Or the increased average dose may lower the risk of airline travel by a bit of radiation that might discover a terrorist than was planning to blow up your airplane. But I have not yet read of any terrorist being discovered among the thousands of travelers who have been x-rayed at air ports. The practice does increase the average radiation dose being received by the whole population. It’s a balance of one risk vs another risk. Have an unexpected heart attack, be blown up in the sky vs increased chance of higher cancer rates from the increase of average radiation dose received by the general population.

  23. @Illustr8r – yeah thanks for asking, I was going to send C the photos of the meets and greets, and let her pixelate away!

    Charlie WalksonWater
    PHenry (we missed Hanoverfist by a day!)
    Lil Morphin Annie
    (Wanted to make it to systematically confused, but he was too far west. That is on another trip to the Butte area).


    We plan on going on MORE trips in the next few years ‘before the band disbands’, but for those on the west coast?? Sorry! (I have family in Eugene and Scaramento, but, well whatever…)

    What is the iOTW phone @BFH, like the Bat Signal??

  24. I’ve been nearly swamped with car shit lately… some elective, some not. First it was the IAC on the Dodge, then a brake line burst on the Dodge, then the fuel pump died on the C320 (which wasn’t the fuel pump, but a burned up connection in the rear SAM), then I changed the fuel filter in the C320, then the AC compressor died on the Dodge — so it was receiver, compressor renewed, flush, and fill with 134 and oil, then I did the timing set on the Dodge, then I did cap/rotor/wires on the Dodge, then the parking brakes went out on the C320 — so rotors off and shoes adjusted (yes, you have to remove the rotors to set the shoes).

    Then the start/ run cap on the house AC died. Then the well pump start/run cap died on the well. Then I tore out the shower and put in a tub in the shithouse.

    I’m not whining, just glad I know how to do all this shit…

  25. Thanks for asking. Timing is everything in my life, as I was just this very afternoon talking to my daughter about this site and how it feels like I know so many of you. Sort of a mini family group. She was impressed. As much as I love this site, I don’t want to have it grow so that we lose that close touch.

    I am doing fine. The typical aches and pains of age, but I am blessed in so many ways, no way will I complain.

    I wake up each morning and thank my creator God for the day ahead, and ask him to send the Holy Spirit to help me deal with whatever comes my way. Great way to begin, before I ever get out of bed.

    I live in a small (really small) village and our local Anglican church has been sold, and per church rules, the altar and baptismal font needed to be burnt (or buried, so thankful neither was stone!). There’s been mental sadness over the whole process, yet so many of our treasured worship items have gone to new churches here in Northern Ontario, so because of that, there are times of great thankfulness.

    I am not too sure where I will be worshiping yet when the local (45 min. or 1hr. drive away) reopen in September. But, I have some work to do on something I can offer here in my Village, as I am a Christian Spiritual Director, and have been doing that work for over 10 years.

    Feeling like Supernightshade, as this is getting kind of long, but like I said, I feel comfortable here.

    Blessings and Grace to all of you.

  26. @ MJA

    Nice thread MJA. Thank you. Appreciate hearing for people we haven’t heard from in a while and learning what peeps have been up to.’

  27. I like to hear what people have been doing, too.

    When I was on Facecrack 90 some percent of my posts were automotive wrenching know-hows (and failures with an explanation of how NOT to fail), and other around the house how to diagnose and fix shit. I do miss that part.

    Apparently I have helped 6800 people with some articles on Fixya. Which amazes me. I should have done more write-ups. I did shit on NFPA rules for coal and wood burners, ALDL sensor attributes, carbuettor tuning, TB synchronizing, closed loop map tuning, dry clutch tuning…

    I used to be a helpful guy. I’m not sure what happened. 🙂

    Anyway, if any of you have a car problem, feel free to ask some questions. I don’t know everything, and I will ask a ton of questions, but usually we can get to the bottom of it even when I’m 1500 miles away.

