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Hey Poker Players! Cheating or Not Cheating?

I think obvious cheat. The number one reason for me is she definitely was not thinking the hand through because in a panic to come up with a reason she made the call of the all-in bet is that she put him on ace high. She loses to ace high.

Adelstein is a great player, he knows intuitively something is up.

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  1. Gambling is legalized theft regardless of the game.

    By televising gambling it brings more people to the casinos.
    The casinos are the only consistent winners, the majority of players are losers.

  2. She had the best of 5 cards – ace jack beats ace 9 (pair is obviously shared). However, she may not have playedby the unwritten rules of texas.

    In my first ‘tournament’ (at a party) I won a large pot by staying in with a 7 & 2. Many were pissed as I ‘should have’ folded right away as I had no blinds.

  3. It’s funny how they admit she’s only been playing poker for about a year, yet that fact is never considered as a possible reason why she did something experienced players would likely never do.

  4. I’d rather sit on the front porch & watch the grass grow,& it hasn’t rained in a month,than watch a second of that.

  5. Seems like they both had bad hands. You could make a case that neither one of them should have stayed in. Maybe they both were cheating, one just cheated better than the other.

  6. Mooooooo. You could wet those lips and stick her to the wall. Honestly plastic flabby woman do little for me. I wouldn’t have looked twice.

  7. joe6: “Seems like they both had bad hands.”

    Bitch was very lucky to win that shit.

  8. That said, if he’d have jumped across the table and strangled that smug Plasticine-filled cunt I wouldn’t have acquitted him…

  9. There is another viseo where those 2 are arguing off camera. He says she cheated and she end up giving him the 125K back. She told the table she gave it back to avoid drama.

  10. Loco, “After the flop he had a STRAIGHT DRAW, A FLUSH DRAW, and A FUCKING STRAIGHT FLUSH DRAW!”, then why didn’t he win?

  11. joe6, you said he had a “bad hand” which I implied was ridiculous.
    Poker is a game of percentages and outs.
    She had next to none, while he had more than a dozen cards that could have won the hand.

    Poker is not absolute.
    He “should” have won by her folding her crap hand.

    If you play like she did, sure, you will win an occasional hand, yet you will lose your ass pretty damn quick.

  12. BTW, I am SO glad I grew up in a time when women with gigantic lips & ass were freak show attributes.

    Oh and they didn’t shave their bikini area to the point they look like twelve year old girls…

  13. He had 160 ways to win the hand. She had 6.
    He had 22 outs when he shoved.
    His shove was a bit extreme, but made lots of sense poker-wise.
    Her call is ridiculous and makes zero sense. What hand is she beating in her mind? And don’t say “the one he had.”
    It doesn’t work that way. You are concentrating on outcome, anyone can do that. You have to think about probability, and she had virtually no chance of winning the hand. She said, “I have a bluff catcher.” No she didn’t. Jack/4 is not a bluff catcher. He could easily have QKc AKc, a ten, jacks an overcard pair to board. He has a 160 hands. If I have her cards I have to put over 100k on the line hoping his “bluff” is under a jack. That does not happen in the poker-world of high-stakes. She was given info and told her hand was good. Anyone who says, “that’s why it’s called gambling” be at my house tonight and bring a good bankroll. I promise I will pick up the Uber ride for you home.. and the ride back tomorrow night.

  14. And he had a monster hand after the flop. I will take 22 outs any day, especially that range. If she is holding paint, or AK AQ AJ she is crushed. Any range under his holding, she is also crushed. If she has a 3, is she really going to call a shove? If so, who cares? She is not the worst player ever, as people are saying. But she is the worst cheater ever, because cheating in that spot is a huge red flag. Nothing she did or said made sense in the poker world.

  15. To cheat on a nationally televised professional poker match takes bigger balls than the two boulders she has on her chest. I know that all the flags say she did, but what does she gain by probably getting herself banned from ever playing again – or worse? If so, there’s a dumb blond joke there somewhere.

    Upon further review, her outfit must have been designed to distract the other players from detecting any foul play. Still, not too bright given the venue and the stakes.

  16. I stopped learning card games after about the age of 7. I have to have Geoff C. tote up my hand in that game that uses cards and a board with holes and pegs. I can’t even spell peeknuckle. I don’t understand Hearts. Bridge would be a bridge too far. The only thing I understand about poker is that everyone keeps their facial expressions to themselves if they can. I’m going with Fur on this because he at least talks like he knows the game.

  17. I hate Nevada and casinos and gambling. Not like I’m a puritan. I have plenty of vices of my own. It’s just the atmosphere of those gambling halls. It’s lots of miserable losers that never realize that the house always wins.

  18. I can see I don’t want to play poker with BFH or Loco. Always best to play poker with people that don’t understand the game.

  19. There must be plenty of video of her the hands she’s played in the past and the casinos have them all.

    If she’s a cheat she’s been cheating. Check the video, there have got to be obvious tells when she’s getting help. If so ban her for life.

  20. These high stake gamblers seem like jokeys. They are probably paid to play with someone else’s bank roll –
    they don’t own the “horse”. That could explain Plastic Girl’s weird, eccentric move. She was signaled to make the game controversial to get more viewers.

    Who is really in control of these casino exhibitions allowed in certain states – mobs/gangs, corporations, media outlets etc.?

    Don’t know anything about gambling, it may show. Just curious how this gaming functions and is somehow legit.

  21. 99th, some players actually get “crowd sourced bankrolled”

    James Woods, the excellent conservative actor uses this service sometimes.
    It’s mostly like a way for fans to get engaged.
    That said, he plays his game, take it or leave it, no outside influence.
    I get what you were saying and it’s an interesting take.

    On a related note, I was at a the casinos in Sydney & Melbourne, Australia playing blackjack.
    They let other players place bets beside the your/the card players bet.
    If you win, they win.
    They have no say in the stay-hit-double-down decision.
    It was so weird.
    You become the hero or goat.
    It was mostly Asians betting on me.
    I won for them more than lost so I was a hero most nights.
    Gambling is entertainment for me…period.
    I won’t get rich but I have a damned good time.

    In poker there is no bigger rush than when you carve an unsuspecting opponent’s heart out with a better hand and the dealer pushes that pile at you.

  22. One more comment about this thread.
    It appears she cheated because the only way she SHOULD have won the hand would have been to get him to fold before all the cards were dealt.

    Otherwise it was a suicide mission.
    Yes, she ultimately won the hand but her reasoning was illogical.

    As far as her cheating, if she saw his cards she would have folded immediately after the flop, so I don’t believe she knew what he had.
    *Unless she knew what the next cards in the deck were.

    Interesting situation.
    Thing is, people cheat in clever ways and stupid ways.
    A recent fishing tournament had fuckers shoving lead weights down a caught fish’s gullet…

  23. Thanks for the clarification, LocoBlancoSaltine. You definitely know the “deal” about gambling. Honestly, gambling seems fun. I just don’t like the odds. Loosing lots of money would either make mad or compulsive.
    That game looks exciting though. Too bad cheating was a factor.


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