‘Hey, I Pulled A Pelosi!’: Things Take A Twist On ‘The Five’ When Jesse Watters Rips Up Donna Brazille’s Papers

 “You guys liked it when she did it.”

Daily Caller: A discussion about presidential responsibility for the U.S. economy took a wild turn on Tuesday afternoon’s “The Five” when co-host Jesse Watters “pulled a Pelosi” and ripped up fellow co-host Donna Brazile’s papers while she was making a point.

As the panel began to discuss President Donald Trump taking aim at former President Barack Obama for tweeting that the Recovery Act “paved the way” for the current economic conditions, co-host Greg Gutfeld led with a joke:

“And maybe Obama had something to do with today’s economy,” he quipped. “I mean without Obama, would we have Trump?” read more

16 Comments on ‘Hey, I Pulled A Pelosi!’: Things Take A Twist On ‘The Five’ When Jesse Watters Rips Up Donna Brazille’s Papers

  1. Some how the thought of Gutfeld and Watters tag teaming on a Libtard doesn’t seem quite fair. But then again screw them.

  2. “I mean without Obama, would we have Trump?” Gee that’s a thought. Will we have to endure another Obama “clone” type to get someone who will stand up for America?? Or have voters learned not to go down the same road over and over?

  3. Ref. WebMD

    RE: Stealing from Whitey and calling it your own.


    Psychosis is a condition that affects the way your brain processes information. It causes you to lose touch with reality. You might see, hear, or believe things that aren’t real. Psychosis is a symptom, not an illness. A mental or physical illness, substance abuse, or extreme stress or trauma can cause it.

    NEXT ISSUE…the SOTU speech shredding by Pelosi, I cannot, and shall not, forgive…EVER.

  4. Brazille has screwed many of the widely known progressive white men in the Democrat Party. I guess they were trying to gain street cred doing it, but what must they have smoked to keep from throwing up. All Dems are whores!

  5. Hey Tony R. (the first commentor) Donna Brazil’s hair appears not to have been washed in years. It looks like a damn rodents nest filled with afterbirth. This big fat dumb Democrat makes me sick she’s a liar and a cheater and good for Jesse Waters.

  6. I turn the Five off when they have Donna Brazil Nut on. What credibility does a former CNN person who gave question to an up coming debate to Hillary Clinton ahead of time have? None. And lose the White appropriated hair you nappy haired ho. (rest in peace Imus)

  7. “Hey, I pulled a Pelosi!”

    What flashed through my mind when I read that was, “Hey, pull my finger!”

  8. I loved how Big Don tried to polish Obama’s shitty legacy. I wish that the others in the 5 Five would have reminded her about her leaked emails during the 2016 campaign season when she ran the DNC asking “where were all the jobs that Obama created?” “We need jobs to report!”

  9. It disgusts me that they have this woman on the show. I don’t even watch highlights when she is on. Instead of giving her a forum and an income they should leave her race baiting ass to look for work among the Hillary loving holdovers.

  10. I love The Five. I endure Donna Brazille and Juan Williams.
    I almost always tape the show (not a good time for me to sit and watch it) so that I can fast forward through them.

  11. The only reason the economy did an upturn towards the end of 2016 is because the country knew that the Communist-Organizing, Marxist Muzlim Mallard was on his way out! The same thing happened in 2012 when people thought Mitt had a shot, but then it tanked again when Kommander Klüster Feck got a nuther term!


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