Hey, Jack – Why do islamic terrorists still have their Twitter accounts?

Twitter Warns Conservative Author His Book Violates Pakistan Law.

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  1. There was a legal case back in the days when 2400 baud dial up service was still king that held an internet provider liable for the content of its uncensored posts since it was censoring some and not other libelous postings. The legal thinking was that uncensored ones were considered as promoting that content as if they were their own postings and carried the same liability as if they had posted them themselves.

    It was a personal libel case, IIRC, and I don’t recall the court it was in, but maybe someone should start pursuing Twitter and comrades along those lines of thinking.

  2. Because the Leftist mind is bound by the Doctrine of Multiculturalism; Truth, Goodness, and Beauty is of no concern to them. It would be an act of Bigotry to make a judgement against and censor followers of Islam. Remember – It was Jack who apologized for eating at Chic-Fil-a after tweeting an offending photo of his meal.

  3. I can say with 100% confidence they have Twitter accounts because they are allies with a significant portion of the Democrat Party and share a virulent hatred for, and desire to, destroy America.

  4. A variation on RickeyG’s comment:
    because Jack/twitter/Leftist SUPPORT islamic terrorists. NEXT QUESTION?


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