Hey, Old Buddy, Old Friend, Old Pal O’ Mine

Who can tell me where that line came from; “Hey, Old Buddy, Old Friend, Old Pal O’ Mine”?

Images from:

2 MaryfromMarin
3 Jane
5 Sturge
6 Bayouwulf
7 Eugenia (Abra’s babies)
9 Tim Buktu (Meisa and Marley)
10 sTevo
11 Dee

The rest of the images are courtesy of pixabay.com

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21 Comments on Hey, Old Buddy, Old Friend, Old Pal O’ Mine

  1. Sylvester….. among others. Not sure who originated it.

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  2. Song by Jerry Reed when he goes into the court room and sees the judge is a friend of his. Promises to pay the judge the $20 he owes the judge if the judge will get him out of this mess.

  3. Just got our foster Chihuahua Friday night, she sure knows what a chip bag sounds like! Otherwise, she can’t leave us alone, such a cuddler.

  4. The family of ducks were being herded by a trained Border Collie at the Smoky Mountain Highland Games. Quite a fascinating demonstration. Lovely theme for today, Claudia. Thank you!

  5. Burner- Yay!

    Claudia- I don’t know, was it Ralph or Norton from the Honeymooners?

    Great photos, btw. All so SQUEE!!!! 😀

  6. “Hey, Old Buddy, Old Friend, Old Pal O’ Mine”
    I think Claudia just made it up because this iOTWreport article is at the top of the Yahoo! search results for this quote when I looked at noon.

  7. Now this brings a big smile. I finally trapped feral Abra 04/17 and she had babies the next day. The tiger kitten on the left, next to the black and white, is named Sedra Jayne in honor of GreetingsFromYonkers our dear departed member. Sedra was a cat lover. The kittens got wonderful homes and Abra lives safe inside.

    Thanks for putting the babies here for all to see. There is unneutered male feral I need to TNVR. His name is Brutus Spud but we sometimes call him Moe Tom. Ya’ never know when a feral will be honored with an IOTWR name.

  8. Hahaha, Jethro! You made me look and it’s on top of the DuckDuckGo search, too!

    I was trying to come up with a clever title and remembered that line from ages ago. Just can’t remember where. I initially thought of the Honeymooners but it could have been Laurel and Hardy, too. Cartoons come to mind, also, because they were made for adults (using current topics that adults would pick up on) as well as children back in my day.

  9. bunny was always looking with one eye
    cutest animimal he was
    here they were hanging out together next door
    still have my baby cat!

  10. “Hey, Old Buddy, Old Friend, Old Pal O’ Mine”, feels like a phrase, a pattern of speech, that originated a long time ago. 1930s or older. Maybe even late 19th century. That had an áppeal to that caused it to be used by many others later. I could easily imagine I’ve heard it said by one of the Little Rascals, or some Looney Tunes character, Sylvester, maybe. I also think it feels of American origin. Finding the original source, with some certainty , I think will be a large time sink.


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