  28. I’m here, Supernightshade. Thanks for looking out for me, brother. I really enjoy reading your comments, btw. They are filled with spiritual wisdom – very inspiring and informative. You are a gifted writer.
    Haven’t commented much lately because I’m working long hours. IOTWr is awesome and I miss being here regularly since I’m so busy right now.
    In reference to the topic of this thread, I’m doing ok, despite the discomfort, aches and pains of some chronic conditions I deal with, my health is good – in general. There are some very brave IOTWrers who are facing incredible health challenges, like the big “C” and my heart and prayers go out to you all.
    As SNS knows, things in life can be overwhelming, but faith in Christ keeps me going. His love for me is real and comforting.
    It’s also comforting to have a place for like minded people to share and support each other. Thank you, BFH.

  29. C’mon man! thas a queschun? Are ;you a junkie?
    Well, since ya axed, everything is be like ……. uhh … y’know …. and …… well …… ICE CREAM! Skwrils don’t eat ice cream, do they? Many peopel cna’t tell the difrence between a lion and a rinoserus ….. and then .. it was like …….. y[‘know? So, C’mon, Man!

  30. Good morning, 99th Squad Leader, glad you saw this and are still here, your comments are always good and you are one of the Lord’s warriors when a thread starts to run away from Him where you speak His Word and bring things back on track. I appreciate that, I suspect we all do.

    Thank you for your kind words, but anything good in me is Him seen through me. I’m just the doofus who cusses too much and talks too long, no more than a broken vessel He can sometimes employ to His purposes as He can do anything WITH anything.

    Glad you’re employed (maybe too much) and able to do your work, aches and pains notwithstanding, may Jesus touch you and give you the same strengh I pray for every day to be able to go one more day, and for my wife and son and with my wife, who suffers me to wake her up around 0500 to do so. May the same Lord who strenghtens me, strenthen you.

    “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”
    Philippians 4:13

    Hate to ask for something when you’re so busy, but please pray for me and mine, as we are enduring a test of faith.

    I was hesitant to post this for reasons you’ll see, but since this thread is old, hopefully few but you will see it, as it is NOT what I wanted to post here on the outcomes of things I’ve been asking posters to help pray for. I am hoping the Lord leads you back to see this as you posted so late last night, maybe to see if there’s a response, but few others do I wish to see this, but if they do, they do. I can tell nothing but the truth, whether I want to or not.

    I was hoping I’d have a mighty praise report for the four things that happened this week, but it was not the Lord’s will. Last week at this time, there was a man in my church who had been suffering from leukeima that was hospitalized and later diagonsed (maybe falsely, who knows) with COVID, and was locked in a hospital, but seemed to be getting better. My wife had an aunt in a nursing home who had a stroke but was hanging on, an uncle who had no problems but old age who was married to that aunt, and a young cousin of hers (30) who was also a dear friend of my son’s and was living in CA with no apparent problems.

    Monday was our 24th anniversary, which we weren’t able to do very much becuase my wife had stepped on a landscape nail the previous week, but I stayed home so we could be together for it and try to have a nice time.

    And in the space of 24 hours starting that morning, the man from my Church had died, her Aunt had died, her cousin in CA had a heat stroke and was found unconcious and blue in a shower for an unknown time and was taken to the hospital brain dead, and her uncle had a heart attack and was recusitated by his daughter and taken to the hospital, also brain dead.

    Side note: I kind of expected the last one. The years that I ran squad I saw many times with long term marrieds where a surviving spouse would quickly follow one who dies of a long-term illness, like they only stayed alive to care for them or that they literally couldn’t go on without them. More common with men than women, but goes both ways.

    Anyway, I asked on these pages before and on that day that the Lord move on these, change them, reverse the course of Man’s medicine to do that Man said was impossible, and get Him glory by doing that which could ONLY come from him.

    In the case of the two with no brain activity, it would have been particularly sweet as neither family knew the Lord, and had their loved one revived, it would have been a great banner for them to flock to. We tried to lead them to His side, but one family was agnositc and one daughter has defied God before, which I’m sure didn’t help.

    In any case, it was not to be. Both were dead in body as well by Friday.

