Hey UK: come get your wayward prince

Patriot Retort:

Is there any kind of trade deal in the works between the US and the UK?  Because if there is, maybe it’s time for us to use that wayward Prince Harry as a bargaining chip.

We’ll give the Brits excellent terms on imports in exchange for us exporting their wayward prince back to the UK.

Hey, you never know. It might work. Leverage is the mother’s milk of commerce.

Because unless the Brits want another revolution on their hands, they’d be wise to take this guy off our hands.

Yesterday, in what can only be described as a hostage video from a clearly henpecked husband, Prince Harry added his voice to the “There’s such a thing as Institutional Racism” baloney.

Because of course.

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  1. Less shit could not be given about this guy, his family, or his very average wife.

    Sad thing is before Markle got into his head he was an Apache pilot, soldier, spent time with wounded warriors and was the least asshole of the family. But 1 shit Marriage and most of that is gone.

  2. I’d like to have sex with his wife as he watched, but Epstein crashed his plane….

  3. Since their marriage, every Brit
    has been saying :

    See what happens if you marry a yank ?

    After all, the still remember

    Edward VIII

  4. Just Harrry and MeAgain the Migraine from Compton are squatting in an $18 million house that belongs to some Back Colored rapper dude. She’s a Black Colored mediocre actress, and he’s a White Colored spare heir. If you’re sick of them now, just wait until they start lecturing us about all the things they know next to nothing about. At least the Duke of Windsor knew how to tie a Windsor Knot. What does this Witless Duke of Sussex have to offer aside from how to cast aside your family and heritage for a piece of Compton.

  5. “Institutional racism has no place in our societies, yet it is still endemic”

    Endemic where? In the society that were your brothers in arms in Afghanistan for four years? Did you discriminate against your fellow soldiers? Did they feel less than a part of your unit? I think not.

    You married a “black” (I say that in the loosest possible way, she’s 1/4th “black” at most) “actress”. The British people and the ROYAL fricken FAMILY went out of their way to welcome and accommodate her.

    You, sir, are a rube.

    And I say this as a Brit and a monarchist.

  6. Poor guy, stuck with an aging malignant narcissist sociopath.
    It can happen to anyone, but the test of character is cutting them lose.
    He failed.

  7. I never liked diana -she was a media whore. Prince charles is a beta male. This clown was a disater waiting to happen.

  8. I considered the Diana Spencer spectacle to have been particularly cheap, crass and tawdry and said so as it unfolded. This Charlie Foxtrot makes that look classy in comparison.

  9. CA is full of divorce attorneys. He needs one. There’s still time to fix things and go home. The Queen seems like a nice lady; she’ll take you back.

  10. One of the consequences of generational inbreeding is offspring with very low levels of testosterone along with stunted cerebral capacity and a propensity to attract parasites.

  11. This marriage would have never happened if, Chuck the cuck had been his dad.
    Anybody who believes Chuck is Harry’s dad, never studied genetics in school.
    That old witch queen isn’t senile, like Joe the Bidet.

  12. Reports have it that Queen Elizabeth was seen pointing at recent television clips of Harry The Neutered and laughing her ass off. It’s a good thing it was George III and not her in charge during the Revolutionary War period.

  13. An uninvited guest should at least keep his opinions regarding his host to himself.
    No charm school for the ‘royals’?

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