Hidden Rooms And Secret Furniture

Wouldn’t the secret bathroom make the bedroom smell like dead rodents trapped in the walls?

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  1. Some pretty nifty storage areas….some of the joinery is pretty unique.

    Gold coins and such in some, but not important papers. Fire would cause problems.

  2. Home defense weapons belong where you can quickly access them.
    12 Ga. over the front door, with both hands over my head and on tippy toes, I can just reach it. Shell in the chamber, ready to rock and roll.
    Screw that, “the sound of racking a shell”, why give a warning.
    9mm Hi-Power under the mattress.
    .357 in my back pocket, if I have my pants on.
    Everything else, there is a lot of everything else, in two gun safes bolted to a concrete slab.
    All guns are loaded.
    What am I afraid of?
    rattle snakes.


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