Hijab Hijinks

MadWorldNews: A shop attendant in France became suspicious as a Muslim woman walked around his store. It wasn’t long until he discovered what she was really doing, when he decided to take a peek under her hijab – and it was all caught on video. More

muslim caught shoplifter


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  1. She seems pretty nonchalant about the whole thing — and actually the manager does too. Weird. Was she chewing gum? Is this where the Frenchies are now? See something, don’t hardly say anything?

  2. Don’t assume she’s Muslim. There are plenty of Gypsies all over the major cities of Europe and stuffing things under their dresses goes back generations.

  3. In my younger prosecutor days, I had a case (with video proof) of a large woman who waddled into a gourmet cookery store, inspected a two gallon stock pot, place it on the ground, lifted up her floor length skirt to allow her to place the pot between her feet. She then squatted down over the pot and snagged the handles of the pot with hooks that were belted to her upper thigh. She then waddled down the aisle until stopped by the store owner.
    It was amazing to watch–the grand jury loved the footage!

  4. I am only interested in seeing videos of moslime filth being burned at the stake by other muslime filth.

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