    Lots of funerals to consider, lots of mouring to do, lots of flowers to send and burials to pay for. My wife and son and mother-in-law (the uncle was her brother, and the 30 year old her great nephew) are in shock and mouring today, as the first of the services takes place, in this Democrat-fouled universe where satan’s minions limit even the numbers of those who can celebrate a life at its passing together. The wife is in the Bible looking for a reason, but the Spirit has been silent in me so I’ve been mostly useless as I too look for a reason, and our house of worship remains closed for COVID concerns due to that man and others from there testing positive so we can’t even pray corporately excpect in the cold medium of text messages.

    Praying and trying to understand while continuing to work because I was out for 4 weeks for a knee surgery at one stretch and 2 weeks on COVID suspiciion due to proximity shortly after, so I can’t even be home to be by her side. I’m sure the Lord had his reasons as 3 of those 4 people were elderly maybe it’s not that hard to understand with them, but still it was not to God’s glory that they simply passed, but His thoughts are not mine and He knows best at all times.

    Life can, indeed, be overwhelming, just as you say.

    Anyway, it’s not nice to welcome you back with MY troubles, but I do know you to have a sympathetic ear, and for that I am grateful. You don’t need to respond but any prayer would be appreciated. I will pray for you as well, and for the many, many needs in our iOTW family and outside it.

    God Bless,

  31. @Sns – was looking forward to trying to make it to YOUR place, per Anymouses’ suggestion.

    Next time!

    ANYONE, IF you want to build, a building or a house, ask me some questions first! That’s my back round, with a heavy design emphasis.

    Maybe @Erik needs an addition to his garage workshop? We could barter from 1500 miles away!


  32. Not all that say,Lord,Lord shall enter into the kingdom of heaven…you people curse to much while preaching and confessing Christ.hyprocrites,pharasees,look clean on the outside but full of dead men’s bones inside…..

  33. …good to know, @Ghost, but I don’t know anything about it,if you or he said anything. It’s been a ride the last few weeks and one thing I lost was my email tablet, and since it’s not an account I use for business, I didn’t take time to reload because I’ve had a pretty full plate. Still haven’t reloaded. My wife gave me a new one for our anniversary, but I haven’t set it up yet. Maybe get to it this weekend, then maybe I can pore through a month of emails to see what AM has been up to…

  34. ^^^ I don’t swear, smoke or drink.

    (God dammit, I left my cigarettes at the bar!)

    Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!

  35. …I had thought this thread dead, but since it’s not, how ’bout Dadof4, not seem HIM in awhile…

  36. @Sns – well I HAVE your e-mail and even know ya name! This is ‘too funny’…I’ll send you a pic of me and Anymouse so NOW you HAVE to set that new computer up! We had a really nice time at his digs…had a nice lunch at a place near him, I even had a couple of Old Styles…been a long time since I had and OS.

    When we were driving back home, what I thought to be your area, we figured that, having read your responses on MANY threads, YOU are one dedicated and devoted dude to your family and faith. IOW you’re busy!

    And Blessed YOU are, for it.

    No biggie this time, we will get there…next time. We were ‘There and (will be) Back Again’, like a bunch of Hobbits…I told M Hatch ‘we (you and I) speak in Middle Earth tongue…’

  37. “I would imagine popcorn would be $10 a bucket and drinks are $7. lol.”
    MJA, haven’t been to a theater in a while? (I know, nothing worth seeing).
    Prices are pretty close to there already.

  38. I missed this thread yesterday and just ran across it this morning. Since it was on the second page I wasn’t going to bother posting, but since you bumped it, well I might as well add my two cents.

    I pray for all you who are suffering pain, grief or for other events in your life – SNS, Graceia, Plain Jane and others. My present situation, while serious is hopefully one and done.

    I am now light one kidney as I had my left kidney removed two weeks ago. There was a large cyst, which was confirmed by pathology to be stage two renal cancer. The surgeon was very optimistic that nothing was left behind, so hopefully no further need for any kind of treatment.

    The procedure was laparoscopic, so recovery has been relatively pain free. I was home within 24 hours – pretty amazing to think about. I’m not confined to home for recovery, and have been out and about running errands as needed. Will be off work for at least two more weeks, so money will be an issue by then.

