Hickenlooper’s big gulp from polluted Animas River slammed by health official

WaTimes– DENVER—Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper’s big gulp of water from the formerly orange Animas River wasn’t just icky, it was “reckless and irresponsible,” said New Mexico’s top environmental official.

hickenlooper animas river

New Mexico environment department secretary Ryan Flynn said Mr. Hickenlooper’s decision to fill up his water bottle from the site of the EPA’s 3-million-gallon wastewater spill in Durango, Colorado, sends the wrong message. MORE

SNIP: Why didn’t he drink it when it was orange?

28 Comments on Hickenlooper’s big gulp from polluted Animas River slammed by health official

  1. Just thinkin, that might make a nice photoshop if somebody were to add that New York bum who was urinating in the street, a little upstream from this genius.

    And with that, I have 160 miles of yard sales on hwy 64 that are waiting to be plundered. Good Day All!

  2. The inventor of DDT, Nobel Prize winner Paul Muller, would eat a spoonful on stage too.
    The lying slut Rachel Carson still got WHO to ban the use of it.
    She has succeeded in killing millions by malaria.
    Margaret Sanger would be so proud.

  3. We know one thing it won’t do and that is make him smarter! He will still be dumb enough to drink polluted water from a polluted stream!

  4. Hey, don’t discourage the slimy green insect from drinking the polluted water. Better him than good people! Might be a new job in the offing for both DemoRATS and wacko greenies they can become personal test dummies for all types and varieties of pollutants! What doesn’t kill, harm or disable them would then be safe for everyone else!

  5. NEWS FLASH: Hickenlooper admitted to ER and gives birth to 1 lb. gold nugget. Surgery in progress to repair anal rip.

  6. Well… at least the arsenic in the water will have a negating effect on Dorkinpooper’s dysentery. His butt buddies will love the evacuated manholeio.

  7. A couple of weeks following the chemical spill from the Freedom Industries facility into the The Elk River on January 9, 2014 of crude 4-methylcyclohexanemethanol (MCHM) , a chemical used by mining companies, the mayor or governor drank water from the tap. Preceding the Gov of Colo. in doing a stupid stunt to get their rear end out of the trebuchet sling.

    On the date the government official chugged down a glass of H2O + MCHM, At my house when running the water it still released a bubble gum or liquorish aroma.

    Months later people from WVU and from an out of state University, from Alabama, I think, both agreed that the water line flushing procedures recommended by Gov officials to flush the pipes in our homes was not sound advise, the government officials had no scientific evidence to prove their recommended procedure would flush the pipes of MCHM to safe levels.

    And also that the state officials had pulled the safe ppm or ppb levels out of their south end. There was no scientific or medical evidence that backed up their claim of what were safe levels, and that the water was now safe to drink.

    The stuff is thick like syrup, it could lay in a deep pool in the river, or in a water pipe to a fire hydrant for months before suddenly being flushed back into pipes going to homes.

    A year later a Nat Geo report stated that a year later , there is Some, Some !!, signs of safer water.

    http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2015/01/150109-west-virginia-chemical-spill-water-quality-regulations-environment/ .

    We mostly drank bottled water for another 4 months, and used some water from out old water well system that still worked. The great irony for us was we had only connected to the public water system about 4 months before the spill.

    If I lived in Colo I wouldn’t believe a darned word any one from government said about the safety of the water.

    Another big difference between here and there is , here Freedom Industries was charged, and the company managers were fired and charged and they are facing behind the bars time.

    I haven’t read a single story about managers of the EPA being fired, and charged for causing the spill in Colo. Above the law I suppose. And the Gov of Colo is running cover for them.

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