Hey, NCAA! More athletics, less social justice!

FederalistPapers: NCAA To Start Bullying Cities Into Making All Restrooms “Gender Neutral”.

The NCAA is going to bully cities into adopting “gender neutral” bathroom and locker room policies by threatening to withhold championship hosting rights if they don’t comply.

Back in April, they did something similar, telling future Final Four cities that they must have “non-discrimination” laws protecting the LGBT community or they would get hosting rights.

Now, they’re sending a “non-discrimination questionnaire” to cities, asking them to explain how they plan to protect spectators and participants from “gender-identity” discrimination and “other forms of bias,” The College Fix is reporting.  MORE

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  1. Strange, the NCAA headquarters is located in Indianapolis and we all know what happened with Pence and the religious bill. Will the NCAA be moving?

  2. Yeah, fuck you.

    The dipshits are acting like there’s some prize for being the most maggotoid, fucktarded, slimy motherfucker on the planet.

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