Hill & Barry will campaign together in 2018


Both politicians bring money and fundraising expertise to the mid-term races, but each has their own set of baggage that could help energize their republican opponents. 


13 Comments on Hill & Barry will campaign together in 2018

  1. Better make sure you have plenty of paralegals, Barky. And maybe get some training with a diazepam pen, if you want to be the only creepy black guy onstage.

  2. Great image.

    It would be wonderful to have them on the campaign trail supporting a party that booed God, a DNC chairman with a open border party platform, a muzz vice banana, victims everywhere, riots, what could go wrong?

  3. Add Harry Reid, Pelosi, Charlie Rangle, Barney Franks, Keith Ellison and mad Maxine to the Mix. Might as well throw McCain in the mix as the new democrat.

    Might as well remind democrats that they are all corrupt and progressive/socialists have taken us to the brink of insolvency and debauchery.

  4. Lock. Them. Up.

    Pick a crime. Any crime, out of the hundreds we know about.

    You cannot reform and remake an Entrenched corrupt Deep State government without arrests, confessions and show trials ending in executions.
    It has never been done in all history.
    It cannot be done.

    No reform leader has ever survived for long while allowing corruptocrats to run free, untouched, openly planning and inciting a Coup against the newly elected reform leader.

  5. Insanity: Doing the same thing and expecting different results? Yeah, right. Also, Barry knows enough about Hildabeast to put her and Bill away for good. And he wants to be around her? Someone needs to tell Ocommie about Fort Marcy Park and Seth Rich

  6. Hill & Barry …
    with un-indicted co-conspirators
    Mitch & Paul.

    Special place in Hell for Traitors.

    izlamo delenda est …


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