HILLarious – Hillary’s new bumper sticker acknowledges that progressives are lazy

19 Comments on HILLarious – Hillary’s new bumper sticker acknowledges that progressives are lazy

  1. Who’s Trump paying to do ad services for Hillary’s campaign?! Couldn’t have f*cked up better on this one.

  2. Not to be outdone, the Bernie Sanders campaign brought out their newest bumper sticker:

    “I’m a Socialist, but I only want their money. Your money is safe. No, really! Trust me.”

  3. Oh I get it now. Normally progressives don’t get anything done, so if you consider yourself a progressive AND you get things done, that is noteworthy enough to put on a bumper sticker.

    And also since you’re living in your moms basement you don’t have a car so you put the bumper sticker on your laptop.

  4. Oh progressives get things done alright – $15/hr min wages so everyone is automated out of a job – That puts “Anal Sex” and “Masturbation” a few notches higher on the to-do list.

  5. “I’m an entrepreneur, and I have to get things done, or my tax money going to all the worthless progressives dries up!”

  6. She’s saying, essentially, that all the other Progressives are just a bunch of worthless, coffee-house ensconced, ideologues. The least she can admit is that without Bill, she’d be chasin’ ambulances, and probably skirt too, in some big city sh!thole and drinkin’ herself into mindless oblivion every night with a quart of vodka.

  7. From the Twitter comments:
    ‘If anything can set you apart from the other useless progressive totalitarians, it’s a sticker on your MacBook.’

  8. Hilary’s plan is to crush the ‘last’ of the conservative resistance, round up the guns and the Rednecks, hand over sovereignty to the UN and ascend to the throne as Director/Empress of the UN.
    All this is after she deals with her enemies in the Political body.
    I expect Trey Goudy to disappear soon after her Anointing.
    Barry and Mooch better build a bunker

  9. I’d like to see a bumper-sticker that says: “Hillary, for swinging lamp post decoration”.

    I bet that would get a lot of horns to honk on the highway.

  10. there’s no better irony than Progtards that believe they ‘get things done’ by signing up for free crap

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