Hillary: Chelsea Discovered the Zika Problem

Such a smart gal.

With Al Gore having invented the internet, how can we possibly deny these people the White House?  Watch

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  1. Hillary then said she sent to close aides to vacation, I mean investigate in Puerto Rico, where the government is struggling financially.

    So, in summary:
    Her daughter is a PHD and a genius and more taxes will be necessary to solve this problem.

  2. So her daughter is a PhD and a genius and is so smart that Hillary decided to lie to her genius PhD daughter and tell Chelsea that Benghazi was terrorism when Hillary KNEW it was because of a protest.

  3. I’m certain all the health officials world-wide are greatly indebted to Chelsea for her tireless investigation and research. We are all waiting for her to find a cure for all the diseases refugees and illegal immigrants have brought to our country, if RedBook ever publishes an article worth a shit.

  4. Phdoctor Chelsah, Medicine Woman. She’d make a great Surgeon General.

    Sorry, Howard Dean, I know I said I’d put in a good word for you as SG.

  5. “Mom, everybody is impressed by Trump’s kids. Everything is Ivanka, Ivanka, Ivanka.”

    “Shit, you’re right, Chelsea. What would you like to be good at?”

  6. I bet chicklet teeth knows where the ugly tree is hidden.
    it looks like she was hit by all the branches when she fell out of it while climbing it
    the doctor took one look at chicklets when she was born and slapped bill Clinton so hard his nose is still red today.

    ths beast also said none of us built our businesses either, she did it for us.

  7. Was this before, or after, she invented the paper clip?

    HRC “Chelsea want gorp-gorp?”
    Chelsea “Zee kah … Zee kah!”
    HRC “But Chelsea want gorp-gorp? Huh? Gorp-gorp?”
    Chelsea “Zee kah … Zee kah! Chelsie make Zee kah!”

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. After reading some comments, it looks like we could have a game of “Guess which youtube comment belongs to which IOTWreport regular”

    I swear I was reading a comment thread here.

    Gives me hope.

  9. 1947.. Zika first discovered.
    Last December.. Hillary first learns of it.

    Makes her eligible for the Nobel.

  10. Chelsea has a PhD in public health? Who knew? Wonder how many palms were greased to get her that degree.

  11. I found another lie, Chelsea only has a master’s in public health her Phd is in international relations. Which it only took 2 years to get from Oxford. Seems suspicious.

  12. What’s the big deal about a PHD?
    I have one, has real oak handles, used to have two until an idiot ran over one with his truck.

  13. I heard that Ph.D. in public health comment.
    Looked up a bio on Webb Hubble’s daughter and it listed a Ph.D. but in political science or such.
    One would think that a mom would have an idea of what degrees her daughter has.

  14. Oh that Chelsea. Looks AND brains. When Chelsea runs fo office herself, will she still be off-limits to criticism?

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