Hillary and the Obamas wish you happy Kwanzaa – IOTW Report

Hillary and the Obamas wish you happy Kwanzaa

WaExaminer: President Obama extended his “warmest wishes” to families across the U.S. celebrating Kwanzaa, a holiday which honors African-American culture.

mich obama

“Today begins a week-long celebration of African-American heritage and culture through family and community festivities,” a statement released the White House on Saturday said. more

Snip: Dayum! What was she glaring at?

michelle glaring


33 Comments on Hillary and the Obamas wish you happy Kwanzaa

  1. “You change Merry Christmas to Happy Holidays, and nobody bats an eye.

    “But if you ever changed Happy Kwanzaa to anything but Happy Kwanzaa, everybody would lose their freakin’ minds.”

    – The Joker

  2. The greatest country on earth turned over to a skinny black marxist and his hateful wife. The damage this bunch of commies has done to America will never be undone. Thanks dumbass white liberals, your children and grandchildren will pay dearly for your stupidity.

  3. The Mandible appears to be dreaming of the coconut/pineapple-infused food waiting for her back at the multimillion estate. The smell of the soldiers’ chow is offending her.

    Too bad one of those “folks” didn’t ask Barry how he celebrated kwanzaa in Kenya.


  4. On December 29 we can all go to the zoo and celebrate the first annual Happy Apepalooza Day! Happy Apepalooza everyone and most especially to the Obama’s in whose honor it is gratefully bestowed!

  5. What was she glaring at?

    “They have a bigger one, damn-it” as the 2-ton dump truck hauling her lunch of ribs rolls by the window.

    Zongo, the white nail polish is used as a “stop eating” mark.

  6. Funny, they’re trying to figure out the kid’s names in the comments.

    – Doesn’t look like anyone else has tried, so here goes: Lincoln, Aloevera, Gynelojamin, Lemonjello, Oranjello, Tinexin, Temptatia, Kmartina, Fallopia, Shatheed, Velveeta, Vonqueesha, Chlamudia, Champagne, DeMactoria, Sasquatoom, Shameka, Spookesha. Additions, deletions, corrections???

    – That should have been Chlamydia. Gotta be sure to spell-check those black names.

    – Orangejello, Tinectin, Shithead, D’Mactorius, Skookesha

  7. About 30 personal assistants and that’s the best they can come up with?
    Isn’t the bun thing for when “it” don’t have too wash the fur?

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