    I could recite other issues going on in my life, but I choose not to dwell on them. I appreciate MJA and BFH making this site more than just a straight political forum. It truly is unique, and I am grateful for having found it and becoming a part of it.

  39. …as for you, @Anon, not gonna spar with you, so flame away, this is the only reply you’ll get. I don’t usually reply to anons at all, but you seem needy.

    And no, I’m nothing but currently hellbound, you are right about that, too much anger in me and I am flawed in many ways, which is why I say, even above, there is no good in me. I do try, but my status is currently failing, as I am still willing to go to hell if I can take a few with me for the ride, those which you need look no further thsn the news for, and if you’ve seen other posts you’d know WHY.

    Not proud of that. Just a fact. I need help, and sometimes seek prayers for that here for that very reason, that the Lord won’t listen to me.

    But I am trying.

    And the Lord has shown me mercy many times, though I am not worthy, and does give me strength and does answer my prayers anyway despite the fact He doesn’t have to. I praise Him and thank Him for it, and do pray he helps with my double mindedness. It’s been harder since our church was shut down and my church family not able to pray corporately, and I won’t lie about that either, I’ve gotten worse the longer we’ve been sundered.

    As the devil and his Democrats intended.

    But I am working on it, and I do appreciate the help and prayers of those here, which is why I miss them. You’ll never catch grool or 99 in any fault such as that, althoght I’m sure a blamer like yourself has diligently searched for it, always looking for that hair in a bowl of dough instead of putting on a hairnet himself.

    I do share His word as He gives it to me, which he does when and as it pleases Him to do. I don’t filter at such times, I just give what I’m given, which is why I say, as I did above, that anything GOOD I say is Him, not me.

    And to the extent it matters, I neither smoke nor drink. Gave up drinking because I was a blackout alchoholic by 18 and it would have killed me if I hadn’t. Gave up my 4 pack a day smoking habit the first time my 1 year old son took one out of my pocket while I was holding him and put it in his mouth. So impugn though you may, I’m sorry, but I don’t fit your stereotype.

    I do cuss, though, no doubt about it. As I said, I’m not perfect.

    But who among us IS?

    You seem to set yourself as our moral arbeiter there, anon. Are YOU so without sin you are fit to cast the first stone? Have YOU removed the beam from YOUR eye so you could see to criticize the moat in MINE?

    And are YOU doing ANYTHING to HELP, to GUIDE, to LEAD others to the Lord since you seem to know they are astray, or are YOU simply going to sit proudly in the best seat in the synagogue and spurn those lesser beings sacrificing outside whom you so hold in contempt?

    Are YOU prepared to be judged by the standards you hold OTHERS to? Perhaps if you cultivated an identity here you could show us the way by your example…

    …so anyway, that’s where I am. A flawed, sin-stained, hellbound, weak attempted follower of the Lord, trying to reach out every way he can, even here, to touch His robe and receive His virtue, as only the sick need a doctor, and no physician can heal himself.

    But are you here to help me reach Him, or to place yourself between me and Him as YOU judge me too unworthy to even seek a cure?

    You seem to have read the Bible a time or two.

    Perhaps you should see how He feels about those who would be stumbling blocks…

  40. Hey SNS…..I have sinned and will continue to sin, And my LORD knew that I have and I will. He always knew I would, but I continue to try not to sin, and he knows that as well. I believe that He has a great (maybe God given) sense of humor and someday we will share a well deserved laugh….

  41. To BLINK: regarding my calcium score. I was told to worry not. Typically a score of 600 indicates a significant issue. My PCP said the score alone is just an indicator of a potential problem as the test I took did not map out locations of the “alleged” deposits. The doc who ordered the test had no reason medically to order it. He said it was something that I might want done. It was a $90 scan not paid for by insurance. I asked for and got a referral from my PCP to a cardiologist. I live about 50 miles from Cleveland so, of course, I asked for ang got a cardiologist at the Cleveland Clinic. I don’t think I could ask for more. The same doc who suggested the calcium scan also suggested a nuclear stress test, which was done in a building near but not in the hospital, the building had this doc’s name on the door. Are you beginning to see an issue here? Short of it, my Cleveland Clininc cardiologist reviewed everything and said, bluntly, that in the future I should restrict sickly testing “to someone who knows what the hell they’re doing.” When have you ever heard a doc criticize a doc? He didn’t outright say quack, but that is surely what he meant.

