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*Higher Ed Turning Into Bastions Of Progressive Thought

*This headline appears to have been teleported from 1981. -bfh

As more disciplines become populated by left leaning professors they will increasingly be able to take over academia by the Ph.D. students they select and advance within their fields.

The shift has become more pronounced in the last two decades and can be expected to become worse as liberal irrational thought becomes further enshrined in our institutions of higher learning.


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  1. Advanced degrees in touchy-feely subjects like women’s studies, culture and society, intersectionalism, etc., have dominated applicant pools for academic positions for some time. In many institutions, search committees are now dominated by these graduates. This is facilitated by the fact that requirements for graduation in those areas tend to be far less academically rigorous than other subjects. If you want to get a PhD quickly, go for one in one of those subjects (it is not unheard of for someone to complete a PhD in little over one year, with the dissertation amounting to no more than a term paper or project). They are graduating people in large numbers and they cannot survive outside academia, so that tends to be where they end up.

  2. Never more true in the areas of Theology and Psychology (I have advanced multiple degrees in both fields) and had to be very careful where I went to study for them. My basic M.Div. degree was at a very, very, very liberal Seminary so much so that I considered it a degree in Apologetics (faith defending).

    In psychology I am so far right now that I’d be considered to be unlicensable without a supervisor.

    Th3e fields left me by the way – I still consider myself updated and current in Christian Counseling and Biblical Training with plenty of yearly educational opportunities.

  3. You went to school K-12 to learn what.
    You went to college to learn how.
    Now you learn what again, no longer how.
    How archaic the elbow patched professor has become.
    At least 6 figures, no wonder they have to make up dust bin degrees.

  4. Until parents paying tuition stop supporting the brainwashing, it will continue.

    WAKE UP PEOPLE. The progressive, often criminal, teachers of your students are corrupting them and YOU are paying for it.

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