HGTV doing much better than CNN

FOX: Fox News dominated cable ratings in May, becoming the most-watched cable news network for the 197th straight month.

According to Nielsen Media Research, FNC was the most-watched basic cable channel for the month in total day viewers. FNC reached 1.4 million average total day viewers, making them the top basic cable channel for the 23rd consecutive month.  more here

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  1. I couldn’t tell you what Fox News does, I haven’t watched it in years, Jeraldo, Shep, Bret etc al.

  2. CNN needs to follow HGTV’s lead and go with a more open floor plan and complementary color schemes. Perhaps open the floor to diversity of thought and allow people of color that harbor a more conservative mindset to appear.

  3. Speaking of Fox News, I was recently at the Navy Exchange at Pearl Harbor, and at the food court, all the TV monitors were tuned to Fox News. A welcome change of pace from all the TVs at most international airports across the country!

  4. My only complaint about HGTV and DIY is that they just have to get homosexuals into every show. One reason I will miss Fixer Upper.
    CNN has to pay businesses/airports to tune in. How pathetic is that?

  5. It’s revealing how CNN has “shrunk” since their heyday of the Gulf War/s.

    Gone are the foreign offices and costly news crews jetting to breaking story locations.
    Now it’s all free cellphone uploads, Twitter slapfests and some local guy stammering on Skype about events he can’t see.

    CNN is just an in-studio operation now. And scripted, if you can call it that, by millennial interns…mostly girls.

    They must be saving a fortune in costs by shrinking to basically an opinion-panel-chat format.
    It shows.

  6. CNN is a visual rag that’s only capable of attracting a small number of angry nitwits. Sooner or later creeps like Tom Styer and others like him will get sick of paying the freight to keep it on air.

  7. Once we finally get to a pay for the channels you actually want/watch model CNN will finally have their reckoning. It pisses me off to no end that I can’t get a streaming package without CNN/ESPN/MSNBC – name your gut rot poison.

  8. The Malaysia Air story was the perfect CNN RIP coffin closure.

    As weeks became months, it was obvious NO ONE at CNN had the foggiest notion about airlines, airplanes, geography, radar, satellites, radio communications, or even simple gravity.
    Neither did their endless panels of “experts”.
    Most of whom seem to be, coincidentally, chirpy 27 year old girls with long hair and push-up bras in skintight clubbing dresses.

    PDT could end CNN tomorrow by ordering the FCC to require unbundling Cable and introduce a la carte network choice.

  9. LMAO Doesn”t everyone get the real news from HGTV and the fake news from CNN? Or is it just me


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