  42. Anonymous August 15, 2020 at 12:35 pm

    Not all that say,Lord,Lord shall enter into the kingdom of heaven…you people curse to much while preaching and confessing Christ.hyprocrites,pharasees,look clean on the outside but full of dead men’s bones inside…..

    I decided to start reading through the New Testament before bedtime. I started at the book of Matthew. After I got through all the begats who and who, I got to Chapter 8. Jesus healed many sick people and even crazy people. It was the Pharisees that Jesus had a problem with and called them on it. Even Judas was one of Christ’s disciples. Not one of us (if we make it to heaven), will ask God “why is so and so here?” God will say to you, “for the same reason you are here and you barely made it.” If you believe we have the promise of eternal life, being the sinner that I am, I accept that. /just saying

  43. I cant complain but at times i still do. Lifes been good to me so far….

    Joe Walsh

    It was GREAT to meet the Ghost and his family. Had an awesome time although very short. They brought some incredibly thoughtful gifts too.

  44. Still here, slowly deteriorating, still working, maintaining house and home, too many bills and flat wallet. Post where I can, when I can, in my own unique style. Friend to the young and innocent, enemy to the Libtard DildoCrats Communist PantyFags #BurnLootMurder. Fortunately, have not seen any overt sign in my neck of the SLC valley (that’s in UT). Oh, and hello, Billy F.

  45. Well thank you for asking. Everything is fine. Settling into my new place in n AR, it’s very beautiful. And humid. It’s like a green bomb went off.

    Setting up my studio, had big power brought in. My doggie loves our morning walks at the state park. Can’t push the heavy iron like I used to but I still hit it almost every day. Found a great place in s MO for swimming.

    Now if I could get some tennis going… I usually enjoy the comments here more than the news item.

    Boring huh?

  46. @ SuperNightShade

    God in His Mercy took my aunt just before the strict Commie Flu restrictions came into vogue. Her memory was starting to fail at age 101. I thanked Him for that. She wouldn’t have understood why her kids couldn’t visit her.

    About the brain dead , God can do whatever He wants in the minds and or hearts of them. I have seen how newborn unblemished by sin,, infants, react to oral prayers, especially the Holy, Holy, Lord of Hosts.
    Their souls know God and still remember God. People turn back to Him when man cannot comprehend that they do.

    Because we trust God’s words, “I Am,” not I will be or I was, we pray for their souls to be united with Him for eternity

    We also need to forgive ourselves of our imperfections. Mentally visualize placing them at the feet of Jesus on the cross, and ask Him to take care of them. Those we either caused to sin or have otherwise hurt, do the same.

    Many blessings friend.

  47. @ stirrin the pot

    Praise God for your recovery. Prayers for continued and sustained progress. Thank you for prayers.

  48. Unbelievable wake up for the living dead…I have been a passing tourist at iotwr who likes the topics chosen and off beat factoids I learn daily. Like a loner stopping for a cup of coffee then going on I have missed an entire village of kind and hardened by life individuals who have put up with my dislike of soulless Democrats and the guttersnipe Islamic cult. I will attempt more joy in my visits ,but maybe that is not in my heart enough as my grand daughter , almost six, referred to me this morning at Brunch by telling the waitress that I sounded mean but would give her anything she wanted as she ordered chocolate chip pancakes. And yes, it was true. Best to all, endure.

  49. Me? Why, thanks for asking. I’m doing quite well. Still working on getting my email data moved over to my new laptop. Probably is an easier way to do it, but since it most likely involves spending money, I will do it the hard way!

