Hilaria Baldwin, in deep hole, just keeps digging

American Thinker: Most actors confine their acting to the set. Sure, some during productions temporarily get “into character,” but it’s kind of a nonstarter to see actors bring all of their acting home and keep it going and going.

But then there are the Baldwins, Hilaria, and her bad-tempered leftist husband, Alec.

For the past 11 years, she’s been playing a fake Spanish person, a la Rachel Dolezal. That’s something a lot of white women, and even a few men, are doing, such as this onethis onethis onethis one, and this one. Joe Biden, too. They’re all fond of fraud. They play someone they’re not, they get caught, and then most of them slink off into the shame.

According to The Cut, here’s Hilaria:

“You have to admire Hilaria Baldwin’s commitment to her decade-long grift where she impersonates a Spanish person,” Twitter user @lenibriscoe remarked on Monday, beginning of a long thread that has since gone viral.

As “Page Six” notes, Baldwin’s bio on her agency’s speaker site states: “Baldwin was born in Mallorca, Spain and raised in Boston, Massachusetts.” In a 2018 profile, Hola! magazine describes her as “born in Spain” speaking Spanish as her native language. Interviews from the earlier days of her marriage to Alec — unearthed and tweeted by @lenibriscoe — feature Baldwin speaking in a Spanish accent and, in one case, seemingly forgetting the English word for “cucumber.”

Furthermore, in an April interview with Cat and Nat of the MomTruths podcast, Baldwin said that she “moved here when [she] was 19 to go to NYU.” Asked where she’d moved from, Baldwin answered: “From — my family lives in Spain, they live in Mallorca.”

All of which is fake as a three-dollar bill. Actually, she’s the entitled rich, born and bred on Boston’s Beacon Hill. read more

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  1. Elizabeth Warren
    Sean King
    Rachel Dozenthal
    Hilaria Ballskin

    …because they actually believe they know better than “marginalized” natives, black people, and apparently Bostonians.

    I’d be quite pissed If I lived in New England. (esp. with Cam ” Future Victim” Newton)

  2. I haven’t watched SNL in 20 years, but I am hoping they do a few skits making fun of this hag and her idiot husband!

  3. I once told a census worker I was Latino when she asked me my race/nationality. I’m a direct descendant of Antonio Gil Y’Barbo, a Spaniard who founded the oldest town in Texas. I’m actually cracker white from my English and German ancestors. You should have seen the look on her face when I told her that. Good times!

  4. Some people are just so dang uninteresting,so dull and boring the feel they must act like someone interesting or unique to be likeable. That’s her, no solid foundation of personality to build upon so she tries to create one.

  5. Five kids????
    “Mom, what are you famous for?”
    “But, people act on stage. You were doing it all the time. That’s lying”.
    “Shut up!!!!”

  6. Poor thing. Nobody ever made her feel special enough. If the foul tempered Irish stereotype would just do his job she could go back to being Hillary the WASP. Vanilla, white bread, cracker, you know. Ofay, whitey, chuck, Jones, yeah, ghost face, and more! That’s pretty special.

  7. Give it 30 days or less to blow over. Then she will be back to talking in a fake Spanish accent about her fake Spanish heritage and her koochi-foo-foo elitist friends will be enthralled again.

  8. She even gave all 5 of her kids Spanish names to add to her illusion. What a total POS. I wonder if, when all this was exposed, did Alec call her a pig, and slap her around a little ?

  9. Musta got some kind of set-aside. Maybe Alec only fucks spics?
    Maybe she pretends to be the maid or the nanny?
    Does it reduce your taxes if you hail from Mallorca?

    I’m trying really hard to care, but actors are just plain peculiar – if Alec, his wife, and his money all just disappeared, I still wouldn’t care.

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. Why do any of you care? Some are proclaiming they don’t but they are going along with Tim and his ilk calling people spics….

  11. When Alec threatens her, she stays in character and yells at him: “Youuuu feeelthy, feeelthy peeeeg….youuuuu, youuuuu fockeeeng white bastardo…youuuuu son-of-a-beeeetch…..fock youuuuu and yo mama too…..” Then she throws a vase at his head. She learned the Latina spitfire routine from watching old Lupe Valez movies.

  12. “… Tim and his ilk calling people spics…”

    What the fuck’s that supposed to mean? I don’t “call” people spics – they either are spics or they aren’t. Same with micks, wops, crackers, coons, beagles, tabbies, ragheads, wogs, pecker gnats, and assholes feigning offence.

    Got an issue? Here’s a tissue! (from an Austin Powers movie)
    Keep preening so we’ll all know what a sensitive soul you have.

    izlamo delenda est …

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