Hey Joe

Jimi Hendrix

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  1. I was at a party when my buddy who’s a Hendrix fan said to me
    “Hey Joe. Where you going with that bag of chips in your hand?”
    Me: “I’m goin’ down to Frito my old lady, cause I caught her messin’ round with another brand.”
    You had to be there.

  2. Holy shit. Let’s see Clapton, or any of the new young whipper snappers do that shit. Maybe the best Blues Song ever recorded. I wont insult it by calling it rock and roll.

  3. Back in 77 I use to pick my girl friend up from work at Savon at 10:00 PM in my 11 second Mopar. While I’d wait I would listen to the Hendrix. Particularly hey Joe because I wasn’t stupid and I new he little Mex bitch was cheating on me. Back then it was all about a quarter mile. Actually might have been better times. I sure miss the speed. However I don’t miss the bitch. She still tries to call me occasionally. I do miss the food. That’s about it.

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