Hilarious Imitation of Christine Blasey Ford

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  1. Balzzie Ford sounded like a Valley Girl. You could tell that she was playing her girly voice to the hilt. She was trying to sound like she was 15 again. I caught that right away. A grown woman does not sound like Balzzie sounded.

  2. Ford was trying to sound as meak and small as possible, it was so oblivious.
    My first reaction when I heard her speak was, “Seriously? She’s gonna talk like that???”

    You could legit see her vocal cord straining a bit in the front of her throat. Fake as hell.

  3. Where are the GOP senators demanding the FBI investigates the fraud of Christine Ballsy Fraud, this week? Heard somewhere that she isn’t a licensed doctor of psychology. Lying under oath.

  4. Mr. Pinko said tonight on US&Eh that this type of voice annoys the crap out of BFH. I have to agree! 🙂

  5. So, a demonized woman held the whole Country hostage and everybody said “we need to hear more”.
    Her research into recovered memories led her to believe people reached a point in counseling where an opening occurred and it all came out… but in reality it was an opening into the occult. She accepted this new experience and captivated the Senate, listen to that voice.
    What she really wanted was Absolution for her mis-spent fornicating youth, Acceptance for who she had become, and Recovery from the devil that got into her. Go check, in 6 months she will be in deeper bondage than she was before.
    It’s in the Book: “who will be a lying spirit in Blasey’s mouth?” And Americans bowed because they had no discernment.

  6. When I heard that voice coming out of that face, well, it made as much cognitive sense to me as the first time I heard the former Bruce Jenner speak after his surgery. Did not compute.

    P.S. I think the actress was banned from twitter because of it. Not sure.

  7. The whole damnn thing was an act, the voice, the stupidity of how she didn’t know how to contact her Senator, her bad memory of even a month ago, the poor little damsel in distress that was so terrified and needed her caffeine and breaks and her poor little tired mind that was so slow and couldn’t keep up.

    It’s funny to me when I read comments on FB, it’s more women who don’t believe any of her bullshit than men. Men keep wanting to say, “I think something happened to her, just not by Kavanaugh.” Women are saying, “bullshit the entire tale is made up bullshit! Teenage girls don’t think, ‘he’s going to accidentally kill me.’ Teenage girls don’t run home and not tell their friend. That’s not the way a teenage girl’s mind works.”

  8. We have an entire week to check out ‘Dr.” Ford. Is she who she says she is? Her FATHER says she never went to college. If she did, where did she go? What degrees did she get?

    Does she have a history of mental illness? How many years exactly, did she spend doing porn? Court history? I mean besides her parents losing a mortgage hearing that Kavanaughs mom presided over…

    People need to know.

  9. One minute into her testimony and affecting that little girl valley vocal fry and I was ready to convict her for lying under oath. She’s a nut. Now she’s got a million clams from Soros at Go Fuck Me.

    What a farce, a mockery.


    An adult child who can’t remember anything and CRIES when she is hooked up to a polygraph machine? Afraid of flying, then flies?

    The woman is a hot mess.


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