Hickey Freeman’s “Heroes & Leaders” Makes Me Want To Dress Up

Men’s clothier Hickey Freeman is featuring five veterans to showcase their suits. These models aren’t you’re typical broken, deranged, victimized war fighter so often portrayed by the media and Hollywood.


Hickey Freeman’s website (with handy store locator) Here

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  1. THIS is the sort of action that should be getting the coverage Starbuck’s “immigrant” hires gets!

  2. I’ve mentioned before that our first-born son is an Infantryman in USMC. What I haven’t mentioned is that he’s quite handsome. He’d make a great model but it’s just this Mom’s opinion 🤗

  3. Hickey Freeman makes good looking suits and they look fabulous on these guys. The only thing I’d change is to get these real men out of those ‘skinny’ jean-looking suit pants and into something that looks like slacks. Skinny jeans are for beta males.

  4. AA, that’s why discerning men shop at Brooks Brothers; the suits are ‘conservative’ and don’t go ‘out of style.’ Bank is good like that, too. Where I grew up, HF used to be the place to go for a bespoke suit of clothes; I don’t know if that’s still true.

  5. What, no man buns, hipster beards, neck tats or 23” waist & concave chests?

    Yeowza, I love a man in a sharp classic tailored suit & anything uniform is appealing (well, with the exception of a sewn on name tag & coin changer ensemble).
    These guys kept it clean and in shape after their tour of duty. Bravo! Nice eye candy for the ladies.

  6. Sleipnir 2013 — You got it!

    I don’t know how a pair of suit slacks can hold their shape at all when they look like they are several sizes too small for the man wearing them. I think they look awful. And I what’s with the hip-hugger look? Save that for your day off, if you must.

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