Hillary Clinton: “Abortion Goes to Who We are as Women, Our Rights and Our Autonomy”


LifeNews: In the penultimate segment of Thursday’s CNN Democratic Debate, Hillary Clinton diverted from the discussion topic about the Supreme Court vacancy to chastise CNN and all of the previous debate hosts for not asking both her and her opponents about the issue of abortion (since it’s an issue that’s such a firm plank of the Democratic Party).


14 Comments on Hillary Clinton: “Abortion Goes to Who We are as Women, Our Rights and Our Autonomy”

  1. Who are we? Moloch worshipers! What do we want? Sacrificed babies! When do we want them? On demand!

    The day will come when hillary and company will be seen in the same light as those that argued for slavery.

  2. Killing a child so as to not be inconvenienced is a morally indefensible position.
    No amount of Orwellian word play changes that.

  3. What does this women’s rights warrior and abortion defender say about the use of gendercide that is used to kill hundreds of thousands of pre-born baby girls? Is that a woman’s right?

  4. Women HAVE autonomy of their bodies. By neglecting to ensure against pregnancy, they have CHOSEN to involve another HUMAN LIFE with theirs.

    That person did not choose to suddenly surprise her by showing up, or by sneakily staking out space, in which to develop, within her body. That LIFE was deliberately allowed in, more by the mother, who has total autonomy over VOLUNTARY intercourse results, than by the father.

    Pregnancy is damn scary, if you are not ready for it. My wise and wonderful mom always told me that if I did not want a surprise pregnancy, it was MY responsibility to ensure I did not get pregnant (two prevention methods are best). Also, she said that if I became pregnant, I was responsible for that life and could only count on myself, because I would be surprised by how many men say they love you, until YOU get pregnant; then their usual first question regards who the father might be.

    Sex is fun, unwanted pregnancy is not. But the real autonomous decision of a woman is BEFORE sex, which may lead to an unwanted pregnancy.

    Grow up ladies. The reality is YOU, the woman, controls the pregnancy question every time, EXCEPT in rape.

    I am a 72 year old woman. I had only boys and told them from a very young age, that if they, as men, chose to have sex, THEY were responsible for ensuring no pregnancy developed. And if they did have a child, even by a woman they disliked, THAT child would be part of their lives forever and my grandchild. So keep it zipped or keep it well covered.

  5. wow, states putting up barriers, like requiring the same standards that other out patient surgery centers must meet. wow, requiring abortionists to have admitting privileges at a hospital, requiring standards of handling and sterilizing instruments, requiring standards on drug storage and checking expiration dates, oh geez requiring HIPPA standards, wow another barrier, having a written disaster plan, having a written plan and following it measuring patient outcomes, quality of care, and utilization of services, oh no requiring a patient satisfaction survey, terrible- requiring a written chain of command, and so forth…

  6. Says the Lesbian Hittlery who probably regrets having that MiniMe of hers, Chelsea….that daughter is a piece of work…not only does she play mommy dearest against slick willie, but then she takes control away from each one to reign as Queen…not a healthy thing to try with Hittlery, who has arranged early deaths for less..

  7. Brilliant protest:

    Bernie supporters now throw one dollar bills at Hillary as if she were a cheap stripper.

    …..Way too funny

  8. “Abortion Goes to Who We are …”

    Truer words were never spoke. The Satanic, hate-filled, child-murdering, socialist mindsets are finally and fully revealed by those words.

    “Abortion” not “choice.”

    Refreshing, even in its enormity …

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. I’m curious: Is that a real book /pamphlet she is holding? If so, is it her tally of the people and nations that she has betrayed? I guess not, she’d have a stack of papers higher than the tax code.

  10. Hmmmm your body is your own. Tell that to my Uncle who at 18 years of age on June 6, 1944 was ordered by his government to take his own very personal and privately owned body and load it on a landing craft and get it hither and yon and onto Omaha Beach!

  11. I hate that “Who we are” bullshit, speak for yourself! On a related note, do you think Hillary the Grandmom is glad that Chelsea didn’t exercise her “autonomy” and abort Hillary’s grandchild? would that go to “who we are” !?!

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