Hide From the Riots

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1 Marco (Jamie) Jamie, under the covers
2 Conservative Cowgirl (Ladybug) Ladybug snoozing-hiding from the world in a dead leaf formed into a perfect ladybut cup!
3 Unsplash.com
4 Old Guy (Violet) Violet in hiding and using a Bob Marley disguise to do so
5 Unsplash.com
6 morguefile.com
7 Truckbuddy (Sammy) Taking a nap with his Easter Bunny

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17 Comments on Hide From the Riots

  1. Some beautiful photos there.

    I had a half-Basenji back in the early 90s. I learned that they really were not afraid of rain like their reputation goes.

    It’s the noise of thunder and even rain drops from a drizzle that fell on our window AC unit. He would gladly take a walk in the rain with me like nothing was going on.

    If a front was rolling in at 2am, I would know of it early on because at first thunder he ran to me while I was sleeping and became a quivering pillow under my head from snuggling hard to hide from the scary noise.

    My dear sweet Lizzie, the half lab, was scared of loud noises too. She also did not like rides in my truck, I had to carry a cowering 55 lb dog and place her in it for any trip.

    Found out one July 5 that the truck was not nearly as scary as a string of black cats popping off two house away when she was out front with me. I was prepping a truck I had just acquired and I was against the curb across the street with the driver’s door open as I was affixing the new registration sticker.

    The string of black cats went off and next thing I know, she’s by the pedals and looking up at me in fear. Poor sweet thing. I miss her.

  2. Tried to get a pic of my lab/pointer mix, Ellie
    The lighting under my bed sucks.

    Thunderstorms, fireworks, gunshots, she is scared of them all.
    Wouldn’t trade my 50lb quivering mass of jello for anything.

  3. Claudia, Jamie has gotten out from under the covers to defend his yard from all the Liberal Idjits who want to tear down statues and elect Ignoramuses who don’t want to follow the Constitution of the United States of America. He’s stopped watching NOOSECAR until the Confederate battle flag is allowed back inside the stands, and Jamie is planning on not watching the Broncos on the Idiot Box if they don’t respect the National Anthem. Jamieboy is very proud of his Irish-American heritage. Jameson also is very aware that there are only 113 days until the most important election in his lifetime.

  4. Afternoon everyone…and great pics.

    Looks like entry #3 did not hide from the riot by might have attended one?

    He just has THAT look…

    Thanks C!

    On a sad note, we had to euthanize our 18 year old outdoor ‘feral’ tuxedo cat only about an hour and a half ago. Her name was Sweetie Pie (I called her ‘The Little Girl’). She was this tiny little nothing but hard and toughened. She would stand up to the male bullies that tried to eat her food. But as she got older, she put up with the occasional one or two. She was a unique one for sure. We would get home from work and she would be sitting there in the grass, waiting for us.

    Yes, an outdoor feral cat (fixed) that we took care of for half of here life, again 18 YEARS, when she was born in a window well on the side of the house. Initially our neighbors took care of her, but they retired so we took on the responsibility of her.

    It was an interesting experience for us actually. We had a vet or a vet nurse maybe, come to the house to do the euthanizing. Typically in the past, we would GO to the vet or a 24 hour emergency place. Doing it this way, made the world of difference, we will ALWAYS do this in the future. We did it right on the front porch where we fed her and she would hang out with us in the evenings.

    She will be awfully missed, but it was definitely her time. We had a nice cry at the end there with her on the way out…we gave her lots of kisses and stroked her soft, still fur…time to go now…enough.

    Ghost, M Hatch and crew.

  5. ^^^Sorry to read that, Ghost. It’s tough to lose a pet that was with you that long. My condolences to y’all. 😕

  6. Great pics Claudia. We have fireworks going off all the time now and I can imagine how frightened everyone’s pets must be.

    I know Ghost told all of you our situation this morning. Yeah, it was so hard. We all really loved and enjoyed seeing her when we came home on the lawn or when I would come home from shopping she would hear me and start running down the street to greet me. Too cute! After 18 years, it’s so hard to say good-bye.

    Thank you all for your kind, kind words. Means a lot.

    God Bless us all!

  7. Mary Hatch
    I used to have a cat that would greet me every time I would come home too. I teared up when you mentioned that, brought back fond memories of my little Rhett. Take care and lot’s of prayers.

  8. Hey Ghost and Mary H,

    Sorry about your feline friend there. She sounded like…a real keeper, for a feral no less.

    Thanks Claudia for CritterSundays…always the place to go and be.


  9. Hey, we appreciate the words of kindness.

    “It’s tough to lose a pet that was with you that long.” – Truckbuddy

    You mean as in almost a third of our lives plus, @Truckbuddy? Yep.

    Cheers to our little ones! Now go and snuggle with YOURS! On this Sunday Critter Night…

    ‘Thanks Claudia for CritterSundays…always the place to go and be.’ and find peace of mind.



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