Hilarity results when Bloomberg floats Hillary Clinton as his running mate

American Thinker:

It was a Drudge Report headline calculated to shock: “Exclusive: Bloomberg Considers Hillary Running Mate. The underlying story, at CNBC, stated that the Drudge Report itself was claiming that a source close to Mike Bloomberg’s campaign had stated that Bloomberg was considering asking Hillary Clinton to serve as his running mate. The reason given was that internal polling said that the two of them together would be a dynamic duo.

The story was met with incredulity and much hilarity (if you’ll pardon the pun). The idea that Hillary Clinton would play second fiddle to anyone was hard to fathom. Moreover, given Hillary’s grating personality, the collapse of all her initiatives during her stint as Secretary of State, her habit of enriching herself at the country’s expense, and her failed candidacy, it was hard to imagine why anyone would want her on the ballot.

Twitter, the repository of clever one-liners, had a wonderful time imagining what a Bloomberg/Hillary pairing would look like and the effect it would have on Trump’s campaign: Read more

17 Comments on Hilarity results when Bloomberg floats Hillary Clinton as his running mate

  1. …to be fair, Hillary DOES promise him a MAGNIFICENT State funeral to immediately follow his inauguration…

  2. …she probably has some leftover fireworks from ’16 she could use to celebra…I mean, mourn his passing…

  3. *opens small manilla sleeve*

    Hillary Clinton, in the rose garden, with the knife. In the back. At a downward angle. A very steep downward angle.

  4. can hillary even walk at this point in her life?

    funny no sign of huma any where?
    no sign of the obama rent a kids any where?

    when was the last time obama and his husband mike were even seen together?

    almost like magic?

    we are being played like a fiddle by the propagandists in the media
    all owned by major corporations all owned by the central bankers

    if voting mattered they wouldn’t allow it

  5. Or Bloomberg is not in this to win the primary but to get to a brokered convention and who do they run (again). All pathetic but shines light on Hillary’s never say never coy comments about running again. The Clinton machine still runs large factions of the DNC.

  6. Inspector Clue
    FEBRUARY 17, 2020 AT 6:24 AM
    “*opens small manilla sleeve*”

    …and that’s as far as you’d get before shooting yourself in the back if the head twice with your weak hand and two different calibers of guns, neither of which matches the one found at the scene, before cutting your own head off with no knife and stuffing yourself in a gym bag and zipping it up without even getting your shoes dirty, with an unremarkable, empty, small manila envelope found nearby that was wiped with, like, a cloth.

    …another Trump-caused suicide, they’ll say, and grounds for impeachment…


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