    God has been good to me even though I whine to him when I don’t get my own way or things move slower than I want them to. Then he sighs and says, “Claudia, Claudia, Claudia. You know the answer to all that.” Me: “Yes, Lord. Sorry. Your way is perfect and your timing is perfect. I will trust you.”

    For everyone going through hard times (PJ, SNS and all), my prayers are for you. God really does care. Just talk to him.

  50. I’m recovering from sinus surgery on August 6.
    I had the best surgeon, Dr. Church (really) at Loma Linda University. We prayed together before the procedure.

  51. @Lurker, when the CACS advocacy film. “The Widow Maker”, was made the head cardiologist at Cleveland Clinic was Dr Steve Nissen. He is not a fan of the CACS exam. Stating, “Having passionate true believers does not make a test worthwhile.”

    In the film he gives his reasons why he takes that position. Which was filmed in a way to portray him as a stubborn obstructionist to a life saving exam. [I never worked at Cleveland Clinic, but I worked with guys who did. Dr Nissen and CC were big fans of the cardio lab equipment the company I worked for made].

    Anyway, in the film they explain how a man with a lot of influence in Texas politics, who believes the CACS saved his life, pushed to have Texas law require health insurance companies cover the cost of the CACS. And their attitude was Dr Nissen is an idiot and should stay the hell out of Texas. However, they do a lot of good work at CC that can’t be done at most other med centers. But maybe not surprising to see a negative attitude about the CACS exam at CC.

    https://www.nytimes.com/2015/02/27/movies/review-the-widowmaker-a-heart-care-documentary.html .

    I don’t know who is correct about the value of the exam. I was just one of the guys who installed and calibrated some of the equipment cardiologists used. Doing it long enough to realize a lot of exams done had more to do with making money for the hospital than medical necessity. Every few years studies come out listing some high percentage of medically unnecessary exams.

    I still recall an event when I had only been with the company about four years. I was watching a cardio exam being done when Dr D__ , came in with several med students following him like little ducklings. One student asked, “Whats’ the difference between a left coronary, and a right coronary?” Dr D__ half way looked over his shoulder and replied, “Its a $150.” I thought, no the student was asking about what they would learn that was different about the state of the patient’s illness by looking at the left vs right arteries. Not the difference in charges. Twenty years latter I thought maybe I was mistaken about what the student wanted to know, and Dr D__ gave the right or expected answer.

    Well, that event, and others I witnessed several times over the next few years. If our equipment broke down, & they couldn’t do their scheduled patient exams. Doctors kept interrupting our work coming into the lab asking when we would have it working again. Not once did they ask, “How soon will the lab be working? I have a very sick patient that needs this study done asap/stat.”. Nope, they always asked, “How soon will the lab be working? Do you realized how much money we’re losing?” I guess the truth of major concern is somewhere in the middle, between concern about patient’s health, and concern about profit. After all, if they go out of business, they wont be able to help anyone in the future.

    Of course a nuclear stress test would be another example of beneficial things we can do with ionizing radiation.

    Glad you’re doing well, and hope it continues that way.

  52. I feel kind of ashamed to respond here. My new place is complete and it is everything I had hoped. I may be healthier now then when I was 40. I too have a titanium left knee and it is wonderful. I miss my departed bride and my left behind children and grandchildren, but do endeavor to stay in contact.
    Those of you that are suffering are included in my feeble prayers.
    This is the first and last stop I make every day. I am looking forward to meeting the Wakemans next month on my way out to Missouri.
    Have often questioned it, but over all I do live a Blessed life.
    Thanks for asking.

  53. Years ago I read that the traditional greeting of, “How are you?” or “How are you doing?”. That was always stated from a good distance away. Originated back in the days of the plagues in Europe. People were sincere when issuing the greeting. They really needed, and wanted to know how you were doing.

    They hadn’t yet created the phrase, Social distancing, but understood the concept. I guess in the era of covid-19 the greeting may stop being rather perfunctory from habit, and return to being a more sincere greeting.

