High School Teacher Refuses To Teach Illegals


High school teacher John Sullivan said he wouldn’t teach student illegals, but after push-back from his school, he’s now saying it was all a “misunderstanding.”

Fox News is reporting that the Hawaii high school teacher made known his thoughts on students who have illegally entered the U.S. on Wednesday in an email to faculty at Campbell High School in Ewa Beach on Ohau, where he teaches social studies classes.

That provoked a backlash from other teachers  and the principal at the school who lectured Sullivan on how he shouldn’t “discriminate.”

Sullivan sent the email after one of the school’s counselors sent an email that expressed worry about “undocumented” students not coming to classes because they feared being deported.

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9 Comments on High School Teacher Refuses To Teach Illegals

  1. Thank you Mr. Sullivan. I was getting to the point that there were no more Americans in the public ed system.

  2. He will end up a pastry chef who refuses to make a cake for an illegal alien’s Cinco de Mayo party.

    He should have kept his mouth shut and just notified ICE on the QT.

  3. Bad_Brad, probably not many, but just one illegal in Hawaii has already proven catastrophic for America.

  4. The illegal aliens in Hawaii are probably people that have outstayed their visas, rather than Mexicans that are really impressive swimmers but really lousy navigators.

  5. No room for illegals. Honolulu is full of dead beats who were given one-way tickets to Hawaii. Tickets generously donated by mayors of democrat controlled cities no longer able to afford unwashed, insane, drug addled, projectile vomiting, illiterate, pathetic, thieving, unpotty trained bums who look forward to being arrested. Hawaii is a good place to warehouse them until a democrat is close to losing an election.

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