Hillary Blames the NY Times For ‘Scandal Jamboree’

Hannity: Former Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s never-ending blame game continued this week, as excerpts from her upcoming memoir show the desperate democrat lashing out at the New York Times for creating a “scandal jamboree” surrounding her doomed campaign.

Clinton set her sights on the media in general, but specifically the left-leaning New York Times, for its “schizophrenic” coverage of her email scandal and the subsequent FBI investigation over whether she had mishandled classified material.

“The Times, as usual, played an outsize role in shaping coverage of my emails throughout the election,” Clinton wrote. “To me, the paper’s approach felt schizophrenic.”  more

SNIP: Am I tired of Hillary’s drama already? A little bit. But on the other hand, if she insists on publicly digging her own hole, who am I to stand in her way?

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  1. Hillary is certainly not the great towering intellect she tried to be.The emails were not the problem. The mindless wretch writing them is the real issue.

  2. At first I was disgusted. But it’s been almost a year, and she keeps working the cut even though it’s on her own face.

    She keeps herself in the news and democrats are reminded every day their candidate lost and they can’t focus their 2 minutes hate against Trump.

    No wonder they want her to shut the hell up.

  3. Winston is told point blank that the purpose of the torture was for Winston to reach a point where he truly believed whatever the party tells him. Winston is told that 2+2=4 sometimes. And sometimes the answer is 5 or 6 or 7 or 3 or, sometimes, all at the same time. O’Brian then explains “Winston, if the party says I can levitate I can levitate”.

    Hillary’s party wants us all to believe that Bruce Jenner, a man who has fathered children with a women is a woman and has always been a women and further more Hillary’s unsecured server had top secret and higher e-mails that were shared but she did not share top secret and higher info with anyone. I could go on and on how her party engages in group think, 3 minutes of hate, rewrites history (trump is a creep because he knows women will consent to him grabbing him but Bill is the best POTUS ever because he is a serial rapists)but what is the point.

    The liberal elite must have nothing but contempt and loathing for the average American because they are so stupid. They know they should all be in prison and yet they freely lead one of two political parties in the nation.

  4. I hope the left once and for all abandons the Clintons to their fate with the criminal justice system.

    Until they do they only make the democrat brand as unsavory as the two crooks they continue to cover for.

  5. Hillary adds she was “confused” by the Times behavior, which had endorsed her earlier that year but were “beating me up about emails.”

    OH THE IRONY! Hillary gets BRUTALLY RAPED BY THE MEDIA, and she doesn’t understand why no one believes her.

    Better put some ice on that….

  6. I think the New York Times was in collusion with the Russians. In fact, I don’t think the New York Times actually exists – I believe it is a fabrication invented by Pravda and designed for nothing more than to cause Hillary embarrassment.

    Note to Putin – you guys can do a better job on the Arts & Entertainment section, though.

  7. When it is time for her trial, the truth serum should be given to her, then ask her about EVERYTHING. She has been a danger to the national security and citizens of this country, and the truth serum is warranted.

  8. I am tired as hell of her, but there is some satisfaction in seeing her make such an ass out of herself that no one can deny it. She just keeps pouring it on herself.

  9. The liberal media, fake polls, debate hosts, talk shows, commie professors, organized vote fraud etc. propped up her campaign.
    Cankles lost.
    Media meltdown ensued: “Trump stole the election!” they cried.

    Ungrateful bitch.

  10. This woman should perpetually wear a shirt with a V on the front for VICTIM. Boy does she embody liberalism to a T. If she is this miserable publicly I can only imagine what she is like behind closed doors. The satisfaction is knowing how truly painful this has been for her. She is still going through grieving and hasn’t even left the initial denial stage yet.

  11. 1984 follow up.
    And, since we removed the statues, General Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and others never existed. When undesirables, as determined by the state are removed from the books, they become unpersons, I.e., they never existed.
    Hillary probably also rooted for the pigs in Animal Farm. Although, she seems like the perfect old nag horse for the pigs to have sent to the glue factory. After all, all animals are created equal, but some are more equal than others.

  12. Oolook,
    I think she would be immune from the effects of truth serum as the truth cannot flow from that vile mouth, which, at one point must have been temporary lodging for Slick Willie’s crooked little Willie.

  13. A life-long failure of character.
    It’s always someone else’s fault.
    I am surprised she hasn’t stated that the NYT is part of the vast right-wing conspiracy.

    Now tell me again, General Sessions,

    “Why hasn’t Hillary been indicted?”
    “Is it the two tiered justice system you adhere to?”

  14. nah, let her talk. She’s gotten way past the point of ridiculous and there’s always the chance she’ll say something we can hang her on. Meanwhile enjoy the blathering’s of a sick, vindictive, elitist, murdering, money grubbing old woman

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