  54. I just wanted to stress the benefits of tea, vitamins and herbal supplements (no, I’m not a hippie). I’m 53, going on 22…haha…and have only been to the emergency room/hospital one time and that was for a kidney stone (thought it was appendicitis). Haven’t had the flu in over a decade. No cavities, no fillings and no surgeries. Guess I’ve been lucky, but I fully believe in natural supplements with the added benefits of apple cider vinegar, Lugol’s iodine, baking soda and few others that I use to make cocktails hoping for no side effects. Watch this be a curse, like that doctor who was a jogging junkie and wrote a book about it and ended up having a massive heart attack. Oh well, wanted to get the word out, as well as the longest paragraph ever.

  55. Supernightshade, your timing was perfect, in your response. How percise you are in knowing who I am as a Christian. So uncanny – straight from the Holy Spirit. Brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for obeying Him.

    I was having a pity party and asking the Father why he made me so different – a frontline intersessor and prayer warrior, devil busting Christian. His answer – He’s found favor with me. Well I teared up pretty good after that, because as you know we have all sinned and come short of the glory of God. Without his grace we are a truly lost, scummy crew – in every meaning of those words.

    However, Supernightshade, since we have accepted Christ, we are more ths conquers and forgiven. You are not the same Godless mess. Sure, we all curse a bit – even me. So what!
    David was a terrible father, a murderer, adulterous and manipulative, yet God called him the “apple of his eye”. Jesus himself called a woman a dog and others vipers. Very certain it sounded like curse words in Aramaic. Jesus also turned water into wine for a party no less. How dare He! *sarc*.

    Prideful Pharisees like Anonymous have alot more to account for than you and I. We know our weaknesses and sins that we confess. Ignore Anonymous’ foolishness.

    I can relate to missing Church fellowship. Unfortunately, I experienced separation from my church way before the pandemic because my young pastor thinks he’s a SJW “Life” coach instead of a man of God who preaches God’s Word in Truth. Praying for a new church family – but God wants me to stay put and in prayer.

    As for the three loses and one critical situation you suffered, just know God is very pleased with your obedience. God knows the hearts of those who died, despite your fervent prayers. God is Sovereign AND merciful. Trust His decisions. You did nothing wrong.

    I understand exactly how you feel. I lost my mother, father sister and brother within a year of each other after petitioning the Lord for more time for each one. It was not to be. I realized God was merciful in every case.

    I will certainly continue to pray for you, your wife and son. Be blessed in all your ways. Thanks again for your awesome reply and being such a great, Christian brother.

  56. Like Ringo, I got tired of waking up on the floor.
    Had a pacemaker put in, my heart rate was down to 45 bpm, damn slow.
    Doing pretty good, for an old fart.
    People, Dr.s mostly, ask me how I am coping with the isolation, because of the covid.
    Depression, who, me?
    Most don’t understand, I have been voluntarily isolating for years.
    My wife, garden, shop, Amazon, I got this.
    Had both eyes reconditioned, new lens, I can see to shoot again, look out squirrels.
    They should be tasty, after eating tons of pears off my trees.
    It’s funny as hell to watch them labour up a tree, with a pear at least half their body weight.
    Bought a new lawn mower for the wife for our 20th, don’t feel bad for her, you don’t know her.
    She was thrilled, it’s a NICE zero turn mower.
    I have bought a new car for less, long ago.

  57. Hey, here’s something, and I’m happy with PEX these days.

    My 50 gallon water heater popped the breaker. Didn’t just pop, it sizzled. Ok, something is very bad, but I have enough hot water to do dishes and take a shower… forever, me and Ian. Jennifer comes home and suddenly there’s not enough hot water. I already knew something bad happened.

    I tested the elements and the lower one was bad. I took the elements out, and the boiler drain, and found (duh!) eight inches of scale in the tank, and the lower element had burst. I cut off the PEX clamps, removed the 240 tail, and walked/carried the water heater out of the house. Then I flushed the tank with good pressure water and cleared the boiler drain orifice for an hour. I cleared the drain out with some number of fingers. Fingers get tired and cut up. And some scrapers I made out of TIG filler rods.

    Eventually the tank was free of scale. Then you just put in two elements at 11 dollars a piece, and make your water hot.

