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High Comedy – Protester Accidentally Sets Himself on Fire

ht/ hot salsa

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  1. Too much product in her hair. Went up like a torch. lolol
    Seriously. It’s on all the labels. Do not smoke, use near fire.

    Good comment from the thread:

    Deon Taylor

    Don’t put him out go ahead and drag him along to start the next one

  2. Darwin award contender 2020. Too bad he will only get “an attempt”.

    Personally I would not piss on him but lucky for him he did manage to remember “stop, drop, and roll” and his fellow savages were kind enough to help.

    One would think if Trump was Hitler people would be too scared to be rioting but that is a topic for another day I suppose.

  3. Good morning students, today we will have a practical application of self Immolation. Be sure your student insurance is paid up before trying this yourself.

  4. The best part is the cops know where to find him when they go to arrest him for arson. Win-win!

  5. Rogan O’Handley
    “Does it feel like a coordinated attack on our entire country yet?”

    Why yes it does.

  6. I was just notified by phone msg that Jacksonville Fl is under curfew.
    I’m a bit south but who knows? I’m ready anyhoo!!!

  7. This happened in a historical building, the Market Building in Fayetteville, NC yesterday. Thugs used the excuse, slaves were sold there once, to set fire the second floor. Such poetic justice to see a BLM tool set fire to itself and then someone post it on socialist media. LOL!

  8. Brown Eyed Girl MAY 31, 2020 AT 8:51 PM
    Not only do I not GAS, I hope he’s scarred for life.

    Yes he will be and his pigment type does not scar well


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