    Next time you will descale (so to speak) your water heater on an annual basis. That scale won’t come out of the boiler drain orifice, you know, the drain itself. The boiler cock needs to be removed and you need to use digital (fingers) effort to crush all that shit until it’s small enough to be flushed from the orifice where the boiler drain used to be.

    You don’t spend 400 dollars, but only 20 dollars… and 2 hours.

    Or you can just suck the shit up in a decent vacuum.

    Either way the tank is bereft of scale, and you have new elements, and you have hot water.

  58. @Erik, PEX(crosslinked polyethylene tubing) is effing awesome.
    I thought there would be nothing to replace copper, I was wrong, PEX is da bomb.
    Just put a new water heater in the laundry room.
    Wife has a laundry/sewing/quilting/gym/she shed, she is the master of multi tasking.
    I had to run 100 feet of wire to power the dryer and hot water, she dug the trench.
    What am I going to do with my mad soldering skills now.

  59. Late to the thread, but thanks for asking.

    Got diagnosed with Lupus in May, which explains a lot of the pain I’ve been experiencing the last two years, and really ramped up to “Oh, Jesus, I’m dying” at the end of 2019. A regimen of Prednisone and Hydroxychloroqine has made a world of difference. Doc is still fine tuning dosage and hopes to eliminate the Prednisone soon. Long term does bad things to the body.

    Dad died in Nursing home in May, couldn’t be there due to COVID, but we managed to cobble together a pretty nice funeral despite said virus.

    Mom in same nursing home. We spring her every couple of weeks for a look at the outside world for a few hours, then she has to endure a 14 day quarantine. She says it’s worth it. And we do it all over again in a couple of weeks. Nursing home not happy we do this, but they can’t forbid it. No in facility visiting is allowed since every couple of weeks a staffer tests positive; no resident has tested positive in over two months, so they’re dong a good job. I’m 66 but I miss my mom.

    Same as a few others here…..insomnia.

    But….”This the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.“ Psalm 118:24

  60. I’m alive and kicking. I went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago because I stepped on a nail and it’s been almost exactly 5 years since I had my last Tetnus shot – when I was run over on my Kawi.

    Once again, I found myself to be in better shape than I suspected. Blood tests came back with all normal numbers.

    The doctor looked at my numbers and looked at my age – “You’re doing great!” Yet, I feel the deterioration from my former state of being. I can’t even find my cape any more.

    I do have circulation problems in my lower legs, but it gets better the more I stay active and eat well. Keto is great – carnivore is what I gravitated to, though.

    It’s kind of keto on booster-mode when you cut out the carbs as much as you can. Definitely take vitamins to make up for not getting any through veggies & fruits. Lots of vitamin C does a lot of good for your veins, too. I think I would have died 8 years ago if I hadn’t discovered how deficient I was in Vit C at the time.

    Business is keeping me super busy. I have everything to be thankful for. I pray for the salvation of those around me who still deny God.

    I could use a good house cleaning, though. Too many hours in the heat has me pooped when I get home. I’m just glad the dog is such a good boy and is happy to see me when I get back. But, I do sometimes wonder where all the cat poop went when I clean the box. Hmm.

  61. To BLINK. Thanks, and nice summation. All the cardio stuff was happening simultaneously with the lung spot stuff. Was pretty sure about then that I needed pre-pay funeral arrangements for my impending demise. Will be 73 in October. Ask not for who the bell tolls, right? Trivia: that saying referred to the practice of a town ringing a bell upon the death of one of its own. They rang out the age of the now deceased.

  62. Hello?

    FINALLY I can post – been trying for weeks but something’s wrong. Anyhoo, nice catching up on how everyone’s doing.

    Been a really boring past coupla months, ain’t it. Not a single thing newsworthy enough to talk about out there.

  63. Glad to hear from everybody.

    I’m glued to the fight playoffs, but occasionally a hockey game breaks out. I am flabbergasted one of the sponsors is a mans razor brand showing a guy shaving his legs and other body hair. Sean Connery in a bathing suit = good! sex symbol. Guy who shaves legs, arms and chest = sickening